January 5, 2012
I was running through the woods dodging limbs and vines. I heard the loud pounding noises of his footsteps following close behind. I accidentally fell hard onto the winters grounds of December. I had no clue who this man was but he wanted me. My mind told me to hurry up and find a place to hide. My hands were bright red and turning purple. I scattered to my feet and darted across the lit up forest.The snow was up to my calves. My strings to my hat bounced across my face and I jumped over a fallen tree. My mind kept shouting at me. "Hurry Brittany, faith counts on you!" I ran faster and stopped suddenly. I made a quick joke. "Good thing I run track," I said exhausted. I started running again when bushes started to move. I was afraid it was the man but a fawn with a golden coat leaped out from behind. It looked at me startled, and fled. I could hear the man screaming.

"Brittany, I know you're here somewheres!" he yelled.
I jumped over the bushes and decided to crawl under neither a fallen tree with branches covering one side. I hid there and was freezing cold. Every puff of air I took in showed in the sky. I wrapped my furry scarf around my hands keeping them from frostbite. My coat had a neck wrap that cuffed in the back. I was sort of warming up, but not completely. My butt was damp from sitting in the snow and well actually my whole bottom half was damp from falling over and over again. My boats where up as high as they would go. They were brown with fuzzies in the inside. My blond hair scattered across my face. I could see my brunette highlights in small parts. I was somewhat warm and another have of me was freezing cold. All of a sudden my mind yelled! "Hurry Brittany he's coming closer...!" It yelled. I quickly looked out under one of the small branches the man was climbing over the bush. I jumped up and started running. He looked at me and followed close behind. I quickly took a turn and ran through a roaring brook. My boots were now soaking wet. Every step I took water gushed out from them. I ran faster and faster until I reached a dead end. "Cr**" I thought! I don't want to die now. I just got in my second year of high school. I turned and saw a street sign! I ran and a car was swiftly moving ahead on me. I screamed and they beeped their horn and kept going. Then I hear the man talking. He held a knife in his hand. He twirled it around his fingers. I bit my lip and started to cry. He dropped the knife and came and grabbed me. I started to moan in a aggressive way. He brought me into the woods and pushed me to the ground. I started crying even more. He got on top of me and put the knife to my neck.

"Hurry up! Kill me now!" I screamed.
Then the scenery became darker and I was dead. Laying in red snow, dead.

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