Warning Labels Bug Me

December 15, 2011
By MattWeen BRONZE, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
MattWeen BRONZE, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
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Dr. Anthony Mann was walking into his lab carrying a bottle of his newly released ant killing serum. “Dr. Mann, wait you can’t use that!” said his assistant. “what do you mean I can’t use it. I invented it.” he shouted back at him. “It isn’t safe to test in a natural environment yet. We still need to do more testing.” “What could happen.” Dr. Mann said. His assistant hesitated at first and then said, “when we tested it on the ants it worked perfectly. It completely evaporated them. But there’s a problem. When we tried it on a rat to see if it was safe for pets; well lets just say we got some interesting results.” “What are you talking about.” Anthony said. “Well it started to show characteristic of an ant, sir. At first it just gathered everything in its cage and was trying to crawl up the walls but this morning when I checked on it I found this, sir.” He led Dr. Mann over to the cage. They peer inside and she what looked to be a rat but upon a closer look the doctor notices the rat appears to have an exoskeleton. The tiny fiber like hairs all over his body made him almost identical to an ant. “How could this happen!” said the doc. The assistant thought about it for a second and then suddenly asked “The serum you constructed. Did you put any of our experimental element antogen in?” Well ya but only a minimal dose. It was the only way to keep the formula from destabilizing. ”You Fool! Didn’t you read the warning label. It specifically says not to keep in contact with living creatures. That element is associated with growth hormone.” His assistant shouts. “So what.” the doc says uninterested. My God, Don’t you see! Your serum; it doesn't destroy ants. It creates them! That’s why it evaporated the ants. Because the were already ants it backfired and destroying them. “ The doctor trying not to look foolish back lashed and said, “ My Formula is perfect. It could never harm humans and I’ll prove it to you. So without hesitation he took the bottle in his hand and downed the entire bottle. The assistant grabbed the doctor by the collar and yelled, “are you mad! You just killed yourself, you stubborn old man.” “I don’t think so. “ said the doc as he grinned and looked down at his hands. Right at that moment before there eyes his hands started to shake. Little fibers popped up out of his skin. He started to twitch and convulse. “Whats happening to me?” screamed Anthony. Within minutes the man previously known as doctor Anthony Mann was gone. And what was left in his place was a one of a kind creature. Part genius. Part Ant. A sort of thing only seen in comic books. Standing there, in front of his former assistant was the insect of immense intellect. The bug with the plug and chug. He was Ant Man.

To be continued...

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