Willa the Super Girl

December 23, 2011
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“No one understands me! No one gets me! They don’t understand that I’m a real human being! They don’t think I can love! They think I’m some special kid who can save the world, but they think that’s all I do! They don’t think I can sit down and relax. They think I’m special so they treat me special! So what if I’m special? Do they really have to treat me special? I hate it, I HATE IT, I HATE IT!!!!!!! AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG”
“Willa, calm down. You’re over reacting.” This was my mom speaking just to let you know.
“NO I’m NOT!”
“Calm down, Calm down. Don’t worry everything is going to be fine.”
“That’s what you say every time and every time something bad happens.”
“Not every time. Well maybe I guess that’s true. I mean, well, at least part of the time.”
“You really only think it’s some of the time? Are you telling me that only sometimes everything goes wrong in my life? Every single moment in my life goes wrong ever since I was given those… things”
“You can’t keep calling them things. You know they have more importance. They can and will help save the world. They can save many lives and keep people save.”
“Fine I’ll call them what they really are… powers”
Well this all started from when I was 10…
Whenever I was in a room all alone as a kid something would go wrong. Something would crash and break. It was like The Hulk in a small, compact room trying to move around, but instead breaking everything around him. Like this pumpkin I had. It had this bright orange color with little patches of gray. Probably dirt I thought. Well I was right. But the way I found out was a bit…odd. I stared at it for a while then it just randomly it blew up in my face. I felt dirt on my face so yes I guessed right, it was dirt. But that’s beside the point. My mom knew something was wrong with me, but she just didn’t know what. So she took me to the doctor.
“Mom I’m fine. The Pumpkin was probably just going bad so it blew up.”
“But there were so many other times things like this happened. Remember my favorite vase?”
“Yes but…”
“And remember the time when my casserole blew up in my face? Remember the time…”
“I get I get! What happens if this is just nothing? What happens if all this just natural? Not trying to be rude or anything but, maybe you did something wrong in the casserole! Or maybe there was a tiny bomb in the vase!”
“Sweetie there is something wrong with you and I want to know what”
So it was decided (Not by me, may I add), I was going to the doctor. I didn’t want to but I was forced. I couldn’t put up a fight. My mom was already annoyed with me. I wanted to lock myself up in my room. She had to drag me into the car and while we were driving my moans and groans were even louder than the music. My screaming was louder than cars zooming past on a racecar track. I was scared. I didn’t want to be one of those people who were told “you only have sixth months to live.”
As I was walking into the waiting room the door slammed right in front of me, but for some weird reason I was able to walk right through the door. I didn’t even have to move my hand, not even the slightest bit. I looked down at myself. I looked the same . I still had my blue shirt that said Camp Poyntelle (My camp that I went to) on it. Now I realized that there really was something wrong with me, and now I really understood what my mom was saying. I felt bad for putting up such a fuss, but my mom didn’t realize I walked right through the door.
So after we met with the doctor she said there was nothing wrong. My mom and I exchanged glances. We knew something was up but obviously it can’t be shown through my body. So I decided to make something blow up. But what? Aha! I saw this little tiny pumpkin in the room so I stared at it and then… nothing. I tried again. I stared at it then… nothing. What’s going on? I tried on more time. BOOM! Finally it worked!
“I don’t know?”
“Oh you know all right. Sierra I think I know what your daughter has.”
“What, what is it? I must know!”
“She has...well there’s no other way to put it… powers”
“WHAT?! What are these powers of hers?”
“Well, have you ever heard of super heroes? She has those powers”
“Oh My God! Sweetie, are you okay? How… is… this…p- p- possible?”
“I don’t know I think she’s a decedent to Wonder Women”
“But how’s that possible? I don’t have powers”
“Well not everyone has powers, Willa’s a lucky one”
“No I’m not. At some point I could probably blow up my best friend”
And from that moment on people knew me not because of my amazing awesome self without the powers, but as Willa the Super Girl. No one understood that I could do normal human things when I told them the news. Well actually I didn’t tell anyone, the news did it for me.
“Breaking news, Willa, a ten year old girl has powers. We’re taking you live to the scene has she steps out of the doctor’s office”
“Willa, how do you feel about having powers?”
“Get away from me.”
“Just answer the question kid!”
“Fine." I’ll tell you. How am I supposed to know now? I just learned I got them”
“Well technically you’ve had them for longer”
“Really you had to bring that up? Fine, you know what? I HATE IT!!! Do you get? Do you understand?”
“Well no because we don’t have powers.”
