space age 1st draft

December 6, 2011
By Bropie BRONZE, Oakland, California
Bropie BRONZE, Oakland, California
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It was the year 3600 the president said the world was going to end so he had everyone else put in a cryogenic freezers but he stayed because he knew that it wasn’t and he found something more precious than gold and more powerful than nuclear fuel rods he had found drexium. Drexium is a mineral that can make a bomb ten time more powerful than a hydrogen bomb. 1oz. Of drexium is 100,000 elec* his plan was to load more than ten tons of drexium into his space voyager and become un none by traveling between the planets selling drexium. “This is my best idea yet.” thought the president as he locked the lock to where the freezers were kept with a click but he had made one fatal flaw. A flaw that might stop his plan all together the flaw was he forgot to freeze his son’s cryogenic freezer.

“No” thought Scott he had heard everything his father had said. Scott had been a ordinary boy before the fake end of the world he was thirteen he wasn’t the most popular or the most academic but you could trust him to get you out of tight situations. Scott didn’t know what had just happened before him but he figured that since it was his dad that he had to fix it so scott bust open the door to his chamber and found a axe which he used to brake the glass of the person he trusted most his best friend Max.

“what time is it” max asked sheepishly he hadn’t even noticed that he was standing in a ROOMFUL of cryogenic chambers “it’s time to wake up” scott said urgently “ I just overheard my dad talking about a whole lot of drexium oh yeah and the world isn’t going to end” said scott with a seriousness in his eyes that couldn’t be described “whoa” exclaimed max “ dude your eyes are black” muttered sill shocked at the fact that he just saw his best friend’s eyes turn from blue as the sky to as black as night. “ sorry dude

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unfinished just a preview

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