The Experiment.

January 2, 2012
By Nickolas BRONZE, Goffstown, New Hampshire
Nickolas BRONZE, Goffstown, New Hampshire
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I had started to become impatient just sitting there waiting and watching for the right specimen to come my way. I had been sitting outside this pub for what seemed like eight hours, but in reality it had only been four. The pub was notorious for drunken gang fights and had a record of being tied in with the cities mob. So I was hoping this would be a good place to look for some drunken idiot too intoxicated to even remember how to walk let alone drive. I looked at the clock on the dashboard, 11:46. I was about to turn the ignition key when this lovely young girl in her early twenties was being escorted out the front door of the pub and led to a bus stop just a few yards away. This was the perfect specimen to test my experiment.
I started the car and drove over to the bus stop where she was trying to stand up straight but kept losing her balance. She was a beautiful specimen with bright blue eyes and long flowing locks of golden brown hair that covered her shoulders. She was dressed in jeans a t-shirt and a black leather jacket. Even though she was moderately dressed for a night on the town she looked absolutely stunning. I could not have chosen a better specimen for my experiment.
I pulled up a yard away from where she was trying to stand and pretend she wasn’t drunk and got out of the car and walk over to her. In the dark one would not be able to see her face very well, but me I could see all her features. Her face was smooth and free of any blemishes, which gave it a sort of child like gleam. Yes I was very satisfied with my choice. I had initially wanted the specimen to be a male merely because they tend to put up more of a struggle and it’s more fun that way. But she was far too beautiful to pass up.
“Excuse me miss”, I said, “I couldn’t help notice that you have no means of transportation and I know for a fact that the bus doesn’t come for another forty-five minutes.”
“Are you offering me a ride home?”
“Well it’s your call, but if needed be I’ll call for a taxi to take you home.”
“Ah well aren’t you a sweetheart”, she said as we started walking towards my car. I rushed ahead in order to open the door for her and as he walked towards me she tripped and fell. I quickly put my arms out to catch her but instead of hitting the ground she fell on top of me and she started kissing me very passionately. I pushed her off of me and she looked up at me and smiled. Her teeth were like little individuals pearls. You have made an excellent choice. Said a little voice inside my head and I couldn't agree more.
“You have such beautiful eyes”, she said.
“Thank you”, I said and gestured towards the open passenger door. She smiled at me, and fluttered her eyelashes at me very flirtingly. I scurried over to the other side and asked her where she lived as I climbed in and put the key into the ignition.
“125th Street.”
“That’s quit a ways away.”
“It’ll give me more time to find out just who you …”, but before she could finish that sentence she fell asleep. Not wanting my specimen to get hurt should we get into an accident in this cities hellish traffic I reached over and strapped her in and I started the car.
I hated driving in the city there were so many distractions that could cause one to look the other way and cause an accident. But as I drove I could hear her heartbeat and the sound became almost rhythmic mixed with the sound of her slow breathing. But then she started to snore and even though it wasn’t very auditable it was still very nerve racking and I was already on edge since I was no longer in my preferred section of town where I could get away easily if needed be. Here I could not do that, even though it was the middle of the night the streets were filled with people. Most likely coming from or going to that benefits concert at Madison Square Garden.
Hoping to drown out the sound of the sounds of the city and my specimens snoring I turned on the radio. But as I filed through the stations there seemed to be nothing soothing on so I put in one of my Beethoven CDs that I knew would calm my nerves. Moonlight was the first to be played and I instantly felt relaxed and I was able to navigate my way through the chaotic streets with ease. The song ended just as I pulled up to my specimen’s apartment. It was a very nice building, a classic New York Brownstone. I opened the passenger door, and unbuckled my specimen.
I search through her handbag to find her house keys. I find them and go to unlock the door hopping that she lives alone. I unlock the door and push it open and step into a nicely renovated fore with vaulted ceilings and a glass chandler hanging above. I go back out to the care and pick up my specimen and carry her up the front steps and into the house. She awakes in my arms as I close the door and I set her down on her feet gently. She looks up and smiles at me with her pearly teeth glowing in the fluorescence lighting.
I picked her up and carry her up the stairs to her bedroom and I sit her on the bed. She pulled me towards her and began to unbutton my shirt. She pulled me closer and started to kiss my lips. I went one step further trying to get to her neck so I can conduct my experiment. I began kissing her neck and I could tell she was the right choice for the experiment. I opened my mouth and felt my canine teeth begin to extend and I knew it was know or never to conduct my experiment. As I bit down on her neck I could feel my canine teeth cut through her skin and there was the thing I long to have since I saw her, the sweet warm taste of her blood entering my mouth.
"What are you doing?” she screamed.
I put my hand over her mouth so her screams wouldn't wake the neighbors and cause them to call the police. I could hear her heart beat faster and faster with every ounce of blood. She was struggling under my weight to get away. But was unable to release my hold over her. Her heartbeat was beginning to slow down and when it was nearly audible i knew i had taken what i needed for the experiment. I stood up, wiped the blood from my mouth and looked down at my specimen. She looked peaceful there lying on her bed near death.
I went down to the kitchen and grabbed a silver table knife. I walked back up stairs with the knife in hand. I took the knife in hand and made a small cut across my left wrist. I walk over to her and put my wrist on her mouth. At first she was reluctant to drink but once my blood hit her tongue she began to drink profusely. I was filled with the sensation of excitement my heart was racing.
I looked up from what I was doing and say that the sky had become brighter with the rising sun. I pulled my wrists away from her mouth and rushed over to the windows. Quickly as I could I locked all the windows and shut all the blinds and did the same for the rest of the house. Then just as the sun pierced the night with its golden rays I covered both of us with the blankets on her bed. We were safe, for now. Even though I had all the doors and windows locked. If just one person came to her house today the experiment would be for nothing and we would both be goners. The cops would come and take me out of the house and into the light and I would be nothing but a scorched body on the side of the street.
I looked over at her and brushed the hair out of her face. I could feel in my blood the process was already under way and when night comes once again I would find out if I had done it right this time. I prayed that I had and that I would no longer the only one in the world. I shut my eyes and got comfortable under the blankets and I fell asleep, so to speak. Tomorrow night I would hopefully be a husband. Then I would know, the experiment had been a success!

To Be Continued…

The author's comments:
I am doing a project for my English class. We have to take a myth like from Norse Mythology or Ancient Egypt for example, and make it modern. I decided to go out side the box and do the myth of vampires. Particularly Bram Stocker's Dracula. Our myth has to be 30 pages long at least. But I'm guessing it's gonna be more than that. This is the first chapter, it's only five pages but from what i've been told it's good. I am also looking for a good name to call it for I plan to turn it into a book once it's done so i am open to suggestions.

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Wow. I really like your voice. This was aq great read. A good name would be....The Specimen...yah, that sounds good

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