A New Beginning

December 23, 2011
By DanielleB BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
DanielleB BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
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Tommy is a boy that has a hidden identity. He is used to getting called names and hearing all this wicked things that people say about him behind his back. Everyone continues to say and do stuff “behind” Tommy’s back but they have no idea about the secret power he has discovered that he holds.

Tommy dresses in nothing but sweatshirts and sweatpants every day. Nobody knows why he doesn’t wear anything else. Even on the days with the sun beaming, he will still be seen in his Nike sweats and hoodie. Wherever he goes to school or the store, or in general he just leaves his house and never does his hair.
Now that he is in his sophomore year of high school attending J.C. High, Tommy, still refuses to do his homework. It’s something that he doesn’t care about at all. His parents are always telling him to try new things and do his work but whatever they say goes in one ear and out of the other, as if they aren’t saying anything. Activities that he loves to do whenever he gets the chance is play Club Penguin and Webkinz, this is something that almost every guy his age would NOT be doing! But, since he adores doing these things, he doesn’t care what people say and continues to do them. Whenever the school holds an event for example dances or parties Tommy’s the kind of kid that will not attend. He has no friends to go with, at all. Also because he would much rather be home alone in his small corner bedroom reading romance novels and playing on his laptop from his grandpa.
One day as he’s sitting in his bedroom he notices something that seems to make him wonder. He keeps getting these images in his head about these people, his parents, and peers from his school. There are not only pictures appearing in his mind, also thoughts. Soon he realizes these thoughts aren’t coming from his imagination and brain, they’re coming from the head of the person he is thinking about. All at once Tommy starts to picture this girl, Shirley; he’s been seeing pictures of her in his mind for a while now. It’s not like she doesn’t see him every day, after all they go to school together. Finally after his visions start appearing more and more frequently many thoughts start to irrupt in his brain. He discovers that Shirley is thinking about him! He can’t believe it. He doesn’t think it’s possible. Tommy has never really thought of Shirley as anything but another sophomore girl that goes to his school. He doesn’t know what he should do, go up to Shirley and start a conversation or just hang loose and wait for her to approach him.
A few days later:
In a blank moment, Tommy got a vision, a thought. It was coming from inside Shirley’s head once again. This time, he wasn’t sure if it is a good one or a bad one. He realizes Shirley is thinking about his appearance as a fifteen year old boy. She is thinking about what he will be like if he dressed more attractively. She thinks, what will people think of him? Will he come out from where he’s been hiding? What will he look like in jeans?
Tommy wondered. Maybe I can ask Shirley for help? Would I look like a fool for asking some girl who’s been thinking about me? What would I say when she asked me how I knew she was thinking about me? Since he wasn’t sure he decided it would be the best to wait until he makes up his own mind.
A few hours later:
The house phone rings. Tommy’s mom yells up, “Tommy, your friend Shirley’s on the phone.”
Panicking Tommy does not know what to anticipate. He doesn’t know what to say. All at once he jumps to conclusion and responds, “Tell her I can’t talk now.” Tommy is frantic; he has no idea what he is going to say to her when he calls back. Now that he knows she is thinking about him he felt even more uncomfortable around her, let alone before. I can’t make a bigger fool of myself. He starts to plan what he is going to say to Shirley Porter.
Two minutes later:
“Hi, Mrs. Porter, it’s Tommy, Shirley’s friend.”
“Oh, hello there Tommy, Shirley will be right there- hang on.” Tommy thinks, what have I gotten myself into.
“Shirley,” Mrs. Porter yells up, “Tommy’s on the phone.”
“Hi Tommy,” Shirley’s voice rings out like a melody.
Tommy stutters in astonishment that he is on the phone with Shirley Porter!
“Uhh umm, hey Shirley, you called before?”
“Yeah, listen Tommy I think we should talk, like friends, actually have a conversation.”
Shirley Porter wants to talk to me, Tommy Friedman?!?!
“Okaaay, sure.”
Tommy froze, not sure what was going to come next.
Tommy has an instant vision… He knows what Shirley was going to say. She is going to mention what she thinks of him. How she feels bad for him and thinks that he should try and become friends with some people. That instant, after he got the flash of what Shirley was going to say next he decided what he has to do.

“I gotta go bye,” Tommy said.
He was frantic. Why can’t I handle one conversation?!
The next day at school:

Tommy arrives at school; his face reddens as Shirley approaches him. He is so embarrassed for what he did the night before. He knows everyone will soon find out he ended the conversation without even talking about anything he knew she wanted to talk about. The first thing she asks him is why he didn’t talk to her. All he does in response is walk away. At this point Shirley is furious with Tommy. After all she is just trying to help him. Tommy knew he has to let Shirley know the truth. He knows he needs to tell her that he is able to see the future, so she knows he did want to talk to her but he didn’t want things to get awkward between them. Although Tommy wants to do it he wasn’t sure how Shirley would react. What will she think of me now? Will she go around telling everyone?
A week later:

Tommy and Shirley have not said one word to each other for one entire week. When in the hallway he acts as if Shirley didn’t exist. Especially because for the past week of silence between them all he keeps envisioning is her thoughts. She is wondering every day: Am I that bad that Tommy Friedman doesn’t want to talk to me. Tommy feels really bad for how he’s been acting towards Shirley…why can’t I grow up. He didn’t want Shirley to think he dislikes her because the truth is he doesn’t and that’s why it’s so hard for him to tell her.
The main reason Tommy is holding back telling Shirley the whole truth is that he likes her, and about his mind reading powers is because he doesn’t want everyone or even anyone to find out. He thinks that Shirley doesn’t like him in the way he likes her since there was no evidence of it. All he knows from his powers is that she wants to persuade him to change his appearance. That means NOTHING absolutely NOTHING. Why should I even bother?
One month later:

Still not a word said. I need to be the bigger person and talk to her, Tommy thought. Even though her mind he’s been reading all along hasn’t had a thing to do with him since the last time they talked which seems like one million years ago. She’s been having thoughts of Josh Schwartz. Tommy sighed; you’ve got to be kidding me!!!
“I need to do something!!” he roared as he picks up his laptop and throws it.
Josh is the senior sensation, the complete package. Every girl dreams of dating him. With his buzz cut, luscious brown hair and shiny yellow green eyes, every girl’s jaw dropped drooling as he walks by them in hall. Each and every girl eager to get a head nod in their direction. The word got around. Shirley Porter and Josh Schwartz were going out. Once Tommy found out he is flabbergasted. It was only four weeks ago when Shirley was “mine”, he thought. He knows he couldn’t let this reach any further than it has. I need to do something!
The next day:

“Hey babe!” Tommy says.

“Hiiii….?” Replies Shirley.

“Wanna meet up later on?”

“Sorry, Tommy, I don’t think I’ll be able to be with you anymore. Josh and I are together now.

“Ohhh”, Tommy said. (Pretending as if he had hadn’t known, and was cool with it).

A week later:

Tommy reappears at school. Because of his dramatic transaction, everyone is confused at what is going on. They don’t know who it is walking down the hallway, for his slick new American Eagle jeans, Ralph Lauren shirt, with his hair flipped up. All he does is smile while everyone turns to look at him. While all the attention is on him, he gets distracted by all the looks he’s getting, and bumps into Shirley.

“Is that you Tommy?” Shirley said. Tommy nodded.

“I can’t believe it Tommy! You look amazing! How did you know?” Tommy sighed.

“It doesn’t matter” he softly shot out, “It’s the change that does…”

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