I'm Up Again

November 29, 2011
By j.s.tucker GOLD, Eden, North Carolina
j.s.tucker GOLD, Eden, North Carolina
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I’m up again. I get out of my bed and pace my bedroom floor. I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep. Its four o’clock, in a couple of hours I will have to get up and go to school. But I’m to tired to fall asleep. So I pace.

Back, forth

Back, forth

Back, forth

Back, forth

I slowly open the door to my room and walk down the hallway to the bathroom. I cut the light on and stumble back against the wall. My face is sunken in and I have dark holes where my eyes used to be. My mouth is beginning to stitch itself shut. I frantically feel my face but everything is normal when I touch it. The mirror tells a different story.

There’s something wrong with the mirror. I begin to punch the mirror as hard as I can as I try to break it. The floor begins to sink in under me. I abandon the mirror and try to open the door. The handle dissolves under my touch. I must get out. I bang on the door and try to yell but it comes out muted, as if it is being drowned out by a loud noise. I am sinking, I must get out. I am sinking, I must get out. My heart is racing and I’ve broken out in a sweat. I am sinking… I am in my room, I am up again.

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