Romanian Wolf

December 4, 2011
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The feeling of horror while being scorched alive, it was a death to all nerve endings. A pain so unmerciful it was almost ungodly. My body was slowly crumpling into itself. A fire so hot it had melted my bones before my body itself. Consciousness slowly fading away along with my body, it was only a matter of seconds now. Five.... Four... Three...

My body shot to the side, instinctively moving me out of the way of the fist flying towards my head. I opened my eyes in the air landing on my feet after jumping from the bed. Turning around I faced my attacker, not too surprised when it turned out to be my sister.

“Alina, what do you think you’re doing?”

“Waking you up of course, just like every loving sister would.”

“Why would you-

My eyes passed over my clock mid-sentence interrupting me. It was almost time for school.

“Oh... Thanks Alina. What would I do without you?”

“Your welcome and you’d probably never be on time for anything.”

I laughed grabbing a pair of electric blue pants and a blood red shirt with a pair of crossed Romanian Falx swords. I always wore clothes that brought out the other colors. I threw my clothes onto the bed then looked at the short kid standing in my room.

“You have to go now. You can’t watch me change you weirdo.”

She laughed rolling her eyes strolling out of the room, closing the door lightly behind her. I laughed with her, she’s better than I could’ve ever asked for. I sighed pulling off my torn shorts off tossing them into the bin next to the door. I must’ve turned slightly while asleep, it’s been happening more and more here lately. I pulled my pants on quickly, no time for a shower. Grabbing my shirt, I pulled it on while walking to the door.

I jogged downstairs taking my black and white jacket down off of the rack next to the stairway. I slid it on as I walked to the front door. Bending over I pulled my flamed Converse, pulling my socks out of them and pulling them on. I laced up my shoes then stood up opening the door.

“I’m off Alina, see you after school.”

My hands flexed out of habit, popping knuckles. Jogging over to my sapphire colored Lamborghini Gallardo, I opened the driver side scissor door. While slowly sliding into the driver’s seat, I grabbed my keys out of the console sticking them into the ignition and turned. The car’s engine roared to life then settled into a low purr. I looked up into the rearview mirror backing up into the road carefully then I stomped down on the gas, going faster than normal. Glancing down at the radio clock made me frown as I mumbled to myself.

“S***, only five minutes left, I may not make it.”

Weaving in and out of traffic expertly trying to pay attention to the road and not give into the urge to go faster while I sped down the road to the school. Two minutes later I pulled into the school’s parking lot breathing a sigh of relief. I looked around for my parking space then spotted it slowing down significantly and slid into the space smoothly. Turning around I went to grab my bag only to realize that I had left it at the house. “That’s just great.” I groaned opening the door, getting out, and closed it softly.

Gheorghe Laz?r National College a pretty prestigious high school in Bucharest, I don’t know how I managed to get into it. Okay, well maybe I do know how. On the surface it was just a natural school for the people with gifted intelligence. For the ones who got high marks in most if not all subjects. However, it was actually more for the genetically gifted. The type that could change, become something more than just a human, supernatural creatures if you will. I was one of these; however, I was a rare genetic mishap. Most of the “gifted” kids were your usual creatures: werewolves, vampires, some elves, Nephilims, kids that could turn into things other than wolves and others like that. But there were always these... mishaps, like me

As I gazed at the light gray building that was my school I grinned, this was going to be an interesting day. As I made my way to the front entrance to get to my classes, Aurel came up beside me smiling.

“You ready for today man?”

“Hell yeah, I was born ready man. This is the day me and you have been waiting for this whole time.”

I brushed my hair out of my face still grinning. I clasped my friends shoulder as he did the same back all the while grinning like idiots. As we stepped in front of the doors they opened revealing another person from our little group, Daciana. Her pitch black hair whipping wildly in the wind, but you could still make out the lovely contrast between it and her pale skin. We looked at her face as she broke out into a grin as well. We were all equally excited for the upcoming day.

Before the normal pleasantries could be done the bell rang to signal to go to our first class. I nodded to my friends then turned to the right walking down the hall with my hands hanging loosely in my pants pockets. The hallways were filled with regular humans and our “kind”, the humans however instinctually made no attempt to make contact with us. They didn’t understand it but some primordial part of them did, so needless to say not many human friends to speak of. As I made my way to my history class I caught the eyes of a human, she was breathtaking but one thorough look over confirmed her instincts had already taken an aversion to me so I just shrugged off the feeling I got deep in my gut.

I gave my customary three knocks and then one loud kick against the door. I don’t know why; don’t question it, just made sense to me for some reason. My teacher opened the door glaring at me and I just smiled right back.

“Hey teach, how’re you?”

He sighed laughing, “Fine, and how’re you Silviu?”

“Excited, I can’t wait for it to start.”

My teacher nodded understandingly. I walked to my seat at the back of the class and propped my shoes up on the seat in front of me. It was rare for someone to sit in front of me; they all either shied away, hated me, or were just afraid; understandable of course. I leaned back against the chair yawning and stretching when the teacher, Alexandru, walked to the front of the class with someone next to him.

“Class, I’d like you to meet a new student, Sorina.”

I perked up instantly; transfer students were a rare occurrence. A quick glance around the class showed that I wasn’t the only one interested. I watched as the new kid walked up next to the teacher and I felt my jaw drop, it was the girl from the hallway. Her cheeks flushed red slowly as she gazed around the class then looked down quickly and gave a meek, “Hello.”

“Hmmm...... Go sit next to Silviu over there.”