“Now get away from me!”
“Coming back from the scene. Wow she’s mad! Seems like she’s a natural at yelling”
“That’s right Finn. Oh. Yes. Uh-huh. We’re getting more news from the scene. Willa just ran at hyper speed, almost like a jaguar.”
“Oh wow! Let’s take you back to the scene where Larry is waiting for us. Larry you’re on.
“Thanks Finn. She just left but we got some film of it. Let’s play it back. Roll it!”
“Wow that was amazing. That’s the end of our news section. Stay tuned for Finding Nemo the movie.”
I just ran from the doctors all the way home. How is this possible? I came home in time to see me on the running away from the office. How can I do this? I need to go to my friends. I hope they understand.
When I got to Cassandra’s house she looked out the window and saw me. She didn’t look too happy to see me. She came to the door. She looked different. She seemed skinner. Her body was like a skeleton, all you could see was bones and little flesh. She also looked scared. I knew something was up.
“Hey Willa”
“Hey. Can I come in?”
“Um, a… let me ask my mom.”
So when she left I realized something. Her mom’s not home. Her mom’s car is always parked out front. It’s a blue Honda pilot. It’s not there so her mom must not be home. She doesn’t want me here. She thinks I’m a creep.
“My mom said that were going out in a second so sorry.”
“I know your mom isn’t home.”
“What? What do you mean?”
“I mean that your mom’s car isn’t parked out front so that means your mom’s not home. You don’t want me here do you?”
“No it’s not that. It’s just, a it’s just.”
“Fine I’ll go. Everyone hates me now!”
As I step off her doorstep she yells something to me. There was more to what she said but I could only here one word.
“What do you want? Obviously you don’t want me here.”
“Come in.”
“Come in.”
So I step inside and I feel normal again, though I’m not. Her house seems to be re-done. The last time I was here was just yesterday, but it looks different. Her mirror wasn’t there; at least in its usually spot. The whole floor was painted a different color; bright green. Yesterday it was orange. Weird. I started to think I had missed something. Maybe she was moving, or maybe they just hated their houses look.
“So what did you want?”
“I just want to talk to somebody who might understand and who might think I’m some creeper.”
“I don’t. Well. I don’t know if I don’t…… I guess.”
“You know I trusted you”
My face felt like it was about to explode. Tears ran down my face like a jet plane racing down the jet way.
So we got into a fight. For a long time. And when I say long I mean long. It took us about a year to finally make-up. But we still weren’t the best of friends that we used to be. But I made new friends, and enemies.
One kid, Buff, was my enemy. He bullied me and treated me like an alien. He always told me that I wasn’t normal and things like that. Like this one time, he took my very favorite priced possession, my little stuffed bunny. But the one day I brought that bunny, I knew I had made a big mistake. Buff took my bunny and cut it into little tiny pieces. I was in hysterics for the rest of the day. My mom had to come pick me up from school early because I was so sad. It was like my worst nightmare. But it was real; not fake.
So I decided to get revenge on him.
I decided to make his water bottle explode in his face. He was playing with it as if it was his favorite toy. We were in 6th grade at the time. It sounds babyish, but really we were all babies. Except me of course.
I started staring at him. No one noticed. And then BOOM!
“Mr. Buff, what did you do?
“I didn’t do anything I was just playing with my…”
“No excuses Buff. That’s why it blew up. You were squeezing it! Go to the principal’s office”
I did it. I finally did it! I got Buff in trouble and no one accused me of doing it! YES!!
So now that you know more about me let me tell you what’s going on now while I’m 16.
I have a huge enemy. When I say huge I mean that he’s 8 feet tall. He’s a giant! His name is Drapica. Anyways he’s my enemy and he knows everything about me. He destroyed my school just to get my records. So know he knows where I live and I’m trying to keep safe. But it’s not easy when people are surrounding you asking my babies missing or my friend was murdered. I’m trying to keep under cover but with powers, it’s not so easy. It’s hard to keep control of my powers. If I get mad something goes on fire. When I’m staring at someone or something for a long time they blow up. It’s so hard to live with powers.
So let me get you up to date.
Right now Drapica is looking for me. Really hard. He’s destroying the people that get in his way. He almost got a hold of my mom but she said that she’s a tourist visiting so he let her go. He has a weakness for tourists. Weird weakness I know but you know what, I get what I get.
But I have a weakness too. Mine is even bigger. There’s this kid, Brandon, and he’s really hot. And I mean it. He’s got dreamy eyes and a smile that radiates the whole room. His hair falls perfectly in place, not a strand left behind. His hair, a perfect brown, not a strand a different color. He’s the handsomest person in the world.
