The Vanished Dragon

November 2, 2011
Once upon a time there was a very lonely, red scaled dragon named Randy. He lived in the deepest, darkest cave in all the land. He was far away from all the other dragons. He sat all alone in that cave for fifteen agonizing years. He never learned how to fly or spit fire, or roar, and he had no one to teach him and he was chained to wall of the cave. This poor, helpless dragon longed to see the light and live in the valley with all the other playful dragons.

So one day Randy built up all his strength and broke the chain connecting him to the cave wall and he ran directly out of the enormous cave. But he did not know how to fly so as this gigantic creature took his last step out he tumbled down a vast trench. As he fell screeching for he did not know how to roar he caught the attention of a small, beautiful, rainbow scaled dragon. She rushed into the trench after him. She herd a loud thump come from the bottom of the trench and followed the screeching. Randy had landed on his right wing and was now whimpering over the pain. The rainbow dragon found him vulnerable laying on the cold, dirty floor, she talked to him.

“Are you okay? My name is Isabella, I saw you fall.” She said in calm, soothing voice. “Can you fly?” Isabella asked.

“No, I can not fly and no I am not okay!” Randy said in an annoyed voice.

“What is your name?” She asked.

“My name is Randy,” He replied. “Why do you ask?”

“I have herd of you, you are the son of the dragons that once tried to kill our head ruler.” she said in a rather shaky voice. “The ruler exiled your parents and said that their child would be locked away in a secret cave and never learns how to fly, or shoot fire, or roar.” She said frightened. “How did you escape the chain that connected you to the strongest metal ever made?” she questioned.

“I just ran,” he answered. “So my parents, where are they?”

“Some say they were exiled to Razor Valley, others say the Land of the Dead, but the ruler my father says that they are in the Undergrounds and they will never escape.” Isabella responded. “The Undergrounds have no exit and no entry. Only the ruler can send you there and only he can take you out.” she said.

Randy asked, “Well then what are you doing here? I was supposed to be locked away; no one was supposed to find me.”

“Well I am the princess and I have rainbow scales. So my father locks me in a small room for no one to see so I ran away. I am tired of the way my father rules our valley, it isn’t fair. I am the only rainbow scaled dragon ever to live and he treats me as an outcast.”

These two young dragons talked for hours at the bottom of the trench about everyhing. The young Randy no longer felt lonely and Isabella didn’t feel like an out cast. Randy began to love Isabella and so did Isabella. The two dragons made a plan; Isabella would take car of randy till his wing was healed, and then she would teach him how to fly, roar, and spit fire. After this step was complete Isabella told Randy about the rules set in stone bye the first dragons ever to walk this world.

“It is said that if the ruler has a daughter with rainbow scales and she is proposed to she will become ruler.” She explains. “So I have two questions for you”

“Okay Isabella ask them.” Randy said.

“Do you love me?” Isabella asked.

“Yes I do!” Randy said excitingly.

“Will you ask me to marry me?” she asked.

“I have the ring write here.” Randy said while uncovering a big pink rock ring. The two dragons returned to the valley where Isabella’s father ruled and she over ruled him. As this happened he was sent to the Valley of Razors bye vote of the dragons. Isabella and Randy summand Randy’s parents from the undergrounds and they lived happily in the valley and the dragons of their valley were happy for once.

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Raquel1498 said...
Nov. 9, 2011 at 1:20 pm
thank you:)
Pitlov622 said...
Nov. 3, 2011 at 3:58 pm

very good! I love the imagination! very creative and well written i loved it! :)

Please read some of my work... and comment if you wish :) advance search Pitlov622/ Thank you

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