Echo 5

November 21, 2011
By , Dexter, MI
It took us four days to travel to the new planet. It was 1500 hours, military time, as we prepared for landing. “look there it is,” Damion yelled with enthusiasm.
“Wow, look how big this planet is. I can’t wait to land.” Sam yelled with excitement. The other members of Echo 5 squad were obviously anxious to see what the planet had to offer. I was not, I was getting ready for something bad to happen. As we approached the foreign land, with our landing gear deployed, we searched for a clearing we could set the monstrous aircraft down in.The trees were bigger than the skyscrapers back home in New York, and the skyline of the jungle was covered with vines the size of oil pipelines. Even though the vines covered most of the sky, I could  see shades of red peeking through the cracks of the trees in the forest. We put the aircraft down in a clearing we spotted from the sky. Once we landed, Echo 5 and I decided to move out and start searching for a fuel source. Throughout the land search I continuously heard small creatures scurrying across the forest floor, attempting to get out of our path. Then suddenly, my squad and I stopped as we heard a gut wrenching sound. The noise was infinitely deafening, it sounded like a Boeing 727 flying above me in the sky. Then suddenly,the noise stopped just as quickly as it started and there was silence. We decided to ignore the noise we had heard and push ahead to find a fuel source.
“How much longer is it until we find this fuel?” said Damion.
“If I knew where it was, I would tell you, but that’s why we’re out here searching for it.” I responded.
“Oh yeah, that’s right,” responded Damion.
Damion is the complainer of the squad and not the brightest one either, but he’s a good soldier.
“Freeze, there’s something ahead.” The squad stopped behind me as I investigated what was in front of us. I peeked beyond the bushes to find what looked like a town, but it was hard to tell. All of the huts were run down and fractured into pieces. The only thing that’s still standing is a rusted sign that said, “Respertium.” I took a step towards the broken down town and saw a blue glowing substance, it was the fuel we had been looking for. We finally found it and a moment later Sam Yelled “Ambush!”
    It was June 11th, 2061. Earth’s countries had depleted the supply of petroleum, the universal fuel. I was preparing for this to happen, but didn’t think it would  happen so fast.
    My name is Marcus Cavitt. I joined the Military in 2059. It was probably one of the  better decisions in my life, but my parent’s didn’t think so. I worked my ass off as a private, and slowly earned a more respectable rank known as sergeant.  I was assigned to a four man squad called Echo 5, Damion Beazley, Sam Haigler, Ray Delapena, and myself. Damion is the brawn of the squad. He has muscles the size of cannons, but a brain the size of a peanut. Whenever heavy lifting is needed, I just call Damion. On the other hand, Ray is the brains of the squad. He taught himself physics, and can solve any math problem that comes his way. Sam, the one and only female, is the survival expert. She can make a fire, create a shelter, and find  weeks worth of food and provisions in a matter of hours. I’m the leader of the squad, I’m the one who calls the shots.
    The United States Government has ordered the military to send it’s finest squads out into the Galaxy to find an alternate fuel source. Well, my squad was one of the squad’s on that list. It is an honor to be on top don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I wish I was still a private. Our government has already located a planet that could potentially have a fuel source,  but it is Echo 5’s job to find out if it actually does. The Government has given  us a high tech space ship, one that uses a perpetual motion motor to voyage into the galaxy. I know what your thinking, a perpetual motion motor? Well, it turns out the government knew we would run out of petroleum, so they created a space ship that doesn't require fuel. Perpetual motion is a state in which movement or action is or appears to be continuous and unceasing. It was thought to be impossible, but with the help of one of the military’s  best physicists, they found a way. The journey to the new planet, was estimated to take four days. We packed up our supplies and headed out at 0600 hours.
    Day one on the ship started out bad because of my claustrophobia, but as time ticked by, I  began to get use to the tight spaces. Hours flew by as we traveled at the speed of light, and I realized day one was coming to and end. Damion decided he wanted to play a game of go fish before we slept. Everyone thought go fish was a child's game, but we figured we would give it a try.   
    “Alright Damion you go first, because I forgot how to play this silly game.”
    “OK, Sam do you have any kings?” asked Damion.
    “Uh, nope sorry bud, Go fish!” replied Sam.
    “This is stupid, I’m going to bed!, See you guys in the morning.” Ray said with an angry tone.
    The next two days flew by. I felt like I was dreaming and I was back at home in New York city. Those were the good old days, going to Yankees Stadium with my dad, hanging out with my friends in the back yard pretending we were Major League baseball players. I shortly realized It wasn’t a dream and as I sat there with a blank expression on my face, as we approached the planet at 1500 hours. As my squad and I passed through the atmosphere of the planet, preparing to land, I grew suspicious of what lied ahead. We landed in a forest and started to look around. We came across a run down town, and found a sign that said “Respertium.” I took a step towards the broken down town and saw a glowing blue substance.
