Fair Haired Beauty

November 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Before I may begin to tell you these frightful tales, I would like to inform you that I am not crazy. Even though these words you’re about to read may seem fictitious, indeed they are not. I witnessed them all with my own three eyes, yes three eyes. You may also wonder why I have three eyes but all you need to know is that it insures my vision is distinct. You may not want to believe what I am about to tell you and I will not force you to understand. For you to truly grasp the stories, you must be convinced on your own terms.

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Ella who lived with her widowed father. Her mother had died when Ella turned just 13. Ella and her mother never got along, as this didn’t faze her. But, Ella was a gorgeous girl with long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was thought to be the fairest maiden over the whole land but they all knew little about her. Anyway, eventually Ella’s father met a sagacious woman, fell in love and got married. She had two daughters of her own, Anastasia and Drisella. Ella’s stepmother was always quite bias by treating Ella differently than her stepsisters, as if they were better than her. This bothered Ella a lot, but she decided not to mention this to her father for fear of ruining their marriage. Ella not only didn’t want to intrude on her father but is used to be being a dissimulator.

Over the next several years, her father became oblivious to her. His whole life was centered on his wife. The only time she even saw her father anymore was when she brought the couple their meals to them, the meals that were all picked out by her stepmother. Ella was not the type to become jealous, she didn’t let this scathe her. She knew that deep down her father cared for just as much as her stepmother. Somewhere along the way, Ella’s father tragically died.

The doctors didn’t have any ideas as to why he died so suddenly and unexpectedly. For, he had been a healthy man and had no health issues. Ella couldn’t get that part of her head about how even the doctors had no idea. Once her father was reposing in the ground, she made herself let go. But she mourned and moved on with her terrible life living with her stepmother.

Her stepmother forced her to clean, cook, and care for the three ladies. Ella felt like a prisoner in her own home, or at least what used to be her home. Finally after months of doing nothing but taking orders from her monster of a stepmother, she got the chance to attend the Royal Ball held by the prince each year. But the second her stepmother found out about the news, she made sure that Ella would not get the chance to go at all. She arranged for her to be stuck home cleaning the whole house from ceiling to floor while Anastasia and Drisella danced to night away. The worst part is that her stepmother did not mean for her actions to be stealthy, she meant for them to be taken the way they were.

Ella was so furious that everyone treated her the way they did. She just couldn’t hold in her anger any longer. Before she could change her mind, she marched right into the kitchen and pulled out the largest knife they owned. She took in her hand behind her back and called for the ladies. “Girls? Come look! I have something you will just love for the ball tonight!” Sure enough, all three of them raced down the stairs. But as soon as they laid eyes on Ella with her gesticulations, they sensed that something was amiss.

Suddenly, Ella leaped towards them. She didn’t give time to consider moving. She slit her stepmother’s throat first without flinching, sending a spray of blood everywhere. She fell to the floor, dead. While her stepsisters were still blinded by their mother’s blood, she lurched at them, ending their life just as quick. Ella looked around, laughed, and then smiled to herself. She was proud of herself. After all that her stepmother had done to her, she repaid her by making her murder derision.

Ella attended the ball that night in a beautiful blue ball gown that was meant to be her late sister’s attire. As soon she entered the ball room, all eyes were on her, the fair haired beauty. For even the prince knew that she was the one at first glance. They ended up dancing the night away. Eventually, they got married and Ella became the Queen.

Even though the couple loved each other passionately, they never did see eye to eye. One autumn day, after a huge argument with her husband, Ella lost it once again. This time the king had been more than vexing to her. She waited for the dead of night, and only then did she enter the kitchen to pick out her weapon of choice. That night she killed her innocent husband in his sleep. She did this with such suavity; you would have thought it was her occupation. But just to insure she was not blamed for the tragedy, she planted the bloody knife in the cook’s quarters.

Even after all that had happened, Ella was happy. She wasn’t the least bit anxious after all she had done. Do you see the pattern here? For over her entire life Ella killed six people but many who hear these tales know of only four. It is up to you to figure out who her other unfortunate victims were. But most of all, take my advice. Don’t ever become close to the fair haired beauty. She’s not as she seems.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my English class originally. We were reading Edgar Allen Poe and at the end we had to re write a fairy tale like Poe would. Hope you like it!

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Wow I loved the twist on the Cinderella tale! I was just a little confused with the beginning; the narrator swears they're not crazy, and mentions a third eye and weird stuff, but the story is about Ella's insanity. How does the narrator tie in with the story? It would make the story flow a lot smoother if that were clarified. Otherwise, it was very intriguing, especially the six thing.

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