The Journey of Tru3ush (Truush)

October 27, 2011
Once upon a galaxy, a Plutian was born. The look on the little purple figure was so… peaceful, truthful, and graceful. The parents decided to name the figure Tru3ush (Truush). As Tru3ush was aging, his four antennas started to grow longer. His six and a half fingers were starting to mature. Tru3ush was growing up, growing up to be an explorer. When Tru3ush was 8, he had a dream, a dream he KNEW he was going to fulfill; he was going to Earth.
There were tremendous gossips about Earth:

“There are humans on Earth,” one would say.

“Earth is mostly made of water, not ice!” one would exclaim.

“They only have one moon. We have three. Therefore, we’re better!” bragged another.
There were all these rumors about Earth that made Tru3ush wonder. He officially announces that he’s going to Earth. Everyone thought he was kidding and decided to make jokes about him.

“Are you sure? There might be so many little bugs that scare you,” joked one.

“Earth has too much oxygen you will start to laugh so hard that you can’t stop,” teased another.
Tru3ush ignored all those jokes and he was ready for his take off.

“Mom, can I go to Earth?”

“Sure you can, you little goofball,” laughed his mom.
Tru3ush took his mother’s advice and went to Earth. He took an IXAT (backwards for TAXI) which dropped him off on Earth. His parents had NO idea.


Eight-year old Earthling, Stanley, was standing next to his mother, pushing a baby cart holding his younger six-year old sister, Belle. He looks around and spots his favorite toys from Toy Story. He sees the usual figures; Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Mr. and Mrs. Potato head, Rex and many more. But, there was something new added to the display. It was a purple figure wearing shiny blue clothes. The figure was almost as tall as Stanley, but not quite. Stanley decides to check out his favorite store with his sister while his mother was talking with an old friend. Stanley unfastens Belle’s seatbelt and holds her hand, leading her to the Toy Story toy shop without even telling his mom. They walked up to the purple and blue figure and asked;

“Who are you? Are you a new toy? I’ve never seen you before. Let me guess, you’re in the new movie, “Toy Story 3”

“Who am I? Who are you? I’m no toy. I’m a Plutian, from Pluto. My name is Tru3ush, what’s yours?” asked Tru3ush.

“Whoa, you can make sounds? I didn’t even touch you. This is AWESOME! A TALKING TOY! WITHOUT ME TOUCHING IT! I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!” responded Stanley. Without waiting a second, Stanley pulled Tru3ush and Tru3ush followed along. Belle was laughing and clapping the whole time they were walking back to their mom.

“Where have you guys been? I’ve been looking ALL OVER for you! You don’t know how much you scared me. Promise me to NEVER leave without a word like that. Understand?” shrieked Stanley’s mom. “And, who’s this? A new friend of yours?”

“Yes, this is my new friend,” responded Stanley. Tru3ush knew humans couldn’t understand Plutians, but Plutians can understand humans. On the snow, Tru3ush wrote his name; T-R-U-U-S-H. Tru3ush knew humans wouldn’t be able to read numbers in names so he simply wrote it in a way humans could understand it.

“C’mon Truush, let’s go home!”

Home. Tru3ush wanted to go home. He missed his parents, he missed being cold; he missed Pluto, his real home. But, Tru3ush didn’t know how to go home. The only thing he could do is to wait for a sign of home. Tru3ush followed Stanley home and continue to explore Earth and how life on Earth was. When they arrived at Stanley’s house, Tru3ush didn’t know how to go up the flight of stairs. He never had to go up a flight of stairs in Pluto before because Pluto’s gravity is a lot less than Earth’s gravity. Therefore, all Tru3ush needed to do in Pluto was jump in order to reach high areas. Tru3ush tried jumping but he ended up falling back down in less than a millisecond. He followed what Stanley did and walked up step by step.

“Play with my Squeeze Toy Aliens. You can also call them Little Green Men. They look the most like you. You can be friends with them. I’ll play with Woody and Buzz. They’re my favorite,” said Stanley. “So, where are you from?”

“Pluto,” replied Tru3ush.