    “Hey is that what I think it is.” asked Damion
    “Yeah, that’s it!, That’s the fuel we’ve been looking for,” said Sam.
    “Hell yeah, we found it!” yelled Ray. “Well, since we found it, we should name it.”
    “Yeah good idea.” responded Sam.
    “Lets name it after our Squad, Echo 5.” I thought that would be an appropriate name for the fuel we had been sent out to look for. Not a moment passed when Sam yelled, “Ambush!”
“We’re being shot at.” I ordered my squad to take cover, and we ran to the closest tree. I needed to figure out who is shooting at us, and for what reason. I yelled for covering fire, so Sam started firing her plasma assault rifle, in all directions. It didn’t take long for the rest of the squad to join her, soon enough we all started to take a stand and fire back at the enemy.
“If we don’t do something fast, we’re going to die right here today!” Ray screamed at the top of his lungs. So I grabbed one of my fragmentation grenades of off my belt, and threw it in the direction of fire.
“It’s a hit! Nice throw Marcus.” Ray responded with joy.
At this moment, the shooting from the enemy stopped, and all is quiet. I stood up from cover and walked to where I threw my grenade. My squad followed me, as I grew cautious of the situation. I’m prepared for anything to happen at this point, not knowing if the enemy is dead or if they’re hiding for a sneak attack. I finally arrived at the scene. I posted up onto a tree and peaked over to witness a disastrous sight.
“There’s blood all over the place, or wait, what is that stuff?” Damion said in a confused tone.
“Your right that it’s blood, but it’s not human” Ray replied.
    The yellow colored substance starts to pool around the dead alien bodies on the ground below us. There are four dead aliens on the ground. Three of the bodies are missing limbs, and the last looked like a smashed pumpkin on Halloween night.
    “Man that was a nice throw!” “You really got those bastards good.” Sam said to me with excitement.
    “Help meeee.”
    “Hey did you guys hear that?” Damion stood there with a questioned look on his face.
    I said back to him, “Yeah I did.” I looked around to in attempt to see were the cry had come from.
    “Over there!, one of those alien things is still alive.” Damion said to the Echo 5.
Sure enough, there it was lying on the ground clinging onto life. I walked up to it and asked, “Why have you attacked our squad.”
The alien looked into my eyes and responded back, “We were sent here by our leader to attack you imbeciles.”
    We stood there above it, surprised it spoke English.
    “Were did you come from?” I demanded the alien for an answer. “And how can you speak English.”
    “We know more than you think.” “We know how your race has run out of your precious fuel source petroleum, and how your government planed to send ships out into the galaxy.”
    “How do you know this, that is classified information.”
    “Because our race has lived below your scrawny little planet for thousands of years. “We knew you would soon run out of your fuel, and someday go looking for more.” “Well the day had finally come, as your governments sent your finest squads out into the Galaxy, we rose up and marched to the surface.” “We attacked your people, your governments, and your very own planet.” “After the carnage was done and all hope on earth was lost, our leader decided your planet wasn’t worthy anymore, so we destroyed it with our light-mass bomb.”
    “Make that thing shut up already, it’s only telling lies.” Sam said with a pissed of tone.
    “Oh it’s very true, (cough) (cough), and now as I lie here dying, you all will regret,”
    “Pow, pow”
    Ray pulled out his pistol and finished of the alien. “ I was tired of that thing talking already.”
    “That alien is saying, nothing but lies. He’s just trying to get into our heads.” I said with disbelief of what I had just heard. “Lets report back to our government that we found a fuel source.” I walked over to the glowing blue substance and reported back, “We found an alternate fuel.” I reported back to command. There was no answer.
    “Well that’s strange” Sam said.
    “Yeah, but don’t worry it’s probably just our connection.” Responded Ray.
I took a sample of the fuel, and we boarded our ship.
It took us another four days of travel to make it back to the earth. When we arrived, I was surprised at what I saw. It was gone, our world vanished into thin air, as if a magician had placed a cloth over it and made it disappear. “ Those bastards, I’ll kill every one of them!” Ray exclaimed with furry.
“ Why, why, why!” Damion repeated to himself with disbelief.
“ What did we do to deserve this ?” Sam screamed with rage.
We sat there starring at the blank space where our homes, our families, and our lives used to be. “It’s gone, all gone.” Our planet was scattered into the oblivion of the cold, dark, outer space.

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