Just Another Vampire Story.

December 4, 2011
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I dropped onto my couch as I felt the coldness of the blade, tucked under my shirt, touch my side. I looked in the face of a bearded man, I once knew; perhaps from a dream or a movie. As a hunter I grew my courage and spoke first, trying to show no emotion.
“Who are you?”
“I am the Elder Wolf.” He spoke with a deep voice.
Werewolf. No, he couldn’t be. We hunters had peace with the wolves. What could he possibly want from me? He wasn’t showing an emotion of hate, so I decided to go for a more polite approach.
“Oh,” I gulped, “How may I be of service?”
“I…We werewolves, need your help.” I nodded reassuringly and he continued. “My grandson and two of his friends were taken about a week ago by the blood-sucking demon, Dracula.”
I felt sorrow for this man, his grandson taken by the demon that haunts young children’s dreams.
“That’s horrible.” He took my hand and looked me deeply in the eyes; there was so much sorrow but yet so much fear and anger.
“Please, you’re our only hope.” He added.
“Of course, I will help,” I spoke as we headed for the door and opened it, “even if it’s the last thing I do.”
“Thank you and welcome back to Transylvania.” With that he bobbled down the street into the cold, misty night.

I sprinted for the study, not wanting to waste any time. I pushed the great double doors open with a bang and headed to the back of the study, our armoury. I pulled out two stakes, one silver the other wooden and put them into my belt pocket alongside my dagger. I pulled out my bow and silver-pointed arrows and my bottle of holy water.

In minutes I was walking in the dark cold night towards the murky lake which was followed by the abandon castle which is where I will find this blood-sucking murderer. I walked cautiously onto the wooden so-called ferry and made my way across the lake, I pulled out my dagger in case I came across anything nasty in the lake but I made it to the other side without hesitation.

It felt like it had only been seconds when I reached the big, unhinged doors and opened them to reveal, what once you to be a beautiful foyer but was now home to the spiders that roamed this castle, willingly. I pulled out both of my stakes, one for each hand, and studied the room before me for any signs of sudden movement. As I crept towards the stairs, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Whatever it was, it was in human form. It walked out behind the cracked column, but stayed in the shadows; so I was unable to make out his face. Then he questioned me,
“Do you really think those weapons could defeat Dracula?”
“Who are you?” I asked fearlessly.
“I am Isaac, grandson of the Elder Wolf; you are Isabel the only know pure-blood hunter.”
I gulped, “Yes that is I. But, how come these weapons will not work against him?”
He walked out of the shadows and I came to face, yet a very handsome man, if you cut out the dirt smeared across his face.
“Only a wolf can. Only, I can. He has trained himself against them.”
“Oh.” I sighed, disappointment rose in me. “I will stand by you and help you fight.”
With that we headed up the grand staircase vigilantly. It wasn’t long until we started to walk down a long, dark corridor. I noticed portraits nailed to the walls. They were dusty, very dusty but I could just make out what they were of; Vampires. I refocused back to my task at hand.

It was quiet, too quiet and it’ as if this corridor would go on for all eternity. As we were about to turn around and give up, we heard a deep cackle coming from in front of us. Even though it was pitch black and we could not see a thing, we knew it was there. Isaac could tell from his super-sensitive hearing and I could smell it, it wasn’t a werewolf scent, so our next guess was vampire.
I clutched my bow and arrows and prepare to fire. I heard a gush of wind behind me and quickly turned and fired, but nothing. I heard it again and turned to face Isaac, but he wasn’t there. I whispered his name with fear, but there was no reply. I heard feet drop to the ground behind me. It wasn’t Isaac’s scent, it was Draculas. I grabbed my stake, knowing he was only inches away from me, swung around and stab him in the heart. He laughed at me like I was a joke. His laugh filled my ears. Terror struck me. I knew this was the end.
“Do you really think you can kill me, little girl?” He taunted and walked closer towards me so that he was whispering in my ear. “Do you really think your toys can hurt me?
Out of know where, I heard Isaac, “No, but I can.” With that he pounced onto Dracula and gruesomely detached his head from his shoulders.

Dracula’s body lay helplessly in front of me. I refocused my stare to two big, green eyes looking at me. It was Isaac, but he was in wolf-form. I blinked and rubbed my eyes, he was a very handsome wolf at that. I smiled and caressed his big furry head. He purred and changed back into his human state. He held out his hand and I took it. Moments later we were walking out the front doors and into the cold weather, looking upon the small town of Transylvania. I reached up towards my neck to feel a set of bite marks; then looked up at the man I now love wondering if he will take a vampire to be his wife.

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