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December 12, 2011
By dylanlane6 BRONZE, St Helens, Oregon
dylanlane6 BRONZE, St Helens, Oregon
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People never care. Never care about what people do to live and what people do to support their families. But that’s before I showed people to care.

2020 this changed the world. Fifty meteors hit all around the world. But when people saw alien heads pop out of the water. This is the year that people started to believe.

Beep my alarm clock goes off. I wake was that a dream I say to myself while I’m slapping myself in the face to see if I am not dreaming. “Well I’m pretty sure I’m not dreaming.” “Mom” my brother says. “Start my shower” says my brother right at the end of that word the ground starts shaking. I say to myself is my dream coming true?

I look outside it looks just like my dream. The first thing I do is go get my brother, sister and mother. I go to my gun safe, grab all my guns look outside again, they are getting closer I can now see them. I see their huge bodies I hear police sirens in the distant of the city. I see people running. I say silently to my brother “to go look out the front door and see if there is people, if there is let them in the house.” “If you see an alien run like hell.” Get back up here, I hand him one of the guns he goes “I pray to myself that he will make it back.”

My brother comes back. Nobody comes back with him, “damn” I say to myself we have to get more people or we are screwed. I look back out the window I can’t see any body or anything anymore. I can hear gun shots off in the distant with cars smashing. “WOW” my mother says with a horrible look on her face. But a face that I have never dreamed of my mom looking like. I look back out the window. I can see their abominable faces. It looks like they are about 8’0 tall. “Well at least we know we are not alone I say to my family.”

“We have to stay low” I say because we don’t know if they can see better than anything the wind blows on this planet or if they can’t see at all. But we have to play it safe or we are going to die.

Night falls I tell my brother he has to stay awake with me so I can have some help he says ok. I tell my mom that she and my sister can sleep. My mom looks at me like she doesn’t know what I am talking about I say it again she says “ok” and falls asleep into the never forgotten life. My sister comes over to me she is crying she says “please keep me and mommy safe” with her star struck eyes gazing into mine I say I always will keep you safe not even god himself can take you from me. I will defiantly not let these pieces s*** aliens take you away from me. I will go through hell for you. You are my life I say to my little sister still looking straight into my eyes I love you she says still crying I think of happiness now.

I look over my sister and my mom sleeping I look at my brother. He says this is the scariest thing he have ever seen and heard. Listen to what I say. Believe in what I am saying this moment never be scared always fight back don’t let them scar you your whole damn life cause I am not letting them kill you believe in me I will die for all of us. So don’t be scared there scared to.

I hear the door open. I and my brother look right at each other. We look down the stairs there is this beautiful girl I think my age. Shes says quietly hello in the dark of the night. I say we are up stairs. She gets up the stairs she says her name Madison what a pretty name I say to myself I ask if she wants a gun or if she wants to go to sleep. She wants to go to sleep Nancy my brother say I slap him in the face. Bah he says to me well I kind of think she pretty so shut up. Maybe you should ask her out says my brother well I would love to get to know her she’s beautiful but maybe she has a bad personality I say when I am looking right at her I think she is the one I say to myself then the rest of the night goes into silence.

Its morning everybody wakes up well not everybody because I and my brother have been awake all night. I look at my mom I tell her that we need something to eat we are going to have to go down stairs and get enough food for two days my mom goes. My mom comes back I think there’s enough food for a whole week but there is five people here so this should be perfect. Thanks I say to my mom.

There are gun shots. Its sounds really close to my house I look out the window. I can see about hundred navy seals shooting there shooting to the left of my house I can’t see any aliens I cant see were there coming from are some of them going to brake into my house that’s my first thought. I tell my mom to bring my sister and Madison and go hide somewhere in the house. My brother and I will fight. The seals are getting closer I don’t want to get in there business cause I think they will shot us I say to my brother. If any aliens come in the house though we are going to kill them.

I can now see the aliens. I look over at my brother he is crying. I say to him this is it. We are going to shot them go I say. We shot they are going down that’s the last thing I think tell I fell a huge pain in my shoulder. Now I can hear my brother crying. I tell him to go find mom and get out of this house because now they know where we are and I think they will come for us and kill us. But the words my brother says to me makes me believe. No he says I will not go. I will fight with you my whole life says my brother. I will die with you.

