The Form of the Ocean

November 15, 2011
By AngAuse BRONZE, San Diego, California
AngAuse BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Swish, swash, seagulls squawking above me, the sunset bleeding over me, palm trees bowing down in a shapely matter toward me, this is my world. My name known to humans is Indigo, like the deep blue color. I am a very soft-spoken individual, very liberal and adventurous considering that I am the sea, the ocean, the waves, and the water that you depend on. I am an everlasting resource; I live on forever and ever until the world will cease to exist. The easiest way to describe where I live is Earth. I would I say I lived in the ocean, however, I am in a different situation; I am the ocean. My father is the sky, my mother is the land, and my brother is the atmosphere. Together we form the Earth and provide its inhabitants with the necessities they all need to survive.

Right now, I am talking to you in my human form. Once you lay eyes on an immortal human, you'd most likely be able to tell the difference between normal and extraordinary. You should understand why immortals look the way they do. It is a matter of perception, how you see it. Perfection is always desired, however, cannot be accomplished by a mortal.. a normal... a human. I am a humble person, I tell you, but this is just how I explain it to you, a living creature who only has a matter of time until they go on to the next world. I am a reserved person, I like to slowly express my feelings.

In the shape of a homo sapien, I think my close friends would describe me with an angelic face and chiseled features. Each outline on my face is an angle, there are no circles. I am a very youthful girl, as I would say. I look like I am only 19-years-old. My long blond hair is always braided to the side, preferably my right side. My hair color is like the sand, yet it is still a darker blond. Beneath my hair are my two gray eyes like the gloomy sky when there is a storm at sea. My skin is delicate, it's as soft as the clouds. Now that I've described my skin, you'd probably think I'm as pale as snow, unfortunately, you're incorrect. I am very tanned just like the tan you get when you rest at the beach. But it is not a sunburn. This is me as a human. Being the salt water waves by the sand is a whole different description.

I think that my true body and shape shall be repeated to you, reader. My body is water, water that is found in every corner of the world. Whether it be Antarctica or the Bahamas, you will find water… sparkling, pure, blue, clear. I sway to the rhythm of the Earth’s deep heartbeat at its core.

Sometimes, however, I am abused by the humans. Humans throw their waste into me. The gory stench of their feces is flooded from pipes into my stomach. It makes me sick to witness such a thing! Not only that, but the chemicals that are known to harm man mixed in as well. It may not harm me since I am an immortal, but it harms my friends: the sea animals. I worry that these problems will build up and then the world will end. If anyone from my family dies, the world will die as well. Humans may be the cause to this mess, but that doesn't mean I don't have any remorse for them if they go.

I must be brave, and I know it. I am Indigo, the ocean, the sea, the water human. Everyday I live to satisfy the parched mouths of animals and humans. The water from me goes into the lakes, therefore I am drinking water as well. I have an affectionate side to all; I love all living creatures, whether they treat me with respect or not. They share this world with me, and I have no choice but to share it with them as well. Some might say I am optimistic, but I think I'm just being realistic. Even though I live on forever... life still goes on and will continue to unless otherwise.

I am the type of person, or individual I'd rather be called, that is relaxed yet outgoing. I am very calm, but I still want to consult with others and tell them my opinion. This world needs more good energy, and since I take up about 71 percent of it, I might as well pitch in to do my best. I am also very venturesome and a dreamer. As I've already mentioned, I am an optimist, I love to look at the bright side in the situation. Especially the sunset that spills it's paint all over the sky. The bad part is that it lasts only about thirty-minutes, and after that, the paint has faded. Anyway, since I touch every corner of the world, I love to seek new places even though I've seen almost every single cubic foot. And as a dreamer, I dream of a better tomorrow. It might sound cheesy, but I hope that the world would stop polluting me and my family. I dream that one day I wouldn't have to form a storm and kill innocent souls while they are setting sail. It is a law that was made for me so that I could help control the human population. And for that, I am very remorseful.

I understand that in my years of existence, I hold a very great responsibility. I am glad that the most important people are always here with me. Father is always watching over me, Mother is always by my side, and my brother, Gamma, is always there behind me. I must work to try and harness my great powers to use it for good and the welfare for all the inhabitants of this world. I am Indigo, the water.

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This article has 5 comments.

beamer_g said...
on May. 19 2012 at 2:47 pm
Great Job Angelique! 

Sonny said...
on Jan. 25 2012 at 7:20 pm
Thirst quenching! Good job sweet lady

Raling said...
on Jan. 23 2012 at 6:45 pm
Great work, Angelique! Outstanding!

on Jan. 23 2012 at 10:19 am
Angelique, I love the perspective you chose to take in this piece. Great word choice and very engaging!

ThunderUp18 said...
on Dec. 2 2011 at 6:54 pm
Good job, Angelique!!! I love it!!! I think you know who I am....

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