“Oh, I see, you’re a new toy from the Sunnyside Daycare Collection. I heard it’s pretty crazy in there. Children would just grab and pull. I hope that didn’t happen to you. Wait here, I need to go take a bubble bath now. Here, play with Woody and Buzz. DO NOT BREAK THEM!!!”
Stanley hurried to that bathroom and Tru3ush simply looked at the toy figures.

“Hey, you’re from Pluto right?” asked Woody. “How’d you even get here?”

“I took the IXAT here.”

“If you had wings like me, you could’ve just flown here,” bragged Buzz while showing off his wings. Belle saw Stanley leave his room for the bathroom. She tiptoed over to Tru3ush and asks him to play tea party with her. Tru3ush goes to Belle’s room and sat in a mini pink chair with other stuffed animals.

“Here’s a finger sandwich. They’re Mr. Puffer’s favorite. Try them!” offered Belle as she pointed to her stuffed rabbit animal.

Finger sandwiches? Tru3ush has never heard of a “sandwich” before. Is it edible? Tru3ush looked at Belle slowly eat the finger sandwich. Tru3ush followed and did the same thing. He slowly ate his finger sandwich. To his surprise, it was the tastiest thing he has EVER eaten. He asked for another one and Belle gave him five.
“Wow, Belle is so nice. And, she’s cute too. What’s that on her head? *gasp* She has two antennas! Is she an alien too?” thought Tru3ush. He went over to touch her hair.
“You want to have ponytails too? I’ll help you. And I’ll help you put on lipstick and make-up on too,” said Belle. Belle went over to Tru3ush and helped him put on a wig and apply make-up. She even dressed Tru3ush up like a princess! Belle was having the time of her life while Stanley came back from his bubble bath and it was time to go to sleep. Stanley told Tru3ush to go to his room to sleep. It was nighttime.
* * * * *
“Will I be stuck in Earth forever? Will I be able to see my parents again? I want to go home…I want…to…go…ho....” thought Tru3ush as his thoughts trialed as he fell asleep.
“AHHH!!!!” screamed Tru3ush as he woke up. When he opened his eyes, all he saw was his home; his REAL home in Pluto. His parents were by his side, trying to calm Tru3ush down.
“What happened Tru3ush? Did you have another bad dream?” asked his parents.
“Wha… a dream? You mean, I wasn’t gone for a day? Remember? I went to Earth,” explained Tru3ush.
“You went to Earth? That’s nonsense. You were sleeping the whole night.”
“Sleeping?.....Sleeping???? I was sleeping?.....Sleeping…I was sleeping…” said Tru3ush with confusion.
“Yes you were my little Plutian. It was all a bad dream,” said his mom.
“…It was only a bad dream…only a bad dream…bad…dream…” huffed Tru3ush. “Mom, Dad, I love you. I would NEVER go to Earth unless you guys are going. I’d miss you terribly.” Tru3ush gave his parents a big hug.
“Truush? Are you there?” asked Stanley. “Truush?”
“Stanley, what happened?” asked Stanley’s mother as she came in his room.
“Where’s Truush? He was sleeping right next to me yesterday.”
“Who’s Truush?” questioned Stanley’s mother.
“Truush, was my new friend, the friend that I met yesterday. The one with purple skin and blue shiny clothes? Remember I left for the Tory Story toy shop without telling you?
“Nonsense, we were all at Granny’s yesterday for the whole day. You didn’t remember? Honey, was it a bad dream?”
“A dream? But, it felt so…real,” explained Stanley.
“Stanley, it was a dream. You don’t have a friend named Truush with purple skin. Go back to sleep, it’s five in the morning on a Sunday,” yawned Stanley’s mother.
“Princess Truush!!” called Belle. “Where are you? Mr. Puffers wants to play with you!”
“He’s gone…” Stanley choked as he came in Belle’s room. “He was my best friend… he’s gone. Mother said it was a dream. But, it felt so real.”
“Dream or no dream. Truush is real…to me. He was MY best friend too!”
“Yeah, Truush is real…to me…to us. We shall keep Truush in our hearts until we see him again.”
To Be Continued

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