November 7, 2011
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People can fly, they can breathe and live under the ocean, they can breathe the outer space gasses, and we can too. They have figured out all these things, but we have taught them, by force. You might call me an alien. A creature from a separate planet, long far away from your home, Earth. I do not live on this Earth you speak of, I live on an invisible planet, called Kanchana.

My planet is not too far from yours; we live right in between you and Mars. Mars and Earth are 59,000,000-97,000,000 km apart. Earth and it’s own moon is 384,403 km apart; Earth and Kanchana are 145,298 km apart. We are closer than you think. If you could see our planet, it would be the biggest star in the sky, could be bigger than the moon.

When you first sent your astronauts to land on our moon, you passed through our planet. You were inside our skies, making yourselves visible to all. Just imagine this big machine tearing through your homes, trees, ruining lives. That is what Earth did to Kanchana each time you passed through.

Eventually, Kanchanaians got tired of loosing its people and we fought back. In 2869, we entered your skies. Earth is not too different than Kanchana, the only little differences is we don’t have gravity, or water. Earth people believe all living things need water, but they are wrong. Kanchanaians live off of a gooey yellow substance, unlike your “clear” blue water. But Earth freaked out as we landed on each of the seven continents.

Earth people were not happy at all that we were landing on “their property”, so they gained courage, and captured our astronauts. Then once again passed through Kanchana’s system and captured random people from their homes. Including me.

Earth people took us into their hands and changed us. They taught us all about your history and all. I’m going to tell you this right now; Earth sucks. Earth is a death master, and we Kanchanaians can’t fight it. It’s like sending you out of the atmosphere, and you explode or something.

Later in 2999, you learn to accept our ways and us. In the making of accepting our ways, we teach you how to fly, breathe and live under the ocean, and breathe our air. Our countries become friends, and there is no more war, fighting, there is a peace amongst us.

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