Arcane Asylum

November 20, 2011
By FergyFerg95 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
FergyFerg95 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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Liam Antonio Frederickson was born exactly 6 years ago to the very second. He was born into an average middle class house. He lived in an average town. He was just an average child with average friends. His story was saddening, but yet he kept a smile on his face. Liam learned at a young age that the past doesn't affect the future and he carried through knowing that he would live without a mother. Liam wasn't the brightest student. He skimmed through the first half of kindergarten thinking of dinosaurs and robots at war with cowboys. Liam's favorite storybook in kindergarten was about a young knight who unlocked potential to become a wizard. Liam loved wizards. He made up spells in his head that he believed would work to prevent bad things from happening. It would prevent cars from crashing, lions from attacking him, but most importantly, bullies from hurting him.

Liam hated violence and always prayed for peace. He didn't think he'd ever have the power to do anything about it so he tried to live his life without it bothering him, but a little boy can only hold so much rage. Which is why he shows up in the principal's office on his sixth birthday. Along with the bully, with some of him missing. A few teeth knocked out and a patch of hair missing. Liam gladly could explain himself as to why he did this. The bully, Brad, had said that the reason Liam's mother died was that Liam was such an ugly baby that she couldn't bare that life with him. Liam's anger took the best of him. He fought back. With words. His wizard words.

“Altonius expordus!” shouted Liam as Brad and his audience chuckled. “That was supposed to make you become a frog. Maybe... Lindornence lafwedan!” Liam tried. Still nothing. Liam's anger built. He picked a stick up and held it as he had seen in his favorite Harry Potter movies. “Expulsion minordias!” he shouted for his last attempt. The crowd roared with laughter. Liam had failed. Liam ran crying to the other corner of the room. He imagined someone stronger than him to save him. A creature that would hide within the shadows. “Fempula...” He muttered. He sat worried about what the bully would say next. Unaware that his own shadow had gone missing, Liam walked over to see his best friend, Xavier. Xavier was the nicest person Liam knew. They had always talked about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Xavier wanted to be a doctor, but Liam, of course, a wizard. This was the first time Xavier didn't look at Liam. Xavier seemed worried. Liam asked him, “What's wrong?”

Xavier replied carefully, “I can't believe you did that... Why did you beat up Brad?” Liam was confused. He didn't even touch Brad. Brad had always bullied him. He looked around and saw a crowd of students and teachers. He ran to them. He looked at the one in the middle. Brad was there, sniveling and bawling and screaming like a newborn. He pointed at Liam screaming “HE DID THIS!” Liam was even more confused. He turned around and was stopped by a teacher telling him he'd be going to the principal's office to see the tapes of what happened.

He waited. Confused. He looked down at the ground. His shadow there. Seeming to have a red glint where his eyes would be. A glint of rage and anger. He was called into the office. He looked at the monitor and saw himself, but at the same time a completely different being. A creature. A monster. A monstrosity in the shape of him. The beady red eyes stared at the camera as if to say they were approving of the pain they had caused. As if they were saying they had a blood thirst that would never be quenched. Liam didn't see himself. But the principal and teachers saw him. Try as he might Liam was unable to explain it. They told him to go back outside and wait while they spoke to Brad. He sat down. Next to him an empty chair. He looked back down and said his wizard word yet again. “Fempula...” He noticed the bright flash. He looked around. The room wasn't empty anymore. Across from him appeared his shadow. Except it had developed it's own personality. A personality of all the hate built inside Liam. It spoke, “Do you understand the power you've been granted, young Liam?” Liam was shocked. Again it spoke, “Your emotions can create your desires. Just learn how to control them. Perhaps this way I won't have to encounter your little friend again.” Liam sat confused. The being rose from the chair. “Someone draws near. Learn, young Liam, that you must control us.” A bright flash blinded him. His shadow was back. But his journey began.

The young boy was unaware of his life's true meaning as of now, but he understood that it would be a chilling experience where he must venture on his own to see how far his will could get him. He would not have fun. He would not have a happy ending. He would be forced to battle the demons within him and prance on without query of his own decisions. He was called back into the principal's office.

He sat there. Being screamed at. Brad's mother and father had came. Their constant yelling was no threat to Liam. It isn't as if he paid attention. He sat there. He just sat there. He knew that if he were to unleash his anger the monstrosity would reappear. He bottled it up. He couldn't hurt innocent people. He had to show compassion. He began crying. The parents had no idea what they had done. The bright flash appeared. Behind him a radiant figure illuminated the room. A scarlet heart at the center of it's sun-like being. It carried Liam away. His compassion appeared. Showing that he truly did care for what happened.

He didn't mean for any of this. Liam grew up knowing he had to hold his emotions in. He couldn't scare people and horrify them. Liam's father was subjected to the torment of knowing his son was considered “a freak,” “the town horror,” and “a tourist attraction that will be used as a way to bring money to the small town.”

The town's billboard was painted. Liam's father was horrified. He saw an image of Liam with several creatures appearing around him. “Psycho Shadow Boy Shows - $12.” They found Liam, caged Liam, harmed Liam, and exploited Liam. His fear took over. He tried to be courageous. The flash appeared once more. A new red being appeared. It pulled the cage bars apart. It carried Liam to the woods. Liam was no longer heard from.

The town of Abbot, Maine never saw another child like Liam. They didn't want to either. Liam's father passed on and Liam was hidden away never to be heard from. Liam's chilling story still haunts Abbot and it is said that whenever a tourists takes a picture of the fall leaves, the flash is Liam's emotions raging out of control. Liam was only six years old when his emotions took control. He was seven when he left Abbot to the woods. Nobody has seen him since the day. To this day Abbot says Liam didn't exist. But the true believers continue his story and pass it down. Liam will be forgotten over time. However, his bottled up emotions will always be remembered by the friends and families of Abbot, Maine.

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