Hidden Twins

November 8, 2011
By vintageprincess48 BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
vintageprincess48 BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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They would have been fine if they hadn’t stopped for the stranger. Of course, Jack just HAD to stop for a piece of that dark, rich, tempting chocolate cake. And naturally, the second they walk out of the bakery, a stranger walks up to them and asks for a ride. Well, being perfect gentlemen, Jack and Henry couldn’t say no. So, the three of them got into Jack’s tan, four-door jeep and started on the road to the stranger’s destination. As they were rounding a bend, the car started to swerve – all on its own. Henry and Jack glanced at each other with looks of horror plastered across their faces. They shifted their gazes back towards the stranger and were shocked to see how calmly she was sitting in the back seat: her perfectly manicured hands were folded in her lap, a smirk tugging at the corners of her mouth, like she was enjoying the ride. Jack tried to control the car again by pulling at the steering wheel, but it was no use.

“HENRY! Do something!” Jack shouted.

The car began to slow down. Jack looked at Henry with astonishment, sputtering, “How did you do that? Did you do that? Who did that? What the hell is going on!?”

Henry was, needless to say, speechless. “I didn’t do anything, Jack… at least, I don’t THINK I did…”

The mysterious red-headed woman in the back seat just sat there, watching the two of them process out loud what had just happened. Then, Jack and Henry turned their heads towards the back seat, thinking the same thing: They had just picked up a stranger, and their car had been operating all by itself… put two and two together and what do you get…? As crazy as it sounded, it was the only possible explanation: she was a magician.

“Good work boys! I’d have thought it would have taken you longer to figure THAT one out. And when you didn’t even recognize me? That hurt. You can’t even remember someone like your dear old sister, can you Jack? Well, that’s not very surprising. You never could remember important things like that when you were little.”

Now it was Henry’s turn to stare at Jack with astonishment.

“You… have a SISTER?” Henry inquired, his jaw dropping.

“Apparently… I-I guess so… I’ve never met you before, I-I didn’t even know you existed in-in my life…I was never told I had a-a sister.”

“Well, brother of mine, here I am! And I am here to stay, whether you like it or not.”

Jack couldn’t say much of anything at that point, let alone disagree with his supposed sister. Henry, however, seemed to read Jack’s mind.

“What’s your name? He asked.

“The name’s Abby. Short for ‘Abigail Katarina Sinclair’. Like it?”

“Lovely. But I need to know where you came from. Why haven’t I ever heard of you?”

Abby rolled her eyes towards the sky, as if to ask 'Did that really just come out of his mouth? Is he really that stupid?'

“Well, you know how the car started swerving all by itself? That was me. Or rather, us. We were born to a mage who discovered that if we were kept together, our powers would be greater than anyone had ever imagined. But that was also a reason for the dark side to try and capture us. So naturally, the only thing Mother could do to keep us safe was separate us. I stayed with her, practicing magic, while you were sent off into the human world, blending in with the rest of civilization to make sure no one could find you without the right knowledge. And Mother did a pretty damn good job of it too. It took me years to find out if you were even still alive. They keep changing your records around, you know. Of course, they weren’t stupid; they didn’t just send you off to earth without a body guard.” Abby glanced at Henry, raised her eyebrows, then directed her gaze back towards Jack.

“How long have you known Henry? Can you remember when you first met? You can’t, can you?”

To Jack’s bewilderment, he couldn’t remember. Couldn’t remember any baby pictures, couldn’t remember meeting Henry, and he certainly couldn’t remember anything about having a sister. He looked at Abby, eyes full of curiosity and wonder.

“Might as well tell you now, I guess…” Abby muttered under her breath, but just loud enough for it to reach the ears of Jack alone.

And then, she began the tale. The tale of twins separated at birth, for the sake of the kingdom they had not yet known, for the people they had not yet come to befriend. How the Mother of these extraordinary twins had to raise only the baby girl, while the boy was raised on a planet called Earth, given to a loving family: a husband and wife who could not have children of their own, and who were more than happy to take in a baby boy without question. How he grew up not knowing the powers he possessed, nor even knowing his past or his home planet. How another baby boy, one of the same race, had been given to the first as a guard, a protector, were anything to happen. Neither of them knew of their fates, however, for their own safety and for the safety of both worlds. How the sister had grown up, been trained as a mage and raised with the knowledge of her heritage, should she ever find her brother. How the girl found her brother, and how she was to train him so they could go back to the place of their birth and fight the ever-present darkness that was upon them.

“You expect me to fight something I don’t know existed with powers I didn’t even know I had? Are you CRAZY!?” Jack practically screamed.

“Yes, because whether you like it or not, that’s your destiny, what you were born to do. You have a duty to your people, even if you don’t know them yet!” Abby screamed back. And, as hard and as scary as it was going to be, Jack knew she was right. So, they got back in the car, started the engine, and drove off to Abby’s apartment to begin Jack’s training.

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I wrote a story a couple months ago with a character with the last name Sinclair. Our stories a very different though, and I really like yours though it's a tad fast paced for my liking. More details in between the action please! :)

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