Don’t Use It Without Brains

November 6, 2011
By ashrafchy999 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
ashrafchy999 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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Today is like any other day I live in. I get up from sleep, brush my teeth, shower, eat, drink, you know the rest. Then I wait at the bus stop just to see that lady who always jogs and can never hear me saying “good morning” because of those headphones or earmuffs. By the way, I forgot to mention my name, its Robert Good but most just call me Rob. Well anyway, when the bus finally arrives I have to always walk at least a minute away from the bus stop because of that school drop-out bus driver, Mrs. Skreem, who always screams at all the teens. I had a feeling today was going to be a great day. When I got on the bus, there was an empty seat, can you believe it, an empty seat! I quickly dashed to it just to hear Cory Yllub behind me. He then said in the creepiest way “good morning Rob, you gonna puke on the floor again today?” I just sat and ignored him.

Cory was my worst nightmare in my dreams and in reality. He always bullied me everywhere and for everything but I never knew why. What really irritated me was when Cory and his friends were singing ridiculous songs about me which I don’t even remember because they were so lame. I just wanted to make him vanish anyway possible. I fell into a deep sleep dreaming about how to get rid of Cory which you do not want to know anything about. As I wake up slowly with the soft tap on my shoulder as if it was my mother, I open my eyes to see that it’s Mrs. Skreem, 4 inches away from my face saying, “Wakey wakey Rob, we’ve arrived at your school.” I quickly grab my book bag and rush out to the school when I turn back to see Mrs. Skreem, while I’m running, saying “wait Rob you….” , I check if I took all of my stuff from the bus and I did. I just ignore her and head on over to World History class. I enter the class just as the bell rings.

As always, trying to show and be a good student, I sit in the front of the class. Every morning, Mr. Ree would always write our warm-up on the board, we would answer on paper while he takes attendance, and discuss our answers to share with the class and to learn something. Today, Mr. Ree stood up in front of the class to see that he was making a disgusted face looking at me. He then says, infuriated with sweat coming down his bald head, “Are you kidding me Rob! You’re a good student! I never thought for you to behave like this!” I ask, confused, “What are you talki….. What did I do Mr. Ree?” Mr. Ree then says, still infuriated, “Get out of my class and come back when you find out what you did!” I sadly and confused take all my belongings and walk out. As I walk in the hallways, I remember cameras are watching my every move so I dash into a bathroom. I see that the school made some changes to the bathroom as it is more pinkish and everything is sanitary. As I wait in the stalls with no one entering or exiting the bathroom, I decide to just wash my hands and leave. I wash my hands with soap to find out that my face has a drawing of a handlebar moustache and a clown face. Now I know why I was yelled at but the question remains, why was my face covered with marker marking?

I think back to remember that when I slept on the bus……., that’s it, Cory must have done this. Ashamed of what has been done and what has scarred me, I just lay back on a wall, not caring of all the germs and things that may be crawling on me. Then suddenly I feel a cold breeze on my right shoulder. When I look at what it is, I see that there is a gap that leads to a secret hideout of some sort. I pull that tile to see that it is some sort of a basement and I close it back just in case. I quietly make my way downstairs to find a door that says, ‘Girls Sanctuary, Forbidden for Boys and Non-Believers’. I then realize that I was in the girl’s bathroom so I just say what the heck and enter to find strange things such as spell books, magic wands, and all sorts of creepy magical stuff. There is one thing that is right in the middle of the room that catches my attention. It seems like a box with something glowing with a very bright light inside of it. The front reads ‘To open, you must answer the question, what does 1+1=?’, I see that many people answered ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’, and some other crazy things. I say to myself that only a male can figure this out so I say the answer is a window. The box opens to reveal that there is a book with no title, cover, or author written on it. I also open the book and skim through it to see that the book is empty with no writing. I thought it would be some type of diary because of the black leather casing and old worn out lines in the book. I think about what is going on and come to the most unthinkable thought which was, “Maybe I skimmed through the book too quickly.” So I open the book to the first page and stare at it for a good 20 seconds when I see something is coming up on the page. It is very worn-out but I can read out the words, ‘Your wish is my command’. I then think everything through in my head and see that if this actually works, it will change my life completely.

