November 8, 2011
By Cerealb0x BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
Cerealb0x BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
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"Be who you want to be! Not what others would like you to be."

In our world there exists a place known as Erutan. Although this location is extremely magnificent and seems to be paradise, it is in fact a dystopian. Through out the luscious flora, majestic creatures roam the island, and attempt to share the land equally. However, their own selfish thoughts keep them from doing so.

"Good afternoon." spoke Jake, a lion who's mane was well groomed, and who's voice represented his courage. "As you all know, we are meeting to solve the quarrels and causalities that have recently been occurring in Erutan." He gazed at the rest of the council.

"The causalities aren't to horrible." replied the shark; Calvin, who was resting in a large pool of water. "Nothing the jungle can't overcome by itself. We should just stand back, and watch it play out. Then, when it's safe, we can return and make up some reason why things were fixed."

"We've been observing, and these deaths are like no other! There is no possible way that this problem can solve itself. Ask any bird out there!" I argued. "Me, and the rest of the birds have been watching, and we have come up with a solution that might actually work."

"Thank you, Oscar, but my wife and I have spent many hours thinking about a plan." said Jake.

"Why don't we hear the owl out?" asked Leon, slithering towards my direction, a sinister look approaching his face.

"Yes. We should listen to both ideas. And then vote." offered Douglass, hanging from a vine, munching on a handful of berries.

"Okay then, why don't you explain yours first Oscar."

I was surprised to find that the rest of the council wanted to hear my idea out, but I cleared my throated, and began. "Well, Henry and I were speaking a while back, when the trouble first started, and our brainstorming turned into a wonderful thought." I motioned to Henry, a shy hawk resting on a perch in the room. He nodded, and I continued, "Since everybody is seeking for better food, and better homes, why don't we assign each creature a job according to their abilities." The council stayed silent.

"Why don't you explain more." asked Lisa, Jake's wife.

"I will show you instead." Oscar took flight, and soared around the inside of the massive tree. Then landing, he spoke again, "Since birds can travel the fastest, and see in every direct for miles, they could scout the land. Every animal has an individual skill like this. Fish can purify water, and worms the soil. Bees can pollinate Erutan, and sharks can guard our seas. If we ordered each animal to do their appointed duty, and then split things equally among the people, then our jungle would find peace once again."

"That's a great idea!" answered Douglass, his mouth full of the last of his berries. He whimpered when he noticed they were all gone. Oscar despised the council. They were extremely greedy, and narcissistic. The only welfare they cared about was their own. However, if they could make others believe they were helping the society, then they were all the more happy.

"Let's hear out Jake's idea before we make any decisions though." Leon said interrupting the rest of the councils excited chatter.

"Yes, lets." added Calvin.

"Thank you Leon. My wife and I had agreed that writing a document of several rules would be appropriate for this situation. Thus, we created the Animal Kingdom. Jake rolled out a large document, and read:
All animals living in Erutan must perform a job that supports the well being of the entire community, or the council. If they do not commit the hours that are required, then they will be punished, or receive a minimal amount of pay for that month.
Privilege is the pay a creature will receive for performing a job. It determines your living quarters, the food you eat, and the place you hold in society.
Every species will have an appointed occupation, and no changes in that job will be allowed. The council must make sure that job is compliable to your species. If they do not, a request is to be sent in. That change may or may not be carried out.
The council is allowed to overlook any of these rules for peace in the society. Any protesting will be punishable, or worth banishment.

"Sounds fantastic!" said Leon smirking. The rest of the council chattered with excitement. Oscar glanced at Henry with worry, and his sight was met with worry as well.

"Then it has been decided! The Animal Kingdom shall be announced, and read aloud to Erutan tomorrow outside of this tree. Spread the news and make sure that every animal arrives. Members of the council; I promise that these rules will change our society for the better. Thank you for meeting here today. You are now free to disperse."

The next afternoon, most of Erutan appeared at the tree. They were quietly discussing the rumors they had heard. Eventually, when the complete council had arrived, Jake cleared his throat, and growled to retrieve the attention of the crowd. They hushed each other fearfully, but Jake smiled to the citizens. "As you all have probably noticed, Erutan has been struck with grief, and chaos. We, your beloved council, have sought for a solution, and discovered one that we believe will work." He continued on speaking about how the council cared for the health, and harmony in Erutan, but Oscar zoned out. He didn't care to listen to lies that were being told. Instead, he glanced at Henry, who was staring at the ground.

