Creation Myth

January 3, 2012
In the beginning, there was nothing but sand and air. Zaccheis was the god of the sand and Sinai was was the god of the air. Zaccheis and Sinai decided that the land was to dark so Sinai became pregnant. Zaccheis became worried of the power of the god because Sinai's stomach grew extremely large. So he made a potion without Sinai knowing and one night while they were having dinner he poured the potion into her cup. Sinai drank it and began having horrible pains in her stomach. Sinai Within minutes she gave birth to the baby. Zaccheis took the baby and threw it into a separate land where it would be lost forever. When Zaccheis returned he saw his wife holding another baby and he became furious. Sinai told him that she must have been carrying twins. After naming the baby Ezekiel god of the sun Zaccheis told his wife what he had done with the other baby and she sought out for revenge. Zaccheis became angry and jealous as the young god grew older and Zaccheis sank into a deep depression. One night while Zaccheis was sleeping he sank so far into the sand where he would be trapped forever. Sinai was happy Zaccheis was gone because she didn't have to worry about him getting rid of Ezekiel like he had the other baby. Sinai became god of the heavens and lived in the sky with her son. They decided the land beneath them needed to be taken care of so they formed man out of sand and water. When man was formed they formed woman out of half the mans heart. When they were finished they went back up to the sky and man and woman populated the earth. Zaccheis became more angry because Sinai and Ezekiel's creation were making to much noise and affecting his sleep. He wanted to destroy them so he threw snakes onto the land so man and woman would forever worry for their lives. Ezekiel saw this and he cut his leg and poured the blood over the land. When the blood landed on the land out of it became beautiful flowers so that the people could have happiness again. Zaccheis was angered by this beauty so he began pulling people into the sand whenever he was hungry and eating them. From then on Zaccheis was god of the underworld. Sinai and Ezekiel went down to converse with Zaccheis and they made an agreement that the people could not be taken to the underworld until they had served their purpose that Sinai had intended for them. The people noticed the pattern and started to live their life to the fullest. They went on to live fuller and more peaceful lives.

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