Trouble on the homefront

December 21, 2011
By Abrown BRONZE, Wilton, Iowa
Abrown BRONZE, Wilton, Iowa
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The year was 2030 when a military general was on his sixth tour of duty. He was pulled from his station in Afghanistan and was told that a deadly virus has spread from a top secret underground facility in Chicago and was headed straight towards his home town in Iowa. What he don’t know is that he is about to be in the fight of his life trying to save family, friends, and himself from the deadly virus that has took many lives and turned them into zombies. Here is his story of what is happening.
My name is Vladimir Kosmachevskaia and I live in a little in town in Iowa called vilton. I have lived there for all my life. I vas called from my station in Afghanistan to talk about vhat vas happening in America. I vas told to take three people vith me to get my family out of the area. Vith me I took General Gamble and General Smith. And I am taking heavy machine guns just in case the zombies come. Ve vill take two BvS 10s and two BATT XLs to get my family out of the infected area.
The time is 7:00 a.m. and there is no sign of life any vhere. Ve are in vilton and moving in to extract my family. “What on god’s green earth is that man doing?” said smith. “He is eating something bloody and raw I will go see what he is up to,” said Gamble. Vhile Valking over there the man turned toward gamble and started to run at Gamble “KILL HIM HE IS INFECTED,” yelled Gamble. I jump out of my vehicle and start shooting him vith my M249 saw and then he drops. Then all of the sudden hundreds of zombies came out of novhere and started running tovards us it then I to start unload my gun. Ve all sat there and started to kill hundreds of zombies that just kept coming at us.
Then as soon as it happened it vas over. No casualties but I forgot to tell you about my friend Connor. He vas curled up in the fetal position crying and begging for his mommy in one of the BATT XLs. Ve vere going through the town and Connor stopped and got out to pee and a zombie bit off his tally whacker he started to cry for his mom. Then I shut the truck door and then before I got to shoot him he ran away and said “don’t shoot me just let me die.” Then Gamble pulls out a Barrett 50 cal sniper and shoots him in the head. Ve roll up to my house and bust open the door and I valk up the stairs and open the door and valk in and get shot in the back vith a 9mm handgun. I fall to the ground and my brother says “Tell me one good reason I shouldn’t kill you” and I reply “my name is Vladimir Kosmachevskaia and I live here”.
So my brother told me that they vere ok and he took me to vhere they vere and ve vent there. He took me to the Elementary school vere they had made a huge fort around the play ground. It vas then and there that I realized that this was not going to be easy. Once ve vere in the fort I radioed headquarters and requested more guns and men. In about three hours four Chinook 47s come in and drop supplies and men and then they take the people that are not infected out.
Later that night vas the first time I realized how deadly this virus vas. There vas a guy that couldn’t take it he just vanted to die. He ran out of the fort and straight out into a crowd of infected in one minute he vas dead the next he vas an infected. Then ve vent out side and started to kill the infected it took for ever to kill them but ve pushed them back far enough to look for survivors. Ve didn’t find anyone but ve seen lights and some type of quarantined area.
The next day I saw some helicopters flying around. Ve vent out and tried to find the helicopters but there vasn’t anything. It vas like nobody had been there not even a single paper vas there. Later that same day my men vere on patrol vhen they had spotted a team of armed men moving into the area. I sent them backup but vhen backup arrived nobody vas there. I then got the men I had left and sent two teams to find them. If the couldn’t find them in five hours I vas going to leave vith or vithout them. Four hours and fifty minutes later both teams came running down the road vith the men I had sent them to retrieve.
I vent down to help them vhen I heard gunshots coming from down the road. I got everyone inside and that’s vhen a team of heavily armed men came and started to assault the makeshift fort at the school. It took ten hours but ve managed to get them all. Everyone had been safely extracted out of the area. Ve started to head tovards Chicago vhen my truck had been struck vith a roadside bomb. Vhen I voke up I could hear machine gun fire all around me. The next thing I knew I vas in a truck going some vhere. I voke up and my men asked if I was ok and they had said that ve made it to Chicago.
Then ve vent to go to the top secret facility vhen my truck got hit by an RPG the last thing I heard was people talking about how they got him. Vho did they get? The next day I’m assuming I had voke up in an all white room. I vent out and had found body armor and then I had found lots of guns and ammo in four bags. Now I am going to find out vho did this to me and vhy.
To be continued

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Abrown BRONZE said...
on Jan. 30 2012 at 2:15 pm
Abrown BRONZE, Wilton, Iowa
1 article 0 photos 1 comment
is there any thing that i should change/add if so what


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