The Reality Family

December 17, 2011
Hi. I'm Space. You can call me Lord of Awesomeness.
My sister Time and I live in a giant castle. Time could rant for hours (But, she is Time, so she could make it seem like seconds or days, and you would still get the same idea.) about how our kingdom is made of the fabric of space-time itself. Whenever she says space-time, I remind her that my name comes first, so I'm most important. When she lunges at me, I telaport to Timbuktu instantly, leaving her in the dust.
Sometimes, we spar with our grandma, Reality. Reality is at lease ten times more powerful than either of us, but if we team up with our little sister, Singularity, or, as we call her, Tiny, and really try, we can beat her sometimes.
Today, we were going against each other. Time and me, that is. I had the first move. I rearranged her atoms, turning her into a pile of goo. She reround time a few seconds so she was herself again. That was the annoying thing about fighting Time. She can just undo whatever you do. She then attacked, turning me into an old man. I rearranged my atoms, but it took to long, even without Time slowing me down. And then, without warning, Reality sent Tiny into the fray. She made a black hole around Time. I fed it with all the mass I could afford to take away from the universe. Time began to bend- Stretching across the galaxy. I could almost imagine the distress this would cause across the planets. However, nothing lived in this galaxy. That was why we trained here.
An order from my little sister snapped me back to the fight. "Take away her mass! It's too dense!" in reply, I scattered her matter and left her with only a single cell. But she didn't even need that. Time could go on, even if there was no space to hold it.
The microscopic speck zoomed into the void. After the count of ten seconds, proving I had won, Tiny made a miniature big bang, spitting Time back out. She grinned. "You got me this round, but Time marches on."
I laughed and answered, punching her in the arm "And you can't avoid Space."

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guardianofthestars This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Dec. 4, 2012 at 8:40 pm
That waw a very different story. I don't think I've read anyone like that before. But in a good way. :)  Sometimes it got a little confusing about who was doing what but all in all I thought it was nicely done.
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