The Change

December 14, 2011
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In the year 2096 the entire World went through a drastic change. People were moved to all the major cities in the world. Everyone was expected to act in a certain way and do what they were told. A utopian society was to be created, one without corrupt law enforcement, political leaders or evil people. The appointed leaders were to be selfless, and therefore, corruption should never happen.

The reason the entire world went under such a dramatic change is because of extraterrestrial life forms, also known as aliens. In the past there has been much speculation as to whether or not aliens even exist, and whether they have been present in ancient civilizations because of speculation caused by places like Stonehenge, the pyramids and many other forms of elaborate, inhuman like monuments. For instance for ancient peoples to have created Stonehenge, was physically impossible, the weight of the stones alone would require hundreds of thousands of men to help. The only other explanation is that it was the doing of aliens. There is also reference to aliens in the bible such as when the Virgin Mary got pregnant after being visited by the angel Gabriel which sounds very similar to alien artificial insemination. The only way humans could have access to that kind of technology in that time period was from a higher intelligence life forms.

Many scientists and astro physicists believe that aliens could have been the one to jump start their species and watch as humans progressed over the millions of years, and slowly became an intelligent species. There are some theories that aliens were waiting for the human civilization to reach their potential and they would then be ready for them to reveal themselves to humans so that humans could then see exactly what aliens have spent millions of years creating and helping. Up until that point aliens had no reason to make themselves known to humans. But aliens realized they could use humans. Humans had a chemical in their DNA that aliens needed to continue to survive. A lot of the aliens were dying because they weren’t in the vicinity of humans and couldn’t survive without it. But the aliens could not bring humans to their planet and let humans populate their planet without humans having reached their full potential or close to it as it would dilute the alien’s superior intelligence and change the alien’s species as well as that of the humans. When the aliens thought that possibly the human race might have reached their desired potential the aliens would then give a worldwide experiment.
This test would call for the entire human population to be moved to the big cities and then divided into five factions. The five factions were based upon what would be the perfect traits to have a utopian society. The factions were Abnegation, the selfless people, Dauntless, the brave and fearless, Erudite, the ones always looking for knowledge, Candor, to always tell the truth and Amity, to always be peaceful. Everyone in each faction must act the way their faction was named for. The way the aliens forced the people to be divided was that they sent some of their own to be disguised as humans, then they swarmed the humans and forced them into the factions. In each faction the people were expected to act in a certain way. The government control was to be given to the Abnegation, because they were selfless and would not bring corruption to society. The aliens would gate off the cities from the outside world, so they wouldn’t know what was going on with the rest of the world.
The way this test worked is, they dropped the humans into a utopian society and they wanted to see the way the humans would react. Would the other factions trust the Abnegation, and not challenge their government for power? Would things go smoothly for a while before other factions began to become mistrustful of each other and begin plotting war? Would society eventually go from utopian to dystopian? Depending on the reaction of the humans, the aliens would then know whether or not it was time for the extraterrestrials to show themselves to the humans.
When this first happened to the world, the majority of humans resisted and tried to fight back. Riots broke out in the street and there was major worldwide panic. The aliens in human form made sure that any fights that broke out were quickly and quietly put to an end. The imposters forced the humans into submission until eventually, there was no more resistance. After many years and generations came and gone humans eventually forgot that they were forced to be separated and divided. They began to become compliant because it was all they knew. They didn’t remember any other way of living, so they saw no reason to resist and rebel. Once the humans became compliant and no longer resisted, the alien imposters were called back to the rest of their civilization because they were no longer required.
How could they see the humans and see whether or not they’ve grown? Did they have imposters on the inside? Or some form of surveillance? The answer is the moon. Scientists don’t know exactly how the moon came to be. But it was said that humans could not live without the presence of the moon because of its control over the tides. So, if aliens needed a convenient way to spy on humans without them ever knowing, the moon would be perfect. There are theories that it was hollow. It would be the perfect camera to see humans without allowing humans to see anything back.
Judging from the results of the experiment and what the alien’s saw, it appears that no matter what situation human’s were put in, or how long the peace was kept, there is always a person or a group of people who are power hungry, and want control over others. They’ve seen this result in various cities in different time frames, but inevitably people will always want power. As for the individuals who didn’t want power, they wanted control over their own lives and not to be controlled by someone else. The aliens are divided as to whether or not to appear to the humans. Some think humans are advanced enough, and intelligent enough for aliens to make them known and for the humans to be able to handle the news competently. Others think that they are simply not mature enough to handle the concept that humans aren’t alone.
As the aliens debated, humans were staging war against each other for power. Some are staging war tactically, using intelligent strategies and making alliances with other factions to take over everyone else. While others are simply using brute force to gain the power they want.
Because of this test, it has caused massacre and bloodshed, and yet and still the aliens have not made up their minds on whether or not to show themselves. If the human race truly has reached their potential, or close to it, the experiment might have been worth it. But until the aliens decide it is yet to be seen whether it was all worth it to save their species.

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