The forgoten

December 19, 2011
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The landscape is barren, homes simply abandoned, broken down cars left to corrode on the side of the road scraping the bumpers with other vehicles that shared the same fate. The roads were iced over, icicles draped from the sides of the house as the electrical wires hanging from telephone poles were now three times thicker. The light poles occasionally would show signs of life with a quick flicker of light but it would vanish as soon as it appeared, almost as if it never had happened. These poles littered the horizon showing signs that indeed there was once a great society that used to inhabit this empty world.

Humans had long left Earth in search of a place that would free them from their prior sins. To any creature that used oxygen or water to live; Earth was no longer an option. The air was ripe of rotting garbage mixed with ash, that would burn human lungs, falling from the clouds overhead. The only light source that was noticeable was the sun that hid behind the clouds of dust and sulfur that covered the skys.

The great city of San Francisco is hardly recognizable, even to someone who had lived there their whole life. To the east, on the bay area, lie the remainders of the massive bridge that chained the city to the rest of America. Most of the bridge was falling into the water, if it wasn’t already at the bottom of the bay, yet the colossal steal wires still fought to keep the bridge from slipping into the bay. The cables were connected the the enormous towers that would stand for eternity as they had been constructed to the finest of human engineering abilities and went hundreds of feet into the sea bed. Boats were capsized in the bay and the remnants of the docks they weer moored to were sticking out of the water. The bay wild life also floated on the water; largly dead fish and seagulls. A red-Orange glared reflected the sun light and filled the empty space between the wreckage and the carnage.

The skyline is filled by the never ending sight of red clouds that would bring the acid rain that was sure to come. The heavy rains and wind would wash away the dirt and trash, but the scar left by human on the Earth would remain.

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