The Beggining

December 19, 2011
By Prayinforwaves BRONZE, PalmBay, Florida
Prayinforwaves BRONZE, PalmBay, Florida
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Once upon a time there was an all powerful wizard. This entity wrote a prophecy. Throughout time this prophecy was marveled at by artists, studied by philosophers, and fueled by the rulers of the world. This prophecy spoke of a young boy that would do great things. This child could save the world someday. When the world needs it the most and things look the darkest. When people turn there shoulder on what’s truly important. This boy will assemble a group of friends from different walks of life to form an indestructible power. This group was only known by the ancient scrolls as RGOD.

This is where our story begins. On the cold morning of April 6th a father paced nervously in a hospital corridor awaiting the birth of his first child. He wanted a son more than anything in the world. He needed someone to follow in his foot steps, as he was a skilled sportsman especially in the art of basketball.

He waited about two hours before a mysterious man dressed in shabby attire entered through the doors. He thought to him self, “no way this is the doctor” the man was short and plump. He walked with a slight limp and had a long ratty beard. All this was eclipsed by what was in his right hand though. It was a box. It was small and delicate. It appeared to be made out of solid gold. He started mumbling and muttering for the father to come to him. The father cautiously approached the man. “What do you want?” he said. “I got this for you,” the man replied, “I’ve been waiting a long time for this.” The man extended the box to the father, and as the box made contact with his hand the lights flickered. The man was gone as fast as he had came leaving the father with only the small golden box engraved with the name Thomas.

The wail of a baby was heard in the next room and the father jumped with joy. He dropped the box and sprinted into the room that his wife had been delivering in. the box hit the floor and disappeared into a cloud of dust. The nurse asked the father, “what would you like to name him?” the wife interrupted and said, “Thomas, I really like that name.” the father thought this was a coincidence and thought nothing of the old man. On this day young Tommy was born.

Let’s fast-forward our tale to when Tom was two. By this time his father had great expectations of his basketball abilities. He had enlisted his son in a six and under basketball league. He wanted Tommy to be an all-star, and he began living vicariously through his son at a young age. Within weeks Tommy was shooting three pointers like a champ. He dropped at least fifty points a game. His father couldn’t have been more proud.

Tommy was adored by women and envied by all the guys. Tommy’s mother loved the beach, and she wanted to buy her young talented, beautiful, articulate son a surfboard. The father said,” NO!” every time the subject matter was brought up. He wanted no distractions for Tommy. He was going straight to the top with basketball. Tommy’s mom was persistent and soon his parents compromised and bought him a skim board. He named her Katie, and he loved Katie with all of his heart. Soon all his time was devoted to Katie. Soon he became extraordinarily good at skimming, and he started getting the reputation as the master of technical maneuvers. “Of course he was getting good” his father boasted, “he takes after me. He’s good at everything.”

In the following months after toms tenth birthday his father had fallen ill. He told Tommy to visit his bedside one night and told Tommy about the night he was born. He told Thomas of the mysterious man and the gold box. He regretted not opening that box. Tommy made a promise to him that night. He said, “I will get that box for you. I promise.” He had no clue how to retrieve this box, but he owed it to his dad to find it. That night Tommy had a dream. He dreamt he was wandering down a dark hallway, on either side of him where faceless figures. They were laughing. Tommy was scared and confused at the same time, two emotions he had never felt before. At the end of the hall was the same man from his father’s story. Tommy said, “Where is the box” the man didn’t reply. Tommy followed up, “please sir, I need this box” the man still didn’t reply, but he did smile. Then he spoke, “son I know you think you’re perfect. God created you in his image didn’t he? No can be perfect alone. It doesn’t matter how perfect you are when you’re still alone. The box will reveal itself when your ready.” At that moment Tommy awoke. He had never been so confused in his life.

Tom kept lighting up the court and shredding the Gnarr. He had already gained recognition from all over the world for his abilities. Everywhere he went he was followed by paparazzi. He loved the attention, but he felt like no one was on his team. He had just signed a major contract for Nike to release a line of shoes called TP3D, and he was on track to win the national championship of skim boarding, all that was over in a blink of an eye. Tommy had fallen from the graces, and fallen from the top. He had fractured his elbow and he was done for the season.

Tommy didn’t know what to do with himself. He couldn’t do anything with a broken arm. All his once adoring friends and fans had turned there back on him. He now preferred to live in solidarity. He locked himself in his room for days on end. He filled his time with Beef jerky and Xbox and lost all contact with the outside world. He wanted to give up.

One day there was a tap on Tom’s window. Tommy ignored it he couldn’t confront the world yet. Not in this condition. Everyday for thirty six days the same knocking occurred at his window. Tommy becoming enraged with the annoyance opened the blinds on the thirty seventh day. It was a very weird looking kid about Tommy’s age. There was something peculiar about the kid. He had huge legs and gazelle horns. He shouted through the window, “Hay, man the skims going off.” Tommy couldn’t resist the thought of nectar waves. He ventured out of his room with the strange boy. He said, “My names Scott. Sorry about bugging you, I have Scott syndrome and not a lot of friends. I thought you might want to hang out since you don’t have friends either.” Tom learned Scott’s mother was a human and his father was a Gazelle, this explained his appearance. They soon became inseparable. Two gazelles in a pastor Scott always said.

One day Scott and Tommy where Skimming at monster hole. They had some good rides, and then they saw a massive set on the horizon. All of a sudden the tide switched and they were both swept out to sea. They were treading water to stay afloat when a whirlpool formed fifty yards away. Out of the whirlpool came a monster. It had two heads and razor sharp teeth. Scott and Tommy had always heard of the mythical beast at monster hole, but they thought it was a hoax. It was no hoax and they were doomed. Scott turned to Tommy and said; “thank you” Tommy was confused. Scott proceeded to say,” you’re my best friend. I’ve never had one of those before.” They new the y where going to die. Tommy said, “I used to have friends. At least I thought I did. You Scott showed me what a real friend is. They used me for my money and my talent. You’re not like that. I love you buddy.” All of a sudden Tommy caught a glimpse of a golden object in the water. He immediately dove down and saw it. It was the golden box, and the man his father told him about. Both were at the bottom of the ocean. The man said, “Congratulations Thomas. You figured it out.” Tommy said” what did I figure out” “the key” the man replied. “Friendship, alone you would die out here, but with Scott you might have a fighting chance.” He handed Tommy the box and vanished. Tommy needed to get to the surface he needed to breathe. Scott saw Tommy’s struggle and dove down to help him. Dodging the monsters tentacles Scott grabbed his friend and surfaced. He sprung up with his magnificent legs and kicked the monster square in the head. The monster was discombobulated which gave Tommy enough time to open the box. Out of the Box emerged Katie, Tommy’s faithful Skim board. She had been modified though. She had a thunder bolt painted on the top, and on the bottom, written in gold read RGOD. Tommy felt power surge through his body and he hopped on. He summoned a tidal wave to send Scott back to shore. As the monster was recuperating from Scotts attack, Tommy shocked it with a thunderbolt, and did the most beautiful three shove straight through the creatures necks. The monster was dead, and the splash its body made from hitting the water made the Gnarliest wave ever. Tommy didn’t hesitate; he caught the wave and got completely shacked. He did a witley in the barrel and emerged from the tube claiming his victory. He ran up to Scott and shook his hand. Scott hugged him, and they knew what had happened. They knew they were going to be best friends forever. Friendship is something special. It can’t be broken, and it can overcome anything. Tommy and Scott knew that this was the start of something great.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for fun toi share with my friends

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