Now where was I? Oh yeah, Drapica’s weakness. Whenever a tourist comes near him he starts to be nice. I have a plan to destroy him but it’s not working so well. Every time I try Brandon comes and I get distracted and I almost get myself killed. When I see him in my head I think, why now? Why? Is this really purposeful?
But of course it happens every time. All nine thousand, nine hundred, ninety-nine times.
But I deal. I now have a boyfriend because of all those distractions. It’s nice but because of this whole powers thing it’s…hard.
The present time…
“Thank you sweetie. See know doesn’t that make you feel better?”
“What do you think?”
“I know how you feel…”
“Ok, ok.”
“I’m going. To someone who understands.”
“And who would that be?”
So I walked over there. I wish my dad had been there. To calm me down. To calm my mom down. Why did he have to go? I don’t even think he knows.
And then there he was. Standing there as if he was waiting for me. You think its Brandon, right? Well you thought wrong.
“Hello….. Willa.”
“I need to go.”
“Go where”
“To…. the supermarket. Yes that’s it the supermarket.” I said stuttering.
“Well what do you need I’ll come with you.”
“You don’t need to come. I can go on my own.”
“Well fine. You’ll just have to pay.”
So I kept walking. Well actually running. I was afraid he was following me. But when I got to Brandon’s he was standing there his arms wide open.
“Oh lovely bunny. What’s wrong?”
“He came. He almost followed. He may have followed me. I’m scared!”
“Don’t worry sugar plum. I’m right here. Let it all out. Let it all out.”
And then this word was heard from a distance. A faint cry screaming help, help, help.
“We have to go help this woman in danger!”
“What a second”
“There’s no time to lose!”
“I’ve heard that voice before. It’s Drapica. He was the one who told me I’d have to pay for not letting him come with me to the supermarket!”
“When I was coming over I ran into him. I told him I was going to the supermarket and he asked me if he could come with me. I knew if he came he would take me into a dark ally and kill me. So I told him no. And then he said I would have to pay for that and here’s the payback time.”
“But what if it’s really a woman?”
“We’ll go the back way and figure out whether or not it’s real. And if it is fake…”
It was all a set up. He wanted us to think that it was him and stay where we were. It was a perfect plan; it was like it was from a movie. He knew I was going to Brandon’s, not the supermarket. He followed me most of the way and then stopped. Turned around. And set up a fake person screaming help.
“Well, well, well. Look what we have here. Two little love birds fearing from me.”
“Go away. We’re not what you need.” Brandon was fierce but not fierce enough.
“Well I’ll just take your little lover from you Willa”
“NO! NO! NO!!”
I fought back. I ran at him in hyper speed. He didn’t know what he was in for. Al he saw was me take off and nothing else.
“Looks like your girlfriend just left you to rot.”
“I don’t think so”
“Well then where is she? Ouch! What was that?”
“Well, well, well. What do we have here? Drapica not knowing where I am.”
“Where are you I know you’re here…OUCH!!”
Blood was pouring out of his head he was losing blood but not enough to put him into la-dee-da land.
“You think I don’t know where you are? I know your right there. No there. No there. Oh what’s the point. Got a go…suckers!”
“What. You’re just going to leave like that? That’s nothing that you would… Now what a second. I think I know what’s going on.”
This wasn’t Drapica. It was him. The man who loved me. Well actually the second person who loves me. Brandon loves me, but doesn’t stalk me. This guy follows me, looks at me in the shower from my bathroom window and tries to get me to like him.
His name is Matt. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He already has wrinkles all over his face. He is the ugliest person in the world.
“Hey sweet thing”
“Get away from me. You scared me.”
“I wanted to show you my bad side. Rawr.”
“I don’t like bad guys. You should know since you… STALK ME!”
“I don’t stalk you, I just follow you.”
“Do you even know the definition of the word stalk.”
“Yes, it means to follow the person you’re in love with.”
“Wow, you’re really stupid. Come on Brandon, let’s go.”
So we left. But I felt eyes on me. So turned around. And then I saw it. Drapica. With Matt. Plotting something. What they were plotting, I don’t know but I did catch glimpses of the conversation.
“What did you….out of her?”
“We need to know….about me.”
“Well what am…..about it?”
“Find out more.”
Then they moved their separate ways. Like in a love story except these two, weren’t in love.
Brandon looked at me. I looked back at him. I think we were both thinking the same thing, uh-oh.
