The Forever Fall

November 3, 2011
By Madi Ward BRONZE, Lapeer, Michigan
Madi Ward BRONZE, Lapeer, Michigan
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Sometimes you just feel like falling. Not falling onto the hard bone crushing ground but falling into a whole of nothingness or onto a gigantic puffy cloud. Sometimes you just feel like falling away from the world away from all the bothers in the world. Today is just one of those days.

This world is cruel and filled with unnecessary evils. At every turn there is evil,
waiting, longing to devour your every pleasant thought. This is what evil feeds off of. It takes away the happy in the world and replaces it with an empty black feeling. It wants darkness to swallow the world whole and never to be happy again. Thats how fifteen year old Aidan Carter has felt for the past year.

Aidan’s parents had died in a tragic house fire a year ago. No one ever figured out how it happened but the did find out where. The fire started in his parents room right on their bed where they were sleeping. Now they were six feet under ground decaying, rotting and nobody knew why. Aidan lived with his aunt Leah now and has lived with her since the first day of the fire. It’ll be exactly a year tomorrow. That will be the day the Aidan falls and will choose never to come back, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Aidan awoke from a fit full nights sleep and dreaded the day that was soon to come. Today was the day that his parents died just a year ago. He walked down the stairs, still in his pajamas, Leah glanced at him out of the corner of her eye and pretended not to see him standing there.

“Good morning aunt Leah.” Aidan groaned still half asleep.

“Oh Aidan you scared me!” She said clutching her chest where her heart is.

“What are you doing up so early?”

“Couldn’t sleep.” She said with a half smile.

“Why not?”

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you parents.”

Aidan just replied with a simple “Oh.” and walked back to his room so he could get ready for a day full of mourning and taunting from the kids at school. He has always been teased and bullied by the kids at school. High school was like a tank full of
piranhas. Always nipping and nibbling at the little things that tick you off. It was even worse when you were upset about something. They saw that you were venerable and went for the kill. They mainly teased him for the way that he looks and the way that he acts and how he really doesn’t have friends, just his iPod and headphones really. He always wore black. Black skinny jeans, or a black t-shirt that had a band on it that no one has really ever heard of before. Sometimes he wold paint his nails black and wear eyeliner. His hair was black, too. He always gets weird look when he walks down the hallways.

Aidan didn’t always look like this or act like this when his parents were alive. He used to have blond hair and wear Hollister and Aeropostile and American Eagle. he was “normal”. He actually used to be the most popular kid in school. He led the crowds, he was the man of the school. But as you know, people change.

Anyways, Aidan went to school and endured the torture of sitting through lecture after lecture. Collecting the days homework. Getting bullied between and during his classes. After school get out he decided to walk home. He took the long wayhome that day. He walked and walked until he arrived at Braylynn town cemetery. He starred at the sign for what seemed to be hours but was only a matter of minutes. Then he entered. His parents graves weren't that far from where he was at now but he wanted to take his time getting there. He slowed his pace down quite a lot. This would be the first time that Aidan has visited his parents graves since the funeral. Leah went about once or twice a month to make sure that it stayed clean and looking nice. She offered to bring him more than once but he always refused.

Aidan was at the head stones now. Seeing their names engraved into the cold hard stone sent chills down his spine. He longed to touch them again. To see them and hug them again. He wanted to hear his mothers voice one last time to say he was sorry for any thing he had ever done to hurt her or cause he any pain at all. If only, he thought, if only i had the chance to say I love them one more time then I would be alright.

Aidan went to go sit down on the ground in front of their graves but when he want top sit down there was no ground to sit on. He was stunned and he'd no time to think or scream or grab onto something and hold on for dear life. He only had tome to realize that he was falling to certain death. He knew that at the rate that he was falling he had no chance of escaping the dark pit of death. It seemed that the more he wanted to escape the clutches of the dark pit, the deeper it had gotten and the harder it became to breath.

Suddenly there was light and air, fresh air to breath. It looked like Aidan had fallen into another world. A brighter more happy world. But when he was supposed to hit the ground and his body was supposed to be shattered into a million tiny little pieces, he started slowing down and floated down the rest of to he way down to the ground.

Where Aidan had just come from there was no deep dark hole in the sky but it was actually blue sky and clouds.How is this possible, he thought, this must be a dream, I have to wake up! Aidan tried to pinch himself awake but that hurt so he had to be awake. I’m awake, he thought, but how?

One corner that he turned at there were kids from his school. He cowered when they approached him but they didn’t want to hurt him, they wanted to help him and to be his friend. Another time when he turned around he thought he saw his parents but that was impossible and he knew he had to be dreaming now. He glanced at them once more and this time he saw their faces and they saw him, too. How is this happening, Aidan thought, this is impossible, this just isn’t real!! but Aidan knew all to well that it way real and he was so happy to see them again. to ambrace them again. He never wanted to leave.

“You never have to leave, son.” His father whispered in is ear, “You can stay here forever with us.”

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