October 30, 2011
By History_lives PLATINUM, Newton, North Carolina
History_lives PLATINUM, Newton, North Carolina
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"What exactly does freedom mean if I'm not allowed to be as twisted as I wanna be?"

I was running now, the cool night air whipping around my body. The full moon was my only light and I knew it was late at night. My body was weak and wounded quite badly, but I had to gain as much distance as I could. What was I running from? Myself…and them.

Close to dawn, I had wondered off the path and collapsed in the mud inside the forest. My dreams were of memories… An argument between me and my father had set everything off. He hated me and how I lived, but I was an adult now and he couldn’t control me. In fact he hated how many people lived in this town, he just wanted control.. I lived in silence followed that week. I only saw him when I went ot work in the farm and nowhere else. A few days later we heard news of raids around us, fearing our town will be next…

And we were… I thought, opening my eyes. Tears now dried, laced my cheeks. It was late at night and time to move on. I had to move on to Simble, as me and my brother called this vast field. I had to see who survived. I limed to a nearby river and drank in the water. I ignored my looks and washed what blood and dirt off as I could. I tended to my wounds as best as I could, but it wasn’t as good as any Healer.

I found fresh fruit to eat and it settled my stomach. I started back on the path, walking now. I found there was no use to run since I could barley muster enough energy to walk. My body still hurt from everything, but I feared they would be close to me. I could keep them away, but never the memories…

The raid did come. Men staid behind while women and children escaped. When they attacked, I fought and killed my way to my father’s house. I knew his ways and he would force my brother to stay and fight. He was only 12, dammit, only 12! He couldn’t face men like this! These strong, brutal men that weren't afraid to kill women much less children. The raid was strong, with only men that we’ve never seen of. Strangely, they only came through the secret areas only the citizens knew of.

Arriving at my home, I found many men dead around me. Men of our city. I went into the back of the house, seeing my father in the kitchen, talking to the raiders. They didn’t fight him, they didn't fear him, but in fact they looked up to him. He was preaching to them, telling them of our weaknesses! He was the one that planned this! Quite enraged now, I was ready to charge in and kill him-until I saw he held my brother…

That crossed the line. I snarled, snapping out of memories. It was early in the morning and a storm brewed ahead. I could still walk on, wanting to gain distance. They wouldn’t go on and brace this storm, but I would. I feared nothing, not anymore…

The storm raged on, drenching my clothing. When I thought I couldn't go on anymore I wondered off the path and into a hallow cave. I curled up as I tried to savor as much warmth as I could, drifting off into sleep…

My anger was high as I ran in. It controlled me as I cut my brother loose. He was completely stunned for a second, but caught the blade I threw at him. He ran out and I knew he would be safe, that I would see him soon. I turned my weapon on my father and as quick as I could, I plunged it into his stomach. He died a painful death that he deserved. He barley mustered any of the pain all of us felt that day. His men were on me that second, calling for my blood. I attacked and killed my way out as fast as I could.

I ran out of the house, wounded and hurt. This town was now dead. They overran us… I barley managed to escape before they were on me again. I ran from that town, that place. I couldn't find my brother and only hoped he was safe… That night… I lost my home, my city, my name.

It was several nights later did I know they were no longer following me. They gave up on me, deciding I wasn’t worth the chase. I didn’t dare relax as I traveled at night. I ate and drank little of what I found. I wanted nothing more then to know if the surviving citizens were safe and if my brother was alive.

I soon began to know my surroundings. I was a day away from Simble. I collapsed that night, too tired to move, I only hoped I made it..

Hands. Touched my face. I opened my eyes, hurting too much to move. A women stood over me, raising a herb drink to my lips. I drank it in, smiling. I sat up, recognizing I was in Simble. People-men (now wounded, but well) women, and children-were around me. People, my people. I was hurting too much to move for them, but they fed me and cared for my wounds.

None said anything of my brother and I feared to ask. They demanded I was leader, hearing what I had done for them. I couldn't say no. These people needed a leader, a new home, safety, and I was the one to give it to them.

I healed, slowly and began to walk again. They told me a small pact was out hunting for a few days. I told them we would move soon, we needed to get away. Right now we cared for the wounded and sick, burying the dead.

The hunters came back quickly that night. With them they brought a wounded boy they had found in the woods. They brought the Wounded One to me as I was with Healers that night. I cried softly, looking at the young boy’s face. He was my brother.

The days that followed we healed and we packed of what little we had. Scouters were sent out to search for land. Slowly we were going to lead this town, rebuild, and live. They would survive under mine and my brother’s rule. We would protect this city, this town. Simble.

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on Nov. 20 2011 at 10:07 am
History_lives PLATINUM, Newton, North Carolina
32 articles 0 photos 9 comments

Favorite Quote:
"What exactly does freedom mean if I'm not allowed to be as twisted as I wanna be?"

Thank you, so much. I will consider it into more of a detailed book, but for right now I"m working on a new novel that has me stumped and I hate to diverse my mind into two for diffrent stories.

starrfishy said...
on Nov. 16 2011 at 9:57 pm
starrfishy, Omaha, Nebraska
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Favorite Quote:
"I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose" -Joci Mulherin ( fabulous and adorable little sister.)

I loved it! Just enough of a hook to get you interested...then POW with the details! Looove the detail!!! Great job, I would encourage you to keep pressing on with this story, it would make a great novel if you decided to pursue it!

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