Old Quarry

December 22, 2011
By Anonymous

“What was that?” Steve said
“I have no idea, but I just about pooped my pants. I think it came from over there behind those doors.” I said scared
As Steve and I walked over to the front entrance of Old Quarry Middle School where we saw a creature run through the glass doors. When we approached the entrance there was broken glass everywhere, we stepped through the door to find that all the lights in the school were turned on. We started to search for the creature by starting in the main gym, then we searched the 6th grade wing, the 7th grade wing, but still didn’t find anything. When we made our way into the 8th grade wing, where we saw the creature burst into Mrs. Balaty’s room. We saw Mr. Ryan in his room, hiding behind his desk with his guitar that he always brought to school. Steve and I grabbed Mr. Ryan and started walking towards Mrs. Balaty’s room with his guitar and his courage to kill the creature. We approached her room, and the door was on the ground cracked into pieces. The lights hanging down from the ceiling, and there was writing all over the dry erase boards. We walked into the room and no one was in it. We then realized that the window was open. All of a sudden we heard a loud screech. We looked out the window, and saw the creature biting into the flesh of a squirrel. It turned at us holding the squirrel with the intestines hanging from the creatures mouth. It slurped up the intestines like it was spaghetti with marinara sauce. Then the creature smiled at us and bear crawled into the Core.

“Should we follow it?” I said.

“Not if you wanna end up as that dead squirrel over there.” Steve said.

“I think we should kill it so that it doesn’t end up killing any humans or cause any real damage.” Mr. Ryan said.
“Do we have to go?” Steve said shivering with fear.
“Yeah I think you should get a chance to kill it yourself.” Mr. Ryan said.
Mr. Ryan, Steve, and I walked to the Core, searching for the creature. When we walked into the Core we found that everyone was in the workout room locked away from the creature so that it couldn’t attack them. We saw the creature it was on the basketball courts surrounded in blood. We came closer to it and we saw that it was a boy playing basketball that the creature was eating. Mr. Ryan having his guitar in his hand bashed open the creatures’ skull. Blood was everywhere. When we got a closer look, the creature was actually Mrs. Balaty! As we walked away thinking she was dead, she got up and jumped onto Steve’s back. She bit into his neck and ran out the doors into a forest nearby. I ran to Steve hoping he was going to be just fine, but when I got a close, he wasn’t looking too good.

“Help me please, I don’t wanna die this young.” Steve said.

“I’m sorry but there is nothing I can do, the telephone lines are down, and there isn’t a nurse anywhere.” I said holding Steve’s neck wound.

“Leave him be, he won’t survive.”Mr. Ryan said.

“But we can’t just leave him here, he is my bestfriend.” I said.

“You’re gonna have to.” Mr. Ryan said.

So they got up, left Steve to die alone, all by himself. Now I really wanted to get revenge. I wanted to kill Mrs. Balaty. She was always the worst teacher in that school and gave out so much homework. But now she killed Steve, so we have to kill her now. We saw her at the top of a pine tree, looking at us. We saw her jump down from the tree and walk up to us. As soon as she got close to us I grabbed a pistol that I had forgotten about, and shot her in the middle of the forehead. Her brains flew out of her head, and landed on the floor.

“Hahahah! Nice shot!”

“Thanks I’ve been practicing.”
After Mrs. Balaty had died a week or 2 later, everything was just about back to normal. The only thing that wasn’t the same, was that Steve had lost his life trying to help kill Mrs. Balaty.

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