Malicious Intentions

December 19, 2011
By David2 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
David2 BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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After barely escaping Galaxy 62, Captain Blake was drifting through deep space, in his damaged spacecraft. He was heading back towards headquarters, but due to extensive damage to the thrusters, Blake was making slow progress. Suddenly, a reply to Blake’s earlier transmission comes in.

“Blake, Blake, what’s your status?” asks a tracker for the United Space Federation.

“I’m coming up on Quasar 42” replies Blake, “I will be near Headquarters within the end of the day.”

“Great, we will talk later then.” The transmission ends.
Unknown to Blake and the Federation, Blake is being tracked by scouts from District 8, a zone in Galaxy 62 infamously know for its warlike civilizations. This is the home of the Teriz. The Teriz study other civilizations, looking for weaknesses in their defenses. The Teriz have long awaited for the day that they attack the Federation, and Captain Blake is their answer.
Blake prepares lunch. He has his most favorite meal after a mission, Mac-n-Cheese. He can’t explain why, but the food seems to calm him down. Blake eats in the pilot’s seat, and eventually falls asleep.

Unknown to many, the Teriz look very similar to humans, and they also have similar qualities. One major difference though is the sophistication and the progress of the technology. The Teriz have accomplished the ability of complete stealth, but most commonly known as invisibility. With this trick, the Teriz had been conquering many parts of the universe, slowly exterminating foreign life forms while taking their planets and leeching their resources. The whole process takes many years to accomplish. The Teriz first study a civilizations technology, then their transportation, and finally the defenses. The Teriz gather this information for many years, plotting the best point to attack the civilization. The Teriz attack in waves, first with their invisible scouts, then with an invasion force, and finally an occupying force. The Teriz then enslave the inhabiting species, and steals the planets resources.
The United Space Federation was set up by the nations on Earth, and the civilizations around the Solar System. These civilizations want peace in the universe, and seek to work together to fight for peace. The U.S.F. knows of the threats created by Terizian expansion, and want to stop them in their tracks. The best operative for the U.S.F. is the one and only Captain Blake Blackburn, a human that has earned the respect of many great civilizations. His work in Galaxy 62 was the most recent attempt by the U.S.F. to spread peace. Each galaxy is split into districts, which dictates the name of the galaxy. District 8 is the area in each galaxy that the U.S.F. labels as their target zone for peacekeeping, and in Galaxy 62, the Teriz are in control of District 8.

“Sir, we are still following Captain Blake’s vessel” reports a scout.

“Good, keep moving and make sure you go unnoticed” replies Tehran.

Tehran is the leader of the vicious Teriz. Most in the universe say that Tehran is the most ruthless Terizian leader yet. His role in the Terizian government is to fill the empty throne until the Senators elect a new dictator. Tehran knows that his time in power is limited, and wants to prove himself; if he can be able to win over the senate and stay as the Terizian leader. Tehran believes that if he takes out the U.S.F. he will be able to stay in power.

“Headquarters, I am approaching gate 1, entrance permitted?” asks Blake.

“Yes, you have been cleared to enter, welcome back Blake.” Replies Lt. Jordan, a tracker.
Blake moves through the gate and moves on. The gates are designed to keep out enemies from entering the U.S.F. territory. The two Terizian spacecrafts are unable to pass through. As Blake enters the gate, he is warped through space to the Solar System, the headquarters for the U.S.F. These gates are the key to the success of the U.S.F spreading peace. Blake finally reaches Earth and heads for Retilia, the main station the U.S.F. operates out of, and disembarks.
“What do you mean you can’t track the ship?” yells Tehran, “Captain Blake’s ship is crippled, it couldn’t have gotten very far.”
“But sir, these gate devices that the U.S.F. use, they only allow one ship at a time and then they are turned off, preventing enemies from attacking.”
“The figure out how we can make our own gates” Tehran abruptly ends his transmission and turns to his admiral, “you must do everything you can to find a quick and easy way to the Solar System. A full on attack is the best way to win there, along with the element of surprise”
“Yes, sir” replies the admiral, walking off “They won’t even know what hit them”
“And that is my analysis of my first mission in Galaxy 62” finishes Blake, and ana applause follows.
After each mission Blake describes, he always notices an applause, even if they aren’t successful. Blake hears his name being called and turns.
“Welcome back!” says Jordan
“Oh, hey Jordan” responds Blake
“When is your next mission?”
“Not until the middle of the day tomorrow” answers Blake
“The how about we grab a bite to eat?”
“I’m sorry Jordan, but I really need to prepare for this mission, and….”
“You never have any time for me anymore Blake,” says Jordan, interrupting.
“I said I’m sorry…..” Blake trails off as he watches his girlfriend walk away.
Blake has know Jordan since he was a kid, and they have grown up together. Jordan is a tracker in the U.S.F., and always manages to get Blake’s transmissions. Blake had been intending to slow down on the number of missions, but the exact opposite has happened, causing a growing split in their relationship. Blake enters his room and gathers some items. After what only seemed like a few minutes, he heads for his ship at the docks. Despite the stress involved with their relationship, Jordan and Blake make a great team together. Blake reaches his newly prepared ship and starts to head towards gate 5.
“Are the ships in position admiral?” asks Tehran
“Yes we are preparing to attack at sunset, so that the station will be in the shadow of the Earth.” replies the admiral.
“Great, this attack will start with complete stealth, then a full frontal attack shall commence” orders Tehran.
“I will see to it” replies the admiral, and walks off.
A general transmission to all the ships comes over the radio.
“All U.S.F. battle ships come in for your annual maintenance check”
Since Blake just returned from the maintenance bay, he is cleared and heads off to gate 5. As he waits, he decides that it would be best to rest before his mission, sets an alarm and falls asleep quickly.
The Sun begins to fade behind Earth, and the ship wakes Blake.
“Jordan, Are you ready?”
I’m ready when you are Blake” answers Jordan.
“Alright, begin opening the gate, I’m moving towards it” replies Blake.
As Blake enter the gate, he notices Terizian Ships, and tries to contact Jordan, but the gate prevents communications from being sent. Sent into warp, the last thing Blake sees is the infamous particle cannons of the Teriz.
…. “This is even better than we planned admiral. The U.S.F. has called in their entire fleet…” says Tehran, eyes gleaming.
“Just tell us when Tehran”
After envisioning his moment of glory, Tehran orders the attack.
The stealth fighters of the Teriz move in to destroy the battleships first, a key point of the defense of the U.S.F. base. The stealth fighters get close, so that the battleships can’t respond. Their first target, the U.S.F. Inigma, the mightiest of the fleet. The Teriz open fire, completely taking the U.S.F by surprise, destroying every ship in sight. The fight was quickly over, due to the efficiency of the Teriz. The Teriz finally board the Retilia, and take a few prisoners. They look for people who know how to operate the gate technology. The Teriz then Depart the Base, and destroy the remaining remnants of the U.S.F. After this victory, Tehran claims the throne.
Frantic, Blake tries to reach Retilia, but there are no responses to his hails. He sets his ship towards Earth and Travels as fast as he can. After several days, Blake reaches Earth. What he sees is horrifying. Everywhere he looks he sees metal debris. He scans the areas for signs fo life and finds nothing. Suddenly, a message breaks through.
“Captain Blake, this is no longer a war on peace, for it is now become very personal” says Tehran, flashing a photo clip of Jordan, then says “Come after me if you want, but I will never be defeated.”
The transmission ended.

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