I start by trying to figure out how the wish thing works. I first try to wish something simple such as a pencil. I say, “I wish I had a pencil.” I wait a couple of seconds but nothing happens. I then open the book to see that there is an ink pen but I didn’t wish for that but again something comes up that reads, ‘You must write to get what is right’. I then write on the paper, ‘I wish I had a pencil’, then slowly but surely there was a pencil that had come upon my hand. I was so excited about seeing this and now I had discovered this amazing thing that could change the world and my life. But wait, why should I change the world before I change my life. I should keep this book for myself since I discovered it and opened it. I knew I was being very selfish but what can I do, I’m a human. So I walk up the stairs and see a girl in the bathroom so I panic and write, ‘I wish the boys and girls bathroom were one’. Then her surprised/angry face turns into a happy face which is scary but cool at the same time. I then walk happily out of the bathroom and go back to my class to see Mr. Ree still angry at me. I didn’t care if he was angry at me; I just wanted an A in the class. My thinking was that, there is a school rule that I can’t cheat on a test by looking at someone else’s paper or not using my own brain. So instead of changing the world, I changed myself by increasing my brain power up to 100% by wishing on it. Life was going great until I saw Cory again. I just wanted to make him disappear right there but instead, I decided to make him suffer by making him the most picked on kid in the school. Now life was great where I wished for every possible thing in the world and actually received it. Everything was going perfectly.

I had everything I could or any possible human could have except for one thing, to run the school my way. So I wished to be the ruler of the school without taking another thought or thinking it through. This was going to be great because I gave what everybody wanted in the school. I wished for robot lunch lady’s that cooked non-stop and gave as much food as teens wanted. I also had unlimited snacks by just wishing a lot of snacks. I gave everybody a passing grade and partied all day. No one complained at all about the school or me. Whenever I walked past someone, they would say, “Oh my god, look its Rob Goods. (Girls would say) He’s so cute. (Boys would say) He’s so cool.” I just started to grant everyone’s wish and even my own and everything seemed perfect now as well. As four years have passed by, it was time for everyone including me to graduate and move on but I left that party, all you can eat buffet, and electrifying school the way it was. When I went to college, I passed all the classes with ease. In the news, I saw that there is a major increase of electric wheelchairs being bought which is probably all those obese students that graduated from the school. There was also a report that stated there was a major decrease in jobs which caused the economy to go down and reduces the amount of employees working on all the major jobs which causes less and less electronics, businesses, and most things we need to use because of me giving the students freedom. The average IQ of a human being is going down as well because I didn’t want anybody to learn anything. I am altering the world and sending the world backwards. I started this mayhem so I must stop it. I must destroy the book; wait a minute that will just snatch my power away. I must wish that I never found this book and never see it again. I hastily take out the book and write, ‘I wish I had never found this book and never plan on seeing it again’. I open my eyes to see that it’s Mrs. Skreem, 4 inches away from my face saying, “Wakey wakey Rob, we’ve arrived at your school.” I quickly grab my book bag and rush out to the school when I turn back to see Mrs. Skreem, while I’m running, saying “wait Rob you….” , I check if I took all of my stuff from the bus and I did. But I still head back to her and she tells me I have funny looking things on my face. She quickly wipes all of it off. I tell Mrs. Skreem, “Thank You Mrs. Skreem. I don’t know what would have happened if you didn’t tell about this.” I then head to World History class a little late with Mr. Ree complaining a little but that won’t ruin my whole day.

In conclusion, I learned a very valuable lesson which is that, too much of a good thing is bad for you. I start out selfish and believe what I’m doing is right but in reality, it is not. But in the end, I basically redeem myself by turning wrong into right. Maybe if I had used the book for a better purpose, it would have gone way better than what originally happened.

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I hope readers will understand the meaning of this piece and think it is something that should be read by all teens.

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