The Barrier and the Intruder - Chapter 1: Berlin

November 12, 2011
By Anonymous

Chapter 1: Berlin

Daniel Baine is young by undead standards. He, being among the dead for only three years, was a child compared to others, who’d been around for hundreds of years. The vampriss, Malena, who had created him, had been dead for seventy-three years, still only an adolescence, and only wanted him for a slave to do her bidding.

When some vampires are created, they are given extraordinary gifts or powers. Vampriss Malena’s gift had been the ability to control the minds of human males. Unfortunately, she was not aware that her gift did not affect the minds of vampire males. Malena had lured Daniel to his immortal destiny, but when he finally awoke into vampirism to her horrid face, she realized that she no longer had control of his mind. So remembering everything she did to him, he killed her by using his newly found strength to rip her non-beating heart out of her chest then setting her on fire, only to chop her head off. Poor, poor, Malena.

Daniel later discovered that along with his increased strength and heightened senses, he also had the gift of controlling minds. But the difference between him and Malena was that he could control female and male, human and vampire minds alike. Daniel’s powers were the rarest that any vampire, old or young had ever seen. The last vampire to have his strength, mind, and power was the first vampire, Romadovi Tushnikov. Daniel can bend any mind to his will, by choice, to do his bidding. Also, although having two powers was unheard of, like most vampires, Daniel also had the power of levitation, but unlike most, his gift was much more powerful. Instead of small objects, he can lift objects ten times his weight. Daniel was the first vampire to have two powers, the first vampire’s power, and the looks to go with them, but he didn’t know that he was the only one.

As he remained dead, which there was no reversal for, he slowly began to learn the customs and rules of the vampires from the leader of a clan in the large vampire community he had lived in for the 3 years he had been dead. The killing laws, the clean feed tips, and the mate marking principle, which of the three most important things he has learned among hundreds, he cared about the least. No woman has every pleased him, while human or dead.

As time passed, Daniel began to care less and less about the community he lived in. All the males began marking vampriss mates, and they expected him to do the same, being the most gorgeous of them all. But he grew tired of the chase and separated himself from the community. He left as soon as the vampire leader had commanded him to take a vampriss. Daniel couldn’t take the fact that he could easily control the mind of this vampire and destroy him from the inside out, but didn’t want to take responsibility for the community, so he just left him alone and left for a new place, to rule himself. He decided that he wanted to be in control of something, humans mostly, and choose to go to Germany, where the reich of the kaiser was coming to an end. He would become kaiser and rule as a human leader. Some of his friends in the community had told him that the humans in Germany were healthier, not fatty like in America. But also that most vamps come to America because the hearty built ones are “bloodier”. Plus the women there are supposed to be better looking and acting.

“Yes,” Daniel thought to himself, “some of the human women here are gorgeous enough to eat, but they are few and far between and they never pleased me.”, and he was a hungry man.

So as soon as the reich was over and it was time for the new kaiser to step forward, Daniel moved straight into the capital of Germany, Berlin, and took over. He took control of the minds of the important people in power and became the next kaiser. Not many vampires lived in Germany, so he didn’t have much competition as the next lord. And those who did rebel, Daniel would destroy them from the inside out. Daniel completely changed the attitude and aura of the country, none the less the city of Berlin. Those who didn’t like the change dared not rebel, knowing what had happened to their comrades after they attacked.

So far, for 10 years, even though the limiting time span of a reich was 7 years, Daniel kept himself in power. But then people began to notice that he never aged, remaining the 26 year old beauty that he was, even if he really was 39. But after 10 years, Daniel Baine once again grew to become his lonely self again. No woman reduced this hunger and loneliness or pleased him by sight, body, or heart. But he chose not to leave this time. He continued to tell himself over and over again that the perfect love for him would come someday and that he had forever to wait.

The author's comments:
Well ever since I stated writing I've been drawn towards vampires but also towards romance and I discovered that if I couldn't write a story about just a romance or just a vampire then I'd combine them.

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