A Halloween Story

October 25, 2011
By deadsoul349 SILVER, Groesbeck, Texas
deadsoul349 SILVER, Groesbeck, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving. ~ Kahlil Gibran

It was October 31, of 2011. I woke up and I could smell omelets being cooked by my mother. I could feel the breeze from my fan hitting me. I got out of my bed and went to my closet deciding what I was going to wear today. I reached for a black shirt and some black shorts and put that on. I walked into the kitchen and I looked at my mother cooking omelets. “Hi Mom” I said. “Hey Jimmy.” my mother replied back.

“Go wake your brothers up and tell them breakfast is ready, okay?” she asked. “Yes Ma’am.” I answered. I walked back into my room and pulled the cover off my brother as fast as I could so he couldn’t grab them. “Breakfast is ready!” I shouted. My brother mumbled and looked for more covers. “Ma says to get dressed and come eat. She made omelets.” I said to him.

He got up and started getting dressed. That takes care of one of them. Now I need to get the other one up. I walked into the room next to mine and my brothers room. I grabbed the covers that were on him and pulled them off as quick as possible also. He started shouting at me, so I shouted back. “Get dressed and come eat breakfast!” I told him. He got out of the bed angrily and put his clothes on.

I walked back into the kitchen and saw Josh and my Mom eating their omelets at the the table. I pulled a chair out and sat in. I picked up a fork and starting cutting the omelet up and putting it in my mouth. My brother Jordan finally decided to join us at the table. He still looked grumpy though. I lightly hit his shoulder and yelled at him “Happy Halloween!”

He looked at me and then he turned his head towards our Mother. “Are we going to get costumes this year?” Jordan asked. “What do you think, don’t I let you get them every year?” Mom replied back. Jordan smiled and started eating his omelet. About ten minutes passed by and we had to catch the bus.

We all walked outside and waited at the end of our road for the bus to arrive. The wind was dancing with the trees. I started hearing a voice. It was saying “Jimmy, I’ll get you” and it laughed at the end. The bus finally pulled up and as we were getting on I saw a little green man in our yard. It looked like a goblin.

“Good morning Jimmy” said my bus driver. I replied back “good morning” to her then went to my seat. I looked out of the window and into the yard and the goblin had disappeared. I laid my head on the window and fell asleep. The bus came to a stop. I raised my head from the window and looked up and saw no one on, not even the bus driver. I rose from my seat and walked to the door of the bus. I took a step out and I saw that I was at the school.

I walked into the building and I saw no one. I started to get panicked. I went into every class, slamming the doors open with tears running down my face, but there was still not one person to be found. I ran outside of the school and through the town. I finally saw one person. I shouted towards him “Hey over here!” He looked at me, and then he started walking towards me. The closer he got the stranger he looked.

He started to look as if his body was decayed and his skin color was green with blood over it. I stood there for a little longer and then I saw that his eye was popped out of his face. I turned around and I saw more like him. My brother, my friends, my teachers, and even my parents. They huddled around me and I started crying. My family and close friends were dead. They started reaching towards me. They had a blank look. They started biting pieces out of my neck and then my head. They pulled my limbs off and blood was everywhere.

“Wake up! It’s time to get off the bus Jimmy” said my brother while pushing on my body. I was relieved that it was just a dream. It felt as if it were real though. I got off the bus and walked onto a different one to get to our school. When we arrived to the high school me and my little brother got off the bus and walked into the building. We walked to our table and sat down. My friend and his girlfriend sat down with us. “Hey dude, did you do your homework?” my friend asked. I looked at him and said “Yeah, why?”

He asked another question but I didn’t here him, I watched a human float across the cafeteria. He looked pale, and it looked like he was shot in the head. I kept staring at it then it looked at me. He started flying rapidly towards me. I got scared. It grabbed me and pushed me backwards. I fell backwards in the chair.

“Woah, are you okay dude?” asked my friend. I could hear everyone laughing. “Did you not see that? That man pushed me backwards!” I said. “Umm, you get enough sleep dude?” asked my friend. I just laid my head back on the table and my face was turning red from embarrassment.