I tape up wear I got shot. I tell my family and Madison to come out. I say to them we have to get out of this house I have learned more about these things. Me and my family get a lot of food and get out of the house. We go to the next neighborhood to find the biggest house. We go in the house it’s beautiful. We go up stairs go in the biggest room I say to my brother I think we are going to be ok here.

I tell my mom to go look how much food they have. She says they have a lot of food I tell her to cook some food for us. I go look in the smallest window of the house which is still really big. I can’t see anything that’s really good we must off came to the right spot I say to Madison she suddenly kisses me I kiss back. I barely even know her. She stops and says thank you and then starts making out with me. My dreams have almost come true have a pretty lady and be a hero.

It is dinner time the food looks good. I am done eating I say thank you to my mom. I go look out the window still nothing. Madison comes up again jumps on me and kisses me I say sorry I can’t take you out on a date. She laughs and kisses me again. I ask my brother and my mom if they can watch over tonight they say yes. I say goodnight and ask if Madison wants to go to sleep. She says yes. We get into the bed room and say goodnight. I put my arm around her and we both star of into the jaw dropping night.

I wish this war could be over. Why did aliens even invade earth? Did we do something bad? Who know we still have to fight back because I don’t want to die when I am only 15. I am going to turn on the TV and see if there is a person talking on the news. There is a person that’s good to know. They have pictures of aliens how did they get so close I ask myself. Who knows? There is still people out there that’s really good that means we are still fighting. Madison comes into the leaving room with my sister. They both hug me they sit down I put my hand around Madison. They ask what I am watching I tell them I wanted to see if anybody was talking on the news. My mom comes in and says breakfast is ready.

After eating breakfast I go look out the window. There still is nothing. I wonder what’s going on who cares as long as there not up here. I feel like taking a nap. Madison comes with me. I put my hand around her and kiss her in the bed. I watch her fall asleep in my arms. Then I gaze off into the afternoon.

Afternoon has come. My mom is making diner. I look back out the window still nothing but I can hear gun shots in the distant. I go down and tell my mom I think we went to the right place. Because I haven’t seen aliens sense we have been in this house. I can see tears in my mom’s eyes. I hug her and tell her we are going to be all right and that we won’t die. She says to me I am crying because I don’t want you and your brother dyeing for me. None of us will die I tell my mom. I will not let aliens kill us I say to her and then I kiss and hug her and tell her she can go sit at the table and I will bring the food out. And then you can go to sleep because you have been working really hard to make food. Thank you I say to my mother.
We all eat dinner. My mom goes to sleep just like I wanted her to. I tell my sister to go sleep with her and protect her. She says ok. I call over my brother. I need to talk to him. I tell him he needs to thank mom for all she has done so far for us. He smiles at me and says ok big brother. I tell my brother I love him. We will not let these aliens kill are family I say to my brother. He says that’s one of the things I was planning not to let them do. I smile at him and tell him I love him and if he wants he can go to sleep. He says no I want to stay up with you I drank like fifty red bulls to stay up tonight. I laugh at him and say that was stupid and then he leaves. I call up Madison I tell her she can go to sleep she kisses me goodnight. I catch her and as she is turning around I kiss her continuously and say good night. She kisses me one more time and says goodnight and smiles and walks swiftly into the room.

I wake up it is still night time. I go to my brother and he says everything has been fine. I go look out side. Everything is fine. I go look in the bed room Madison is still sleeping. I go down stairs. I see my mom cooking. I say hi. She says back. I go back up stairs. I see my sister. My brother is holding her. I say goodnight. They say the same back.

I lay down. Right as I lay Madison wakes up. She says what sup. I say I want to go to sleep. I put my hand around her and kiss her and say goodnight.
My brother comes in the room. He is crying. I say whats wrong. He says there gone. So why are you crying I say. He says its in happiness now. I ask him if he is lying. He says no. I Start crying to of happiness now. I kiss Madison. The war is over.

I kiss Madison. Right after that my heart drops were is mom I say with a load voice. I here her sweet voice she says right here I can see her now. I say lets all go to sleep. We do and just like that I hear my alarm go off again.

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