Chornicles of coran: revised

December 13, 2011

The air felt damp and sticky and smelled as if had recently rained in this area. Mud squished in between her toes making her feel uncomfortable and cold. There was a thick layer of fog in the surrounding area making the dense forest behind her seem so full of danger. As she looked around making sure nothing dangerous was around her. The cracking of branches somewhere in the forest behind her startled her and she turned ready for an incoming attack. Her heart pumping and her senses trying to find a sign of the reason of the noise but her hearing or smell was quickly being washed away into nothing. Her sense of touch faded away and her sight began to get blurry. In the distance three silhouettes of what seemed to be men, stood in the entrance to an old cave that was so familiarly yet she couldn't remember exactly where she had ever seen it before.

“Whats happening, who's there.” her mind in a panic not knowing why she couldn't hear, smell, or touch.

The three blurred figures in the entrance of the cave had started to increase size and seemed to be either getting closer or larger. Her hearing had started to return as she started the hear the croak of the frogs that resided in the surrounding forest. Smell returning as warm fresh scents of rain filled her nostrils with delight. She begun hearing a low mumble of voices coming from the direction of the three figures. Her vision still blurred made it hard to tell where or who it might becoming from.

“Fay? Is that you?” The voice echoed in the distance of the three figures. The figures got closer as her vision started to clear. With clear vision she saw three dark silhouettes of men walking towards her. The one to the left was a thin skinny man, the man to his right was thicker them him and carried himself with great pride and courage. The male to the far right was the most interesting of them all. He looked to be close to seven feet tall and had a body the size of a great oak tree trunk. “Fay is that you over there.”

How does this person know my name and who is he. This dream feels so real and why does the voice sound so familiar. Confused with her sight coming back there faces were with in seconds of being


able to be seen and recognized. One more step and I can see him, I can see them all. The man who spoke I want to know who he is. The group of three were about to enter her range of vision when the fog got thick and everything went white. His voice echoed in her head calling her name, and the voice of the man seemed to be so familiar and so intriguing.

Dawns early light filtered in the room from the holes in the sod hut warming Fays' face. The light made visible the tiny dirt particles that danced in the air. Fay opened her eyes revealing the bright blue cat like eyes that hid behind her closed eye lids just moments before. She stayed sprawled on the bed contemplating whether she should get up. She took a deep breath and went to exhale as a shadow of something passed the hut blocking the light from entering the room. The shape of the figure seemed to be that of a man. The shadow seemed some what familiar as if she seen it before but Fay was sure she hadn't.

Her heart rate increased and her senses came alive. The figure moved closer to the door slowly and with light foot steps. Fay smelled the air trying to find some insight to who this person was. Fay cringed at the smell of rotten flesh and a person who hasn't bathed in several days. There was also another scent, the scent of stale blood but it wasn't the blood of the Blessed, it smelled of Hume. Under the horrible smells and blood she sensed the scent of another clan. Earthpelt.

What was Earthpelt doing is Icefang territory. Why is the scent of Hume blood present on this Earthpelt warrior.

Fays' heart racing as she struggled to control its pulse. Breathing deep and relaxing her muscles she prepared for this Earthpelt scum to enter the small room so she could make her attack. Fay strained her heightened senses so she could find the exact location of where the warrior was. Her ears listened for the sound of foot steps, her nose smelled for how close the rancid smell of the person was. Fays heart had calmed down to a slow steady beat and was ready for the intruder.


The shadow passed by the door, opening it quietly but it still made enough noise for Fays sensitive ears to hear. Her back was to the door so the man could not see her open, frantic eyes. Although Fay was awake and frantic she calmed her breath to a slow steady rising and falling. Light foot steps made the dust fly in the air joining the other dirt specks in the air. His heavy breath and quickened heart beat showed his fatigue. Fay sensed that he started to walk towards the bedside at the far right corner of the hut. Fay counted his steps figuring out how many more it would take. Fays mind racing to figure out using all the training she had got to figure out similar problems

Six! Six steps is all that was left until he would be close enough for her to attack

Fay felt the warmth of the sunlight fade as his shadow blocked the warm rays from hitting her side. The shadow of the mysterious man moving closer and blocking more of her body from the warm rays as he took two more steps,

Four more and he's mine. If he reaches for me I need to grab his wrist

The thought repeated in her head over and over again. She had planned out how exactly how she was going to execute her assault step by step all Fay needed to do was to remember everything, attack and let her natural raw fighting instincts kick in like she had so many other times.

Another step followed by a deep, shaky, weakened breath. The man sounded as if he was in pain and breathing hurt severely. Fay began to wonder if she should attack this man or if she should help. A soft voice filled the empty room and interrupted her thoughts.

“Miss are you awake, I need your help.” The man voice was filled with youth and weakness. The young man repeated him self, “ Please miss are you awake I need your help.”

Fay's heart stopped, she'd heard this voice before. The man in the dream that called to her, his voice so memorizing. Could it be him? This was the first time she'd heard his voice besides in the dream that she was sure of but Fay couldn't help wonder why it seemed so familiar before.

Was this fate? What were the gods intentions and what did they have planned. What did it all have


to do with him and her.

Her heart began to beat again as she heard the faint foot step move closer. Fay moved her arm close to her body preparing to strike if the man tried anything although she had a feeling he wouldn't. Fay took a deep breath before rolling over to face the man. Even before she saw his soft gentle face with his dark hair matted to his head by either sweat or blood, Fay couldn't tell. Fay knew she could trust him but she wasn't quite sure why. She knew he was from her rival clan, Earthpelt, so he was obviously an enemy to her and her clan.

Earthpelt was one of the four clans that made up Coran, the other three that dwell in Coran are Icefang, Stormclaw, and Firetongue. Earthpelt, Icefang, Stormclaw, and Firetongue were all part of a race called the Blessed. The Blessed resembled the Humans but were special depending on there clan and had amazing abilities. Fays clan, Icefang, had the ability to transform and reshape there bodies into a mixture of Human and cat. They resembled tigers, lions, and leopards and other such felines. Earthpelt's ability was to morph there bodies in to a wolf and Human combination, resembling that of the Human myth of werewolves. Half man, half wolf, standing beast of the moon. Firetongue could turn into a humanoid reptile like figure. Stormclaw was able to change into a great mighty bear, however instead of being a mixture of bear and human it was full bear but bigger, taller, stronger. All of the clans members were born heightened senses, razor sharp nails, and enlarged and sharpened canines, they were also stronger, quicker, had more endurance, could jump higher and more coordinated.

Earthpelt and her clan, Icefang, have always been enemies, always fighting and disputing over anything they could, there hatred was like that of cats and dogs, being that they were just that. Earthpelt had the north east corner of Coran and Icefang occupied the south east of Coran. There territories touched which caused many problems and false accentuations, such as hunting on the others land, or crossing over to spy on one another. Icefang and Earthpelt had constant patrols along the border and many outpost along the territorial line.

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