The bell finally rang and I went to my first period class. I grabbed a calculator and sat at my desk. “Hey Jimmy, you have a nice fall?” a kid said to me while laughing at me. I laid down my head and ignored him. The teacher walked in and started to teach the lesson. My vision started blurring up, so I shut my eyes. I opened them back up and I was in some woods.

I looked around. “Where am I?!” I shouted. I heard a loud roar and the leaves crunching behind me. I looked back and I saw a giant monster. Its teeth looked blood stained and its eyes were a bright orange, its fur was a really dark brown. It had really sharp claws and pointy ears. It looked like a werewolf. It swung it’s arm towards me and I flew backwards. I touched my stomach and rose my hand back up and stared at it. There was blood on my hand, and my shirt was torn.

I got up and started running from the monster but I wasn’t fast enough. It jumped on top of me, breaking my ribs. It clawed at my back and grabbed my head. It started pulling on my head and it was hurting me. I could feel my neck stretching. It Kept pulling and pulling until I finally became headless. My neck bones were hanging out of the bottom of my head and blood was pouring from both the body and the head.

I jumped up and looked around and saw my teacher giving his lesson. “Look who finally decided to join us everyone.” said the teacher. Everyone in the classroom started to laugh. I could feel a breeze on my stomach. I looked down and saw my shirt ripped. I zipped up my jacket to hide the rip. The bell rang and we went to second period. It was time for us to go on a field trip. We were going on a field trip to a museum in Waco.

We were learning about Egyptians and mummies and stuff like that in World History. We walked onto a bus and me and my friend sat by each other. I laid my head forward into my lap and shut my eyes for you a few seconds. I opened them back up and raised my head.

“Hey dude, check this out.” my friend said while pointing to a summon on his “Final Fantasy IV” game to Nintendo DS. I said cool and looked out the window. I looked around and I spotted a woman flying on a broom stick. She turned her head towards me and smiled. She flew up into the clouds and disappeared. We finally arrived to our destination, the museum. The buses unloaded and me and my friend got off. We walked inside the museum. Our teacher told us not wander off.

My friend Didn’t like to obey the rules so well, so he decided to go look at stuff on his own. He told me to come with. We went into a room and mummies were everywhere. We went all the way to the back and looked. We suddenly started hearing sounds like foot steps. We turned around and looked behind us. All the mummies were standing and facing us. They moved towards us closer. My friend picked a vase up and threw it at them. They kept walking.

One picked my friend up and slammed my friends back onto the mummies knee. It broke my friends back. It then grabbed my friends head and twisted it all the way around. I started to cry and panic. I screamed as loud as I could but my screams couldn’t be heard. Two mummies held me down and one walked towards me. I was struggling to get loose. It felt as if it were impossible. The mummy finally got to me and it pressed its thumb onto my eyes. It started digging its thumbs into each of my eyes. I screamed and cried. I couldn’t get away from the pain I was feeling. It dug its thumbs deeper and deeper. Blood was gushing out of my eyes. I took one last breath.

I felt a push on my shoulder and I heard my friends voice. “Hey dude, we’re here. Wake up.” I opened my eyes and I was breathing heavily. Me and my friend got out and the teacher told us not to separate just like my dream. My friend didn’t want to obey and asked me to come with him. I said no and I stayed with the group. Time at the museum flew and before I knew it we were back on the bus. My friend was alright. He sat beside me on the bus.

Time passed and we were finally back at school. It was time to leave school though so I waited for my Mom to pick me up. When she got to the school me and my brother Josh loaded up in the car. “Where is Jordan at Mom?” I asked. “He said he wanted to ride the bus home today.” she answered. “Okay” I replied back to her.