When we got back to his house I didn’t know where to start.
“What are we going to do?”
“I don’t know. I knew there was something up with that guy!”
“Well I kind of guessed that after he...what do you hear that.”
And then he heard it. A rustle in the bushes. I knew who it was. I’m not so sure Brandon did. But I did. I thought back to the conversation they had. Drapica told him to find out more. So this was his way of doing it? Coming and sneaking up on us. He’ll have to pay. Big time.
So we went down stairs and stopped by the door. Brandon went to the back and kept an eye out the back door. If he came anywhere near either door we would call out, “THE CHICKEN IS CROSSING THE ROAD!”
And that’s what happened. I thought he would go around the back but a sneaky man like him went around the front, and rang the doorbell.
I cried out in the most mother-like voice, “Who is it?”
“Um, if you’re looking for Brandon he just left. “
“No he didn’t. I’ve been out here for awhile and I haven’t seen him leave.”
“He must have gone out the back door.”
“I’ve had a friend watching that door. No one came out that door either.”
“You stalker. Why would I let you in? What do you want anyways?”
“I need to know, um…..”
“You know what just go, GO!”
But he didn’t go. He put up a fight. And he broke in. And when he saw it was me I knew I had to do something.
I grabbed some rope and I tied him up and Brandon and I brought him downstairs.
“What do want?”
“I’m not talking”
“Well I know what you want. And I know you’re on Drapica’s side.”
“Well, well, well. What do we have here?”
He was back.
“Go away”
"I don’t think so. I think I’ll just take little Matt here back with me.”
And then it struck me. This was just a way to get Drapica and I together, in the same room. Why would I fall for such a thing?
“So let’s get this over with.”
And then it happened, in a flash. He pulled at his sword and lunged to stab me. But then I remembered my force field.
I realized I got my force field when I was playing a game and someone was about to “punch me”
I opened my fist and, poof! I was surrounded by protection.
So I did it again. And it worked. But when he lunged, he wasn’t aiming for me, it was Brandon. So I ran in front of him so he would be protected.
“NOOO! The one time I came close to killing one of you, those stupid powers of yours ruined my plan. I HATE MY LIFE!!!!!”
“At least you can live without worry that someone will come and kill you.”
“I’m glad I cause you worry!”
“Just go. And take your stupid Matt with you”
“He is….well……YOU KNOW WHAT…..I’M GOING. Oh and by the way I know”
“Wait you know that…. Wait you just want me to say something you don’t know so that you know.”
“Oh you know. Just go. Leave. Skedaddle. Shoo.”
“Ok. I’ll be going, but first let me say…”
“Oh don’t get all Suesical the Musical on me.”
“Fudge, you knew. Anyways I’ll be going”
Then he left. Without telling me what I knew. I don’t even know what I know. I’m really confused.
“What just happened?”
“I have no clue. But he said I knew something. What do I know?”
“I don’t know what you know but I know that your beautiful, amazing and really sweet. And I know I love you so much.”
“Are you trying to break up with me?”
“No but I think you know what I want to do.”
“Write me a letter”
I thought he meant something else. But actually in a way the thing he said really happened. He leaned in close; his eyes closed and………kissed me.
“Mwah ha ha!!!”
“La ma ta cho chi ti.”
God! Why does everyone think I love them other than Brandon?
“What was that?”
“My ex-best friend. We used to have a secret language. He just said why are you cheating on me?”
“No. He’s just saying that. The reason we stopped being friends was because he wanted to be my boyfriend and I wanted to just be friends.”
In the background you could hear him screaming ta ma cho over and over again. It meant you are cheater.
“Get him out!”
“Who was that?”
The truth was I didn’t know they noises were getting louder. And louder until they were in the room. I instantly knew who they both were. They were Donatae and Johnny.
“Guys lose it. I hate you guys now and you know it.”
“We were sent by…”
“Shut your trap Johnny. You’re a donkey.”
“Hey now that’s not a nice thing to say to your BEST friend. Emphases on BEST.”
“Just quit it guys. I know you guys were sent by Drapica.”
“Bibty, Bobty, Boo.”
“Are you casting a ….ribbit, ribbit.”
“Only a kiss from the love of your life will help you. Try it Brandon. I bet it won’t work.”
And guess what. It didn’t. He was the love of my life I knew Brandon knew what to do. I saw it in eyes.
“Why don’t you try”
He said nothing and did it. It worked
“Brandon I hope you know…”
“Oh I know that you love me. And I know that Johnny cast the spell so he could kiss you”
Then it happened

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