Oscar's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the crowd cheering loudly. He glanced over to see the rest of the council bowing. "Thank you for taking the time to listen. I trust that these rules have been accepted by the community, and would like to let you know that they will be placed into effect immediately."

Over the next few sunrises, things moved along smoothing. Animals were kept busy, and were being paid fairly. The waters became cleaned once again, and the greenery was growing longer than ever. The soil was rich, and less humans had entered Erutan. All was well. That is until, the wild cats received the riches watering holes, and largest rock to sunbathe on, while the earthworms were left to bury themselves in the ground. Species, and families among those species, were being out casted from the rest. Again, protesting began.

Bees discontinued pollinating the flowers, while hyenas stopped guarding the bone yards. Many of the animals began to allow Erutan to rot, and eventually, a large famine occurred. This was once again brought to the councils attention.

“As you have recently noticed, Erutan is once again corrupting.” began Jake. “We are here to try and end this issue.”

“I say we wage war.” replied Calvin. “Those simple minded things could never achieve a win against our army.”

“We can’t just start a war. That will just add onto the problem. We must solve this by changing the rules. Obviously, nobody believes them to be fair.” I inputted.

“I agree.” stated Henry, which was a rarity for him. “We must change something." He quickly looked back down.

“I disagree. Let’s say that our rules are not changing. They voted, and they must face the consequences. Our caste system benefits us, so why change it? Even if it doesn’t work for them, they should have to live with it.”

“I concur. This system has kept all of our species safe.” started Jake's wife. “We don’t have the time to try to protect the others. Although the idea is very ideal, we have our own to take care of.”

“Exactly.” stated the monkey.

“What do you say snake?” asked Jake.

Leon sighed, and then, “I say one for all. Every species has someone they need to take care of, and since we have no care for others, I say we abandon them to fend for themselves.”

“That’s absurd!” argued Henry.

“Well, if we don’t come up with something quick, then people will continue to die, and we’ll be blamed.”

“Are you suggesting that we continue with these outrageous rules!?” I said.


“Well, I won’t take part in it. Me and the birds are leaving. You guys can try to solve this, but with a corrupt mind like yours, I doubt that will ever happen. Good luck!”

“Owl! Why are you being so irrational about this. We are protecting. . .”

“Yourselves! Now we're leaving.”

"Why so soon? asked Leon. He coiled his body up, and smirked.

"Because! This council is very self centered, and I am repulsed by the way you all try to handle things. I joined this group because I was asked, and I believed that we would focus around the benefits of others. Not because you needed another member to make you look good! Come Henry."

"Okay Oscar." Henry turned to face Leon, began to say something, but then thought better of it.

As my colleague began to take flight, Leon hissed sourly, and launched himself at Henry. Before any of the council had time to react, the slithering beast had swallowed my friend whole. I screeched, and flew in his direction. However, Douglass grabbed my talons. I tried to fight his grasp, but he was too strong. Eventually I stopped only to realize that he had saved my life.

Jake had slashed Leon open, and uncovered Henry's corpse. I cooed again, and Douglass allowed my freedom. Jake looked furious, but he backed away from Leon in order to let me mourn my friends loss. The entire council was silent, including me. I grasped Henry in my wings, and then turned to face the corrupt people. "Don't you see what this power has done to you? It has transformed you all into self absorbed politicians who seek only wealth, and respect. But honestly, you've lost all the respect I had left for you. In fact, you disgust me! Listen as I say this! Your desire for greed has caused many fatalities. The worst being Erutan's loss! But also my friends death, and so much more! All of Erutan will hear about this evening, and as for the rest of you. Have a nice life. One day Karma will avenge Henry's death, but for now, I am taking him."

After I spread the news of Henry's death, and the councils plan, the birds left for the south. As a ritual, they never stop moving, never wanting to be a part of the rest of the world. They choose to abandon the evil that lies with in the horrible society that has been created, and attempt to change the unfair rules everywhere they migrate to. They seek a better world, and may not ever come close to finding it, but the hope and persistence that these winged creatures possess could make all the difference.

The author's comments:
The inspiration of this story came from two things that occurred. In my History class, we were studying Caste Systems in India, and this short story was made as an allegory for this topic. Also, my friends were all speaking about an essay they were doing in their English class. It focused around Nature, and I decided that I wanted to do it for free write. Immediately, this text was created.

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