We arrived to the house. My Mom handed me the keys to the house and told me she had to talk to Josh for a little bit. I got out of the car and walked up to the house and unlocked the door. I took one step inside of the house and looked around. I sat down on the couch and turned on the television. Suddenly someone grabbed my head and pulled on it. I pushed their arms off of me and turned around. “You like my costume?” Jordan said while laughing. “You’re a pumpkin?” I asked. “No, I’m a jack-o-lantern. There is a big difference between them.” Jordan answered.

Mom walked into the house with Josh behind her. Josh was dressed like a skeleton. “You picked the costume last year so Josh got to pick this year.” Mom said. “Oh, okay.” I said. “I scared Jimmy” said Jordan. “Thats great sweetheart” said Mom. “Get ready to go in about three hours.” said Mom. “Go where?” I asked. “To some haunted houses. Where do you think?”

A few hours passed and it was time to go. “Everyone load up in the truck.” my Mom said. We all walked towards the truck. As I was walking towards the truck, I started to hear the voice I heard earlier. It said the same thing again from this morning “Jimmy, I’ll get you.” and it even did the laugh again. We were all in the truck. My Mom started it up and put the gear into drive. I looked out the window as we were leaving the yard and I saw the little green goblin again. He was grinning at me. We were on our way towards Waco. When we arrived at the haunted house, we saw no one there. It was really dark and the haunted house was a castle. There was a guy and two women there. They were dressed as vampires.

They welcomed us to the haunted house and they said try to be safe as possible while grinning. We all walked farther into the house. I could hear scratches on the walls. I felt really cold at certain spots and there was “blood” written on the walls saying “turn back” and “leave while you still can”. I looked at strange pictures and it felt like they were watching me. I heard a giant hammer being dragged on the ground. I turned around and I saw a man walking towards me, he just kept walking. He was about to run into me, so I started to shout “Hey I’m right here!” from the top of my lungs.

He just kept walking though. I started to flinch, but he walked through my body and when he did I felt really cold. I watched him walk and turn the corner. I slowly fallowed. When I reached the corner I turned it slowly. “POW!!” I got hit right in the face with his hammer. I fell backwards. My face was bleeding. I looked up and he had disappeared. My Mom ran towards me and saw me with blood over my face.

“Are you alright!?” she asked. “Yeah, I think.” I answered. “Well we are going home now” she said while picking me up and helping me to the truck. My brothers were already in the truck. My Mom started up the truck and we left. I started laying my head down on my brothers shoulder and I fell asleep.

He pushed me off his shoulder and said “We’re home.” I opened the door and went into the house. I went to my bed and laid down it. I fell asleep, it was 10:32 P.M. I woke back up at 11 P.M. I heard something from outside. I looked out the window and saw figures running toward trees. I got up from my bed and walked outside.

I wandered into the yard and I heard the voice from this morning. “You like my tricks? Oh no, they’re certainly not treats. Halloween isn’t over yet Jimmy.” I turned towards the house and “POW!!” I got hit in the face by a log. I opened my eyes and the goblin was standing above me. “I told you I would get you Jimmy, hahahahaha.” the goblin said while slamming the log onto my face again.

The log had crushed my scull, pieces of it went into my brain, blood was everywhere, and my face was pushed in. I rose from my body as a ghost form. I looked at it then started to cry. A hand touched my shoulder and I looked back. It was Death. The Grim Reaper himself. He grabbed my hand and started walking. I walked behind him. We slowly faded away as we walked.

The author's comments:
The holiday "Halloween" and my teacher inspired me to write this.

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on Nov. 3 2011 at 11:18 am
deadsoul349 SILVER, Groesbeck, Texas
6 articles 0 photos 13 comments

Favorite Quote:
Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving. ~ Kahlil Gibran

i made a mistake in it. i meant hear but i typed here


on Nov. 1 2011 at 11:26 am
deadsoul349 SILVER, Groesbeck, Texas
6 articles 0 photos 13 comments

Favorite Quote:
Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Thank you.

Fizza SILVER said...
on Oct. 31 2011 at 5:39 am
Fizza SILVER, Raipur, Other
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creepy but very nice. :) love it. <3

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