Superman's Pizza

October 28, 2011
By joederry BRONZE, Johnston, Iowa
joederry BRONZE, Johnston, Iowa
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Superman was a mystery to everyone, saving pedestrians off the streets and saving the world. So one day he decided to take a break and order a pizza. He ordered minimal mushrooms and a side of cheese sticks. As the phone transmitted his order he posited the information he dint realize that he was talking to the evil Dr. Stinger, he aspired to kill superman and had a visionary physic instructed him how. Dr. Stinger inscribed the order to make the pizza look authentic and real and then he put a poison on the pizza, and the pizza was going to kill superman when he didn’t even know it. As Dr. Stinger went to superman’s apartment Dr. Stinger had to maintain and keep a stern face as superman took the pizza from the portable pizza carrying case. Superman inspected the pizza peculiar feature in the pizza. He noticed a strange green goo in the shape of a small poncho laid flat on a floor it seemed like. He now knew that this was no regular pizza. He knew that Dr. Stinger was behind this, So he invited Dr. Stinger in. A risky venture to take but he knew that this was unacceptable, something had to be done. Dr. Stinger came in reluctantly but superman insisted. He threw Dr. Stinger out the window and was never found again blending in with the procession of people moving in such a flow it would be imposable to find him. THE END

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