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December 4, 2011
By , Pinson, AL
Dave's voice escaped my head, my thoughts, my everything. Everything in my life drowned. "Acena?" It was Z's voice. I hadn't realized it but I had passed out onto the hardwood floors that felt chilling at the touch. "Acena?" His voice echoed through one more time. My eyes fluttered open as they all gazed over me. "Are you okay?" Z was again the first to speak. "Sadly this is normal." Ace said looking down at me. I wanted to snap back saying don't I feel the love but I felt to weak.

I managed to sit up but only with the help from Z. "I need water." My voice was quiet and timid something I had never experienced before. My voice had always been loud and stood out. Now I felt like a ladybug never noticed sitting on a window sill. Z nodded and headed to the kitchen while Richard took my into his arms for the brief seconds Z was gone. I could tell there was anger on his face, while Richard's was warm and inviting his soft brown eyes looking down on me.

"How are you feeling?" Richard asked when Z took me back handing me the water. My hand shaked as if the weight of the glass was to much. Again I wanted to snap back but couldn't muster up the energy. "Fine. I guess. How long was I passed out?" Richard and Z exchanged glances that for once were not as cold as ice. Z responded, "Maybe two hours." I sipped the water as he said that. Taking in consideration that Kade was probably long gone by now. Maybe even on the other side of the world. Hopefully not but a possibility.

I sat in a dark, damp, cold room. My face was bloody. I'm guessing they knocked me out from trying to keep me from squirming. I didn't like the smell either. It smelt like decay. I cringed when I realized my hands were tied tightly around my back with no hope of escape. A man in a black suit walked in through a completely metal door. What were they trying to keep inside? A superhuman like my friends? Were they taken too after I had been knocked out? "Ah Miss Kade Morriss. A honor roll all through school, prom queen, honor society, FBLA, homecoming queen," I cut him off and replied coldly "Thank you for stating the obvious. I think I know what I have achieved." The man in the suit was taken back by my harsh tone.

"Well," He began, I don't remember his exact lecture I zoned out as soon as he said well and simply nodded when he asked me if I understood. I had no idea what I was suppose to understand and simply did not care. I played dumb like I had no idea where I was. "Where am I?" I asked batting my eyelashes looking like a dumb blonde. No offense to blonde's just the figurative kind that people make jokes about which I always found offensive. "In the main headquarters of Foreign." I nodded slowly. Just that I had thought. Now only if Zane could find my mind and track me down.


A few hours after my recovery from my faint. I found myself packing for the third time in the last hour. I wanted to get away run away from all this but Kade was my responsibility. Now they have her. Them. Probably the most dangerous thing I would ever face. The thing I would eventually have to face. Something I didn't want to face. Something I wished to avoid the rest of my life. A knock at the door interrupted my thoughts. Richard stood there. His warm brown eyes watched me. They studied me searching for anything wrong.

"Why you packed? Going somewhere? I don't think they allow suitcases into Foreign." He laughed slightly but when he saw the frown on my face his laugh disappeared. "I'm not going anywhere. Or at least I hope not. I have to face them eventually." He nodded staying silent. I began again wishing he would stop me at some point. "I have to save her. Who knows what they would do. For all we know she could be dead." The last word took all my energy to say. I didn't want to think my best friend was dead. But who knows what they could have done by now. He looked up into my eyes as much as I wanted to look away I couldn't. There was something about him I couldn't explain.

"Excuse me." Zane said cold and hard. I knew he wasn't happy seeing Richard and I together. I looked up his emerald eyes which stared into my soul. I couldn't help but look back. "I'll leave you two alone." Richard said walking out of the room. Zane instantly gave me a look I had known all my life. "What was he doing?" He asked. "Nothing just making sure I was okay." I replied taking away my eyes from his. He nodded not believing me. "You can hear his thoughts why don't you believe me?" "I do it's just," He trailed off. "Just what?" I said my voice rock solid.
"I don't trust him."
"Honestly why?"
He sighed knowing if he didn't tell me I would figure out a way to get it out of him. "I just think your sister and him are working for them."
"Foreign you mean?"
He nodded. I wasn't sure if I believed him or not I mean after all my sister had disappeared with no trace for three years.

They studied me as if they knew something I didn't. It was like they had never seen a normal human being before. I gave them a ice cold stare that chilled to the bone. One of them kept looking at me. Honestly, I wanted his blue eyes never to escape my face. They were as blue as the sea. I was a sucker for blue eyes. I think his name was Luke. I couldn't have been to sure at the time though.

"Hello." He greeted me a warm smile planted on his face. His eyes lingered on me as I studied him staying silent. "Hi." I replied maybe just a little to cold. He shrugged it off as if he had been in my position before. "So, how did you end up working for these people?" I said people as if it left a bad taste in my mouth. He chuckled as if it was amusing. "Actually a funny story." Just as I thought I said smiling slightly. He noticed the smile instantly. "Well amuse me."

He went into his story and I couldn't help but get sucked in. I had to admit this boy was interesting and caught my eye. I could all ready hear Acena saying I sounded like my mother. I sighed and he noticed stopping his story. "Something wrong?" He looked at me a worried expression crossing his face. I looked at him leaving my thoughts behind. I shook my head no but he knew I had lied. "Let me guess you miss your friends?" I nodded not daring to speak to afraid I might cry. "I understand." He nodded.

I sat outside on the porch the breeze felt good to me. No one had come out yet to make sure I was okay. Or needed anything. The house was silent with the occasional laugh breaking out. But the laugh never lasted long enough. I imagined what it would be like without all the powers and Foreign. Foreign. They were destroying my life, piece by piece. First, putting me into hiding. Second, taking Kade away. Whats coming next I honestly want to know.

I didn't realize it but I had dozed off on the porch. Zane now sat next to me not noticing I was awake. He hummed a song I did not recognize. Most likely one he wrote himself. He didn't write them to often but when he did they were filled with pain. I enjoyed them for some reason. To me they were as cheerful as any song.

"What are you thinking?" Z looked over at me. "Everything." I looked up at the stars honestly not knowing what to say.

I was woken up. Luke stood over me. "What are you doing here?" I said slightly confused. "I needed to tell you that I'm on your side. I'm undercover. You know Richard and Ace right?" I looked at him shocked but nodded. He began again, "You are different. Don't be fooled." With that he slipped out the door.

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