Wicked Keeper

November 5, 2011
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I stared at the clock, listening to the hypnotizing loud sound it was making in the stillness. Tick-tock. I lay my head over my arms and I shiver as a breath of cold air comes into the room and touches my skin. Tick-tock. How can time go any slower? Tick-tock. I hear a bunch of chair squeak all at once and footsteps. I peek up and open my eyes a little to see what was happening. It was a group of young new wicked. Tick-tock. I looked at their young hopeful faces and my heart ached for what they had in store for them. Once they have their first sin show here in a few days, all that hope they have will be long forgotten,chained, and buried.They were all shoe less and shaking in their thin white frocks.

You can tell who were new wicked here by their frock colors. White frocks meant purity, which all the newbies still had. Well for a short while being here anyway. Then there were grey frocks for wicked that were still relatively new, but stripped from their hope but still have momentum and strive to live. Finally, there are the black frocks. Me. Wicked who have been here for a long time who have no drive, hope or even will to live, for it has been stripped by us by our keepers a long dark time ago.Tick-tock. But, they do not know my secret. No one does. For if they do, they would do who knows what to me.Even if keeping this secret causes me to go mad in my own mind, I will forever keep it to myself. Tick-tock. I turn my head in disbelief as I hear the gate open and so does everyone else.There stood a grey frock young woman with her keeper. Her keeper was smiling and I felt shivers run through out my body. Over the years here in captivity, keepers never fail to scare the crap out of me. Out of all the wicked here. The white frock wicked all stared at the woman and one another in confusion. It wasn't that having wicked come in with their keepers in gate 12 was unusual. It was. The reason why this woman has us all turning our heads in udder disbelief and horror is that this grey frock wicked was crying. Yes, grey flock wicked do cry here and there but her cry was different. Which was why they were not a black frock wicked yet. Black frock wicked people do not cry. For we have no more tears to cry out. Anyway, this woman was crying. Not from pain. Not from all the built up stress. No. But from happiness. She was crying and smiling. Now, that is what was unusual. She ran toward a young red head boy and hugged him. Since white frock wicked do not get assigned keepers until they move to grey frocks, no one stopped the embrace. The young boy looked confused for a minute, and then relief lit his face as he hugged the woman tightly back. While everyone was distracted by the two, no one noticed when a guard stepped up to pull the two a part,but the woman’s keeper signaled him to stand back. The keeper felt my gaze then, and smiled his killer smile,literally, and smiled even bigger when he saw me tremble in fear. That’s when every thing clicked.

There was a reason the keeper is letting his wicked have a moment of happiness with whoever this boy was to her. There is always a reason for a keeper to make a wicked do something, or let them do something. It means, the wicked’s death is coming. Keepers watch over wicked until their death. Which, we all know are the keepers fault. They treat us as a game to play. And that game is to find a way to kill us without breaking the laws of sin. All the other black frock wicked understood shortly, for this was common. The woman was still smiling and I watched as tears steamed down the boys as well. Fools, I thought. What’s the point of being happy for a moment if that’s going to cost you your life? Normal people, however, would warn another person if they knew that they were going to die. We, on the other hand do not. That is why we are called the wicked. Wicked are people who have committed a great sin and are bound because of it. Tick-tock. Everyone continues to watch until we hear the gate open again. The foreign happy atmosphere instantly turned tense and cold as snow when we all saw who it was. For it was Death himself who entered the gates.Tick-tock

“Well, what do we have here?” Said Death in a false friendly tone. He gracefully walked toward the two embraced wickeds, and all the keepers stood back and made a path for him while saluting. The grey flock wicked’s happy face fell and those happy tears turned into hysterical cries. The red head boy however, being new, didn't understand and stared at her in confusion and started rubbing her back as a attempt to relieve her from whatever it was. I started to shudder with just Death’s presence in the room.Death smiled and stood next to the two. ” I asked, what do we have here?” Death said again in that friendly tone again. No one answered. Fools. I thought once again. Death then frowned. He walked near the boy and bent down and whispered loudly in his ear. ” You know..young wicked, that when someone older talks to you, you answer.” I watched as the woman’s keeper smirked. So this was what he was planning. For Death to find the two. Then, something happened. Another scar that can never be forgotten was burned into my mind. Everyone watched as Death then swiftly bit the young boys ear so hard it started to bleed, and before the wicked could even let out a shriek, Death grabbed his knife and decapitated the boy. Blood spurted from the body and dyed Death and the woman in a sea of red. The white frock wickeds all screamed and some vomited in disgust and revulsion, others even tried to run to the gate and escape. Fear. Panic. In this room, there was no one who didn't feel that when Death is present. Not even the keepers.