He pointed to the seat next to mine as I looked from his finger to the seat feeling my blood boil over and my pulse quicken. Sorina looked up seeing me and her cheeks became crimson but she didn’t say anything, just gripped her bag tighter in her small hands walking back to the seat without objections. I stared at my hands trying to keep my body under control and my eyes stationary but I could feel them, feel her eyes bury themselves deep into my profile. As I watched my left hand had a spasm and half turned into my true form. I winced in pain feeling my body jerk and a sound rip and tear its way up my throat as I shot up out of my seat. I looked my teacher in the eyes then looked at the door and back again to make sure he understood. He nodded but I was only able to give a slight snarl in reply as I jogged out of the room heading for the closest bathroom.

I shut and locked the door then slammed myself against the wall as my vision blurred. My throat constricted and tried forming something altogether different the sound bubbling back up to my tongue almost coming out. So close, so very close. One push is all I needed to go over the edge that separated sanity from that psychotic rage of bloodshed and hate. A knock resounded through the room and I growled loudly in response.

“Frate, it’s me Alina. Just calm down, you’ll be okay.”

I cocked my head in confusion wondering how she knew I was here. I walked over to the door slowly and unlocked it pulling her in quickly then shut and locked the door again. Looking at her I cocked my head again, not able to talk.

“Alexandru told me you were in here; I came to bring you your bag because you forgot it silly.”

She patted my head gently and I smiled nodding knowing her own form of magic was at work. The ability to soothe my raging soul and heart was hers and hers alone. No other has been able to. I breathed deeply and looked into the mirror trying to compose myself as my body returned to normal. I brushed my ivory colored hair out of my face with a trembling hand as I stared into my stormy blue eyes. I slowly let out the pent up breath as I tapped the jagged scar running from my forehead to the middle of my cheek. I am Silviu, the genetic relative, or long lost son if you want, to Fenrir, a wolf god with an ungodly background.

My head spun with memories that weren’t completely mine but I shook those off. Looking around my eyes landed on my sister when something hit me.

“Wait, you shouldn’t even be in here. Go, shoo. I’m fine now.”

She laughed and turned around, “Long as your okay, frate.”

As Alina walked out the door I sighed and leaned against the wall. What’s wrong with me? And why did the new girl provoke that reaction in my body? I sighed as those thoughts and more ran through my head giving me more questions than answers. It felt like my body knew something my mind didn’t. Sighing again I righted my body then grabbed my bag and walked out of the bathroom to go back to class. As I roamed the halls back to class all the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck stood up in unison. An almost imperceptible cold chill ran itself down my back following the flow of my spine.

Glancing behind me I found nothing but still I had the feeling of someone watching me. A light almost unnoticeable breeze flowed across my skin bringing words along with it. Words I couldn’t make out, they were lower than what even my ears could pick up. Strange but there was nothing I could do about it. Not even my heightened senses could pick up any detection of a person other than that gaze. So with the mysterious, invisible eyes boring into my back I walked up to my classroom door. Three knocks and a loud kick later I was let back into class. Alexandru took me over to his desk and sat down while I stood next to him staying quiet. He looked me up and down checking my body to see if there were any mutations that I had missed. After his check up was all done his eyes settled onto mine.

“Silviu.... Do you have any idea what caused that little fiasco?”

I shrugged, “I honestly don’t know, I just know that new girl, Sorina, she brings out... Some kind of reaction in my body, something that I don’t recognize but my body does.”

He nodded deep in thought as he waved me back to my seat. I bowed slightly, always nice to be the old fashioned one. Slowly walking over to my desk my eyes landed on her face. She was so beautiful that I found myself tracing the outlines of her face with my eyes; I was unable to stop myself. Unwillingly I tore my eyes away from her and looked around the class. Hmmmmmmm... It looked like they were doing book work, oh well not like it applied to me. I was just in here for looks, I did my own thing and he accepted that. I may not be amazingly smart but I was smart enough to have an honors type class in here. So as I sat down I set my bag down next to me and unzipped it. Pulling out my binder I placed it down on the desk and opened it. I flipped through the pages looking for a clean sheet of paper then stopped when I found one.

Pulling a pencil off of my binder and placing the tip onto the paper I started drawing the scene from my memory. Artistic skills ran in the family but prominently showed up in my work. The perfect memory that came with ancient DNA was a gift but also a covered curse. While it gave me the ability to never forget a scene, a face, a question, and things of that nature it also made me able to remember with perfect precision all the bad things. The mutterings of others, the looks, the anger, all of it, and with that in mind I hated it. With fluid lines I drew out the mountainous landscape and the chain, the gods and my father, the victorious looks and the look of hatred.

While I drew I could feel someone’s eyes on the paper but I knew whoever it was wouldn’t know it, not many people remembered Fenrir. I put my pencil down flexing my hand then caught the eyes of the person staring at my picture, it was Dalca. She was another rarity, like me, a lightning demon. None of are for sure of how it occurs but what we do know is that it isn’t usually pretty. Her stormy grey eyes stared into mine as she tilted her head slightly to the side. She looked back down at my drawing then up at me. We stayed quiet then she turned her gaze to her desk like she was going back to work. Not even two minutes later while I was staring at my own drawing a neatly folded piece of paper slide onto my desk.

I stared at it for a few seconds then unfolded the paper. It was a simple sentence but one that held so much meaning.

How do you know Fenrir?

That was all. That was the sentence of shock. No one remembers Father but me; I looked up scanning the room until my eyes landed on Dalca. She gave me the questioning look that told me she was the one that asked. She knew about him but how? What possible relationship does she have with him? I sighed and glanced down at the paper slowly writing my own short sentence.

You’ll see later.

Lightly tossing the paper over to her I kept my eyes trained onto my drawing. I shook my head wondering what else she knew that no one else did.

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