The Bet

December 16, 2011
By Anonymous

My friend from work told me about this place. He said it was an illegal gambling house. He and another guy I work with convinced me to go that weekend. At first it was kind of sketchy, I’ve never really broke the law before. After a while I got used to the idea, And by Friday I couldn’t wait. Once I got there my excitement plummeted. It was nothing but an old dirty barn in the middle of an open field. A putrid smell hit me right in the face. When I got inside I realized what this really was. There was a circle dug into the ground surrounded by barbed wire fence. It was almost looked like some sort of demented arena. Growling noises filled the room. Some decrepit old man grabbed a microphone “Everyone place your bets! “ The whole barn full of people started cheering. Two cage doors inside the hole opened up. Stomping of these beasts shook the room. Out came two giant alien bunnies ran out ready to tear each other apart. Then I realized I was betting on the lives of these hideous creatures.

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