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November 10, 2011
By Sarahmomo96 BRONZE, Audubon, Iowa
Sarahmomo96 BRONZE, Audubon, Iowa
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He had warned her about the book. Now it was too late. I was 14 when my little sister vanished. We lived in a mansion along with an old, creepy man who only spoke to his ancient cat. He had this ginormous library full of a wide variety of books. He always told Hailey not to take the book called Castle 53. She couldn’t stop thinking about that book especially since it was forbidden. Unlike me, she loved the library and could spend all day in it.

While sitting in the kitchen with Father, Hailey came skipping into the room. She grabbed my hand with out stopping and I quickly followed. After being pulled behind her we got to her room. She crawled under the bed and withdrew the book with the biggest grin on her face.

“O Lord,” I said, smacking my forehead with my hand.

“What?!” Hailey replied, giving an innocent smile.

“What are you doing with that darn book?” I asked, scared of the answer.

“I’m gonna read it! It just looks so mind-blowing! I think you should read it with me!” She was so excited, but I couldn’t read it with her.

“No, I can’t I…I um have to go…uh wash the dog! Tell me how it goes!” I said, dashing out of the room.
Every so often, I would check on Hailey. Her eyes were glued into that book. Sometimes I asked what was going on. She was telling me how this castle had a plant that had magical powers.
“I can’t believe that crazy man thinks this book is bad!” Hailey said.
“Be nice. Maybe he is just mixed up.” I told her. “You have been reading for 3 hours… It’s time for you to go ta bed.”
“Okay…” Hailey said disappointingly.
The next morning Hailey was reading so I left her alone and went down stairs. Father was reading the newspaper and the old man was rocking in his old chair with his cat. Man! Was that guy spooky!? Father heard me come in and grinned. I ate a bowl of yummy fruity pebbles then hiked up stairs. Hailey was spread out on the floor now with the book tightly in her two hands.
“Hey Hailey. You wanna eat breakfast?” I asked quietly.
“In a minute. I am almost done with this chapter! This girl’s growing this plant, she broke off a leaf, and it took her to a castle. This girl lived in a castle but this one was different. I wish I could go there…” Hailey kept going on about the book. She was really sucked into it now.
I left for and hour, but when I came back into Hailey’s room she was missing. There was a huge plant, one with a bunch of leaves and flowers. The plant was dispersing from the open pages of the book. I ran down to tell father, but he wouldn’t believe me. Then I saw the old man… He shook his head and departed from the room. If only Hailey had listened…

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