Its Between Life and Death

November 21, 2011
By Kayla24 BRONZE,, Utah
Kayla24 BRONZE,, Utah
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Brinkley is a southern country girl, she is eighteen and a tall, blue eyed, blonde, and could get any guy she wanted. In the town of Truesdale, everyone admired her for her heroic deeds to the town. Not only was she one of the sweetest girls in town but she knew how to kick butt when she needed to. She protected the town from intruders and bad guys. She was born with epic powers; she could run at the speed of light, could hypnotize anyone with her dazzling blue eyes, she had mega strength, and healing powers. She was born with these powers because her great grandpa Ray was also born with the same powers, so they were passed down to her.

Brinkley was trotting along on her horse one day, just enjoying the beautiful sunny weather. She was on her way to her best friend Davys house which she was totally in love with, but he didn’t know this, but his was at the end of town, across the bridge and near the river; she was going to hang out with him for the day. He was her sidekick, he also had powers but he could only run super fast, which was a good thing, most of the time. She arrived to his house, and jumped off her horse Titan, (his skin was white as can be, and he had dark brown hair), then tied him to a tree, and ran into Davy’s house. She dashed inside to find that Davy wasn’t there. She yelled his name a couple of times, but no answer. All she could hear was the skittering of his pet mouse on the floor.

She looked around, trying to figure out if anything was different, or maybe he left a note for her. Brinkley walked to his wooden desk and opened the first drawer, and to her surprise she found an envelope with a letter in it. She opened the letter up at it read;

Dear Brinkley,
Don’t worry about me I’ve decided to go on a little adventure to find my parents. So please don’t come after me. I have enough food and supplies to last me a while. Please don’t worry about me, okay? I will be fine. I promise that when I get back we will go see a movie or something. Love ya.
Love, Davy.

“What? He’s lying. His parents aren’t alive, and he wouldn’t leave without telling me goodbye,” Thought Brinkley. “He must have been kidnapped; also it’s not his hand writing!”

Brinkley runs out of the little cottage and unties her horse Titan, and goes back to the town. She jumps off her horse and runs into her house. This was also a little cottage. And grabs a bag, fills it with food, two outfits, and a knife, just for protection. Then runs back out and gets on her horse and ran off into the sunset to look for her best friend.

After riding for two hours Brinkley finally stopped at a cute little diner off the side of the road and decided to grab a bite to eat. She walked in only seeing big and grungy looking men that were playing pool in the corner. She sat at a long and filthy table waiting for someone to order her food. Still wondering what happened to her friend, a tall and handsome man walks out from behind the bar table and walks towards her and offers her a drink and asked what she wanted to eat.

“Hello how may I help you?” Asked the handsome man.

“I would like a double cheeseburger and fries.” replied Brinkley.

“Okay, coming right up!”

“Wait! Have you seen a young man that has brown hair and 5 foot 8inches tall, and is scrawny looking come through here?”
The handsome man looking a little distraught and guilty replied “Umm, I don’t think so.”

“Okay, well if he does I will you let me know?”

“Of course.”

Moments later the handsome man walked back out with her food, and sat the plate in front of her.

“What’s your name?” asked Brinkley.

Again looking guilty he replied “My name is Aiden.”

“That’s a nice name, Aiden.”

“Well thanks.”
Aiden turned back around and walked to the back of the diner again. Brinkley sat at the diner for another two hours hoping to get a little sleep before she had to go on her adventure. She lounged in her chair for a while and started dozing off when all of a sudden a strange bang came from the back of the diner. She jumped up noticing that all the grungy men were gone. Brinkley startled, walked towards the back of the diner, finding pots and pans scattered all along the floor. “What happened in here?” Brinkley thought.

She walked to the back of the kitchen, turned the corner and saw Aiden. He was talking to someone through a brown wooden door in the back of the kitchen.

“Hey, what are you doing?” asked Brinkley.

“Oh! Hey nothing, what are you doing back here? You’re not supposed to be here, plus we are closed for the night!” Aiden replied with anger and annoyance in his voice.

“Who where you talking to?

“NO ONE! Get out of here!”

Aiden turned his back on Brinkley; she walked closer towards him, ready to hypnotize him with her beautiful blue eyes when he turned around. As Aiden turned back around Brinkley stared into his dark brown eyes trying to hypnotize him, but to her surprise it failed.
“Ha! I can resist your hypnotism! I know who you are Brinkley. I’ve been looking for you for a long time, and finally I found you, I thought kidnapping your best friend would finally give me the chance to destroy you, because you are the one who put my cousin back in jail. Also I have the exact same powers as you except I can fly and I don’t have healing powers,” said Aiden.
“Give me Davy! He hasn’t done anything to you, it’s me that you want!”
“I know it’s you that I want, I just thought this would be an easier way to get you to come to me instead of me coming to find you.”
Brinkley stepped a little closer to Aiden and grabbed his chest, and shoved him as hard as she could and threw him all the way across the kitchen and through the back wall, and landing on the gravel outside. Aiden slowly stood up and brushed the dirt off his pants.
Suddenly, Aiden flew back into the diner and grabbed Brinkley by her collar and flew her back outside and about 20 stories high and dropped her. Brinkley landed on her feet without even a cut, she ran like the speed of light back into the diner and opened the door that Davy was in. He was sitting in corner with duct tape on his mouth and rope tied around his wrists. Brinkley untied him and let him out.
As soon as they got out of the closet Aiden was standing in the middle of the kitchen with a knife his right hand.
“Hey that’s mine!”
“Yes I know,” replied Aiden.
Brinkley scared of what was going to happen, Davy ran to Aiden yelling “leave her alone! You creep!” and punched him in the face, then Aiden turned back around and turned the sharp knife and stabbed Davy in the stomach.
“Davy!!” screamed Brinkley.
“That’s what he gets for interfering.”
Brinkley knew she had to be quick, because Davy was starting to lose consciousness and she needed to get rid of Aiden, so without thinking Brinkley looked to her left and found a boiling pot full of grease and picked it up and splashed it on Aiden. Thinking maybe this could be his weakness, the boiling pot of grease hit Aiden and he began to scream:
“Nooooo! I’m melting,” said Aiden.
Brinkley stood there watching Aiden melt to a puddle of grease, without a thought of doubt, she quickly picked Davy up and ran back into the main diner and laid him down on a table. He was bleeding bad, and looked like he was in pain grunting and moaning. She laid her hand on his wound and concentrated all her energy on him. As the energy passed from her body to his body, the wound began to heal and the blood began to dry. Davy sat up looking down at his stomach; there was nothing to be seen.
“Davy, are you okay?” whispered Brinkley.
“Brinkley! You saved my life!” replied Davy.
Davy staring into Brinkley’s beautiful blue eyes, he leaned up slowly and moved closer to her lips and kissed her.
“That’s for saving my life!”
“Well, thanks.” Replied Brinkley, as her cheeks turned as red as a plum.
“Let’s get out of here before that creeper comes back to life and tries to kill us,” replied Davy with a smile on his face.
Davy slid off the table and grabbed Brinkley’s hand, led her outside and helped her up on her horse and he jumped on putting his arms around her and holding her tight. They trotted their way back through the dark to Truesdale. Not knowing if Aiden was truly dead or he was still secretly alive, they both didn’t want to know what would happen next.

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