Border Dimensions Part 2

November 5, 2011
Have you ever had a million butterflies kiss your skin? Have you ever had a Million needles prick your skin? This was all I felt flying through the border. It felt like I was falling for hours, down Alice’s rabbit hole. All I saw was the darkness, the feeling of weightlessness. My breath caught in the back of my throat, my head dizzy. This was it. I was going to die. I was going to kingdom in the sky. I brace myself for what happens next.
With a hard thump I land on the ground. All I see now is light all around me, a huge contrast from the dark. My eyes try to adjust. I finally open them to see blue skies and white clouds. I sit up and look around. I’m in a field of white flowers. I know I must be either dreaming or dead. I try to stand, but it’s difficult. The fall hurt my back. Is there still pain long after your dead? There mustn’t be pain when your dreaming. So I must really be alive, I think to myself. “There you are!” A voice calls from ahead of me.
I stiffen in fear. Curiousity gets the best of me, and I once more try to stand. “Why are you sleeping with the daisies?” The voice belongs to a man with short brown hair and dark blue eyes. He smiles down at me and offers his hand. “Come on Brother, we’re going to be late.” I stare at him in confusion. “Zaythan, are you deaf? Mother is cooking supper. You know she’ll have a fit if we’re late. Come on get up!”
All I can do is gawk at this stranger, that calls me his brother. “I’m sorry, but I have no idea who you are.” I say to him. He grabs my arm and yanks me up from the ground. I wince as pain shoots through my back. He steadies me before I fall over. “Zaythan, you know I hate jokes. Please be serious.” He says. I sigh and study the man. He’s really acting like he’s my brother. I start to wonder if jumping through the border was a good idea at all. “Listen, I am serious. I don’t think I’m from here. I jumped through a portal from where I come from and it let me here.” I say. At first I think he’s not going to believe. That once again he’s going to tell me to stop joking around. But then his face twists into a look of horror and he steps back away from me.
“You-Your..Your not my brother!” He says. The only thing I can do is nod. “Yes, I’m not your brother..or I might be. I don’t really know where I am. Can you tell me?” I ask. But he doesn’t answer. He gives me one last horrified look and runs away. With the condition of my back, there’s no way I can catch up. I’m stranded in a place I know nothing about. I realize the only thing I can do is walk. I need to find answers about this place.

I walk for what feels like 5 miles before finding some houses. They’re almost all the same color. Reds and Blues and pastel yellows, with white trims. I know that if I knock at one of the doors, they’ll look at me as if I’m crazy. So I continue walking, hoping I’ll find a town. A girl with auburn hair walks out from one of the red houses. She’s wearing a long yellow sun dress and flip flops. I can’t help, but stare. She looks almost exactly like Bex. Only older and with longer hair. I stop walking and continue to stare. The ghost from my past back to haunt me. She walks down from her porch and catches me staring. She just stares back. We stay like that for what seems like hours. “HEY! Take a picture buddy. It will last longer.” She says, then walks back into her house and shuts the door. I don’t know what compels me to do it, but I run up to her front door and knock. “Hey! Hey, Do I know you?” I ask while knocking at her door. She peeks out the curtains, gives me an annoyed look and shuts the curtains again. “Go away or I’ll call the cops!”
“Bex.” I say, just hoping that it might be her. She opens the door. A look of amazement on her face. “How do you know that name?” She asks.
I can’t believe it’s her. “IT’S ME! Zaythan!” I say excitedly. “I can’t believe your alive! And look at you, your all grown up. How old are you? 16? 17? This is amazing.” She stares at me like I’m crazy.
“Listen buddy, I don’t’ know who you are or how you know my nickname, but I swear if you come back here I will seriously call the cops.” She slams the door in my face. It was her. Bex is alive and she’s here. Wherever here is. Now I know more than ever that I have to find out more about this world. I memorize her address before I step off her. I turn around and stare at the house for a moment. “I just can’t believe it.” I whisper to myself.
“You don’t belong here.” I whip around to see an old man standing behind me. I jump back in surprise. He’s in his 80’s or 90’s with white hair, a medium length white beard, and old green eyes full of wisdom.
“Excuse me?” I ask. He stares at me.
“I said that you do not belong here young man.” He says to me, taking a step forward. I take step back.
“Do you mean in this neighborhood? Then yeah I don’t belong here. I’m a little lost. Can you tell me how long it is before I get to town?” He shakes his head.
“No. What I mean is you do not belong in this world.” He gestures to all around him. I stare at him confused. How does he know that I’m not from here? I debate whether I should tell the truth or not. Before I can decide he continues. “Your adventure doesn’t begin in this dimension. You must keep going. Leave this dimension and find the next. That is where your destiny lies.” I almost laugh. The whole scene seems very cliché and very cheesy. “My destiny?” I ask in disbelief. “Are you saying there’s more than one world out there?” He smirks. “Of course boy. Don’t be foolish. Go find the field of purple daisies. There you will gate to another dimension. One that hopefully holds your destiny.” He points to back to where the white daisies are, but only about a mile away from them. I don’t know if I should trust him or not. I’m not ready to leave this world yet. Bex is here, and she’s alive. There’s so much I want to tell her. The old man looks at me, almost knowing what I’m thinking. “Her path will soon meet with yours again someday, but not today. Now hurry, you don’t have all day.” My instincts tell me I should trust this strange old man. He is the only person that knows about other worlds and where I came from. Maybe it was fate meeting him. I thank him and walk back the way I came, only heading to the left, toward the field of purple daisies.

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