Some black frock wickeds shut their eyes and tuned the chaos out in order to keep themselves sane. I, on the other hand, kept my eyes open. In order to remind myself why I was trying so hard to keep my secret. I watched as the woman fell when the lifeless, and headless bloody body she was still clutching fall to the ground. The wicked was quite. Her eyes turned wide and her face had so much blood all over it that it was dripping and painting the ground red. Devastation was clear on her face right now. She opened her mouth and tried to scream, but it only came out as a soundless cry. The wicked’s eyes opened even wider. She tried to say something again, but no sound left her mouth. I don’t know why I only focused on her despite all the disorder the white frocks were causing. The grey frock woman turned her head slowly to her keeper and realized something from his sneer. The keeper started to stride toward her but a object i couldn’t see was in his way, while keeping his eyes on his wicked, he grinned as he kicked whatever it was away. The woman went out of control. She thrashed around and pounded on the boy’s body and screamed her voiceless scream no one could hear. The wicked started clawing at herself when her keeper motioned the guards to finally take her away. I watched in horror as they had to inject the woman to keep her from thrashing around and stay still. When her body turned limp, a guard dragged her out of the gate to her own personal h*ll. Her keeper then caught my gaze and chuckled when I flinched and turned away. He began to promenade toward me as the remaining keepers and guards tried to tame the wicked who were going mad and bring back order. If I was shaking badly when he smiled at me back then, I probably looked liked I was being possessed right now when he stood over me. Stay calm. Being petrified is what he wants. It what they all want. I look up and stare at him. Don’t glare. Be a doll. Stay lifeless. When I observed the keeper up close, I was surprised to see a guy around my age. He had big green eyes and brown tousled hair that got in his pale face. He would be pretty cute if he wasn't a killer I thought to myself.You can tell how much captivity and isolation from normal people messes your mind up when you start to think murderers are cute. I giggled a little without realizing it and I quickly shut my mouth closed. S***. What the h*ll did I just do. If your a black frock you do not show any emotion. For if you do, you’ll be turned in a grey flock again and have to go through enormousness amounts of mental torture in order to kill your ‘regained spirit’. The keeper surprised me then by touching my lips with his icy finger, hushing me. ” I wouldn't do that in front of anyone else if I were you,” he said in a low voice,”You probably know what would happen.” He then traced the outline of my lips with his finger and smirked. B****rd, I thought.Then all of a sudden my body froze to stone. Death strolled over and tapped the keepers shoulder and coughed to grab his attention. The keeper turned around in surprise and seemed to have forgotten about all the commotion going on.

When him and Death started to walk to tame everything, he jogged back to me and bent his head down next to mines and whispered in my ear. ” She told me to shut up, in case you were wondering.” He breathed and his warm breath tickled my ear and mad me tremble. He then ran back to the Death and keepers. I followed him with my eyes, puzzled.What the h*ll does that mean? I think. Something then touches my foot and I gawk at the object in alarm. I then look up and see the keeper grinning and then get swallowed up in the sea of killers trying to restore peace. Oh. This is what he meant. I look back down at the head that was staring at me,I then kick it away in repulsion. I close my eyes again, grateful for the darkness never wanting to expose them to this mad world. I concentrate and try to ignore all the screams of the white frock’s being secured and being taught their first lesson. Tick-tock.

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Idiotic_Intentions said...
Feb. 3, 2012 at 5:07 pm
I really like the idea of the story and the dehumanization is bone-chilling. And, of course, the repetitive use of tick-tock was just amazing. keep writing!
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