Illusion of Life

November 21, 2011
By alex Gillespie BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
alex Gillespie BRONZE, Dexter, Michigan
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Frank lived a long and prosperous life. He graduated top of his class in high school, and went on to attend Berkeley. After graduating from Berkeley with a degree in business, Frank started a family, and lived comfortably for the rest of his life. Many of us are quite jealous, seeing as it seemed like Frank never had any real problems to worry about. Frank had plenty of friends, and as you can see, they are all here at his funeral today, Frank never acted his age, and at 88, some would say he was still a kid at heart.

Frank awoke gasping. He surveyed his surroundings and saw a modern room, with touch screen tablets covering the metallic gray walls surrounding him. A strange figure approached from the far side of the room. Frank lay in petrified fear, as the figure seamlessly glided across the room. “Did you have a good sleep Frank?” The figure asked.
“What, what do you mean sleep? I just saw my own damn funeral, I lived, I lived. I should be dead now. Beneath the ground.”
“I’m sorry sir, but no one ever dies, and no one ever lives anymore.”
“What the hell are you saying? What are you?”
“Well Frank, I am a figment of your conscious, and I can be whatever your mind tells me to be. Let the computer conscious inform you of what is going on.”

Thousands of years ago, the Earth finally gave out. After years of abuse and mistreatment by mankind, the Earth had perished. All natural resources had either been completely depleted or completely poisoned with the toxicity of industry and unclean energy. The human race struggled to survive, and with only one hundred or so survivors, the remaining survivors were placed upon a space vessel which would perpetually orbit the Earth in hope of some sort of miracle that would make the planet habitable again. To keep the remaining humans alive for thousands of years, they were placed in a deep hibernation that would allow them to continuously relive their lives, which were altered slightly to continue until their “deaths”. Eventually it was thought that the Earth would somehow repair itself and be habitable again. The vessel is controlled by a computerized conscious, and is also intertwined with the minds of all the humans aboard.

“My God. Is my family alive? Why have I been awakened? Is the Earth habitable again?”

“I am sorry to inform you, but yes, your family is dead. Currently we do not know the status of the Earth. Something triggered your wake up response though, and the vessel plans to land and observe the planet.”

“My family, my friends, all gone? What is the point in living? When we arrive on Earth, it will be in complete disarray. Everything will be dead, everything will be s*** compared to the Earth I knew before the fall.”

“Frank, as a part of the ship and your conscious, I can only advise you that you must go to Earth. If there is any opportunity of starting a new civilization we must take it.”
The Space vessel moved violently. Suddenly with flashing lights and warning signals going off. The vessel plummeted. From the outside all that could be seen was the vessel embroiled in a bright orange flame. Moving at speeds seemingly impossible the ship headed towards Earth.

“Frank, the vessel is fast approaching Earth’s atmosphere. Prepare to land.”

“What should I expect to see?”

“According to the vessel’s database knowledge, the Earth would need at least one million years to recover from the damage inflicted by humans. You can expect to see a wasteland. Nothing like the Earth you left.”

The author's comments:
A man awakes to find, that "no one really lives, and no one really dies anymore"

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