Town 312

October 26, 2011
I am Nine. This place is 312. I am a teenager from what they tell me. I don't think. I act. I'm part of the town army. Country 1. The country I'm appart of. Honor, Courage, Integrity. Seem not to pierce through me. Love. I've never experienced it. What is it? I hear some towns are getting out of control. Why are they so rebellious? Everything is meant to be uniform. Life is uniformed. The government controls everything. The only individual thing you own is a name. And a name means nothing. Words mean nothing. This town...I wonder if it really exists? It seems sometimes I find the answer no. But then I think. And if I think, then I am. So, I am alive? In words? Possibly. Words I hear from others. Are they just prethought to? Is there some person that controlls this world? Or other worlds? DIIINNNNNNGGGGGG. "Ow."

"Get back to work, Nine. Quit Thinking!" Two shouts at me.

"Yes, SIR!" I go back to my work, and practice firing my rifle.

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