No Ordinary Girl- Rebecca

October 13, 2011
An alarm blared in the distance, but I payed it little attention, and wondered vaguely how and alarm go up here. I was standing in a lush green meadow, surrounded by pine trees, their tops reaching like long fingers into the storm darkened sky.

A rain drop hit my face and I sighed in content.I felt something was going to happen and I would likely be in trouble, but for the moment everything was calm and peaceful. The rain rippled the water of the small pond at the edge of the woods and the small stream that fed it flowed in near silence.

I felt almost completely at peace, except for a small nagging feeling in the back of my mind telling me to watch out and keep my guard up. For some reason I ignored it. This place was far too peaceful for anything to happen. Yet, sadly, I was terrifyingly wrong.

The alarm in the distance fell silent and by body tensed. I glanced around nervously. A loud splash came from the stream and I whipped around to face it. My heart raced as I waited for something to step out of the shadows of the dark woods.

My heart stopped and I gasped in horror as an icy blade was held against my throat.

"Don't move," a nasty chilling voice said. "Don't move. Don't scream. If you do I have many ways of killing you."

I stood stock still. This wasn't the first time I chad been in this kind of situation.

Somehow he tied my wrists together behind my back and never let the chilling touch of his knife leave its position at the base of my throat.

The tightly coiled rope cut into the delicate flesh of my wrists.

He moved around to face me.

"Such a delicate little bird," he muttered. "Worth so much, yet, so easy to catch," he breathed running the stinging blade across my cheek.

Blood trickled down my face as I held his gaze.

"I'm almost tempted to keep you for my self," he continued.

"Too bad you won't live long enough to get the chance," a new voice broke in.

The man looked behind me to where the voice came from.

He spun me around and held the knife firmly against my neck.

"Take one more step closer, and she dies," he threatened.

Standing at the edge of the woods were two figures.

Amythist Clara, with her subtle beauty and faint purple glow. And AquaMiri, who's beauty was far from subtle and a deadly look in her eyes.

Aqua stared him in his eyes for what felt like an eternity.

He lowered the blade form my neck and stepped back a step.

Ammie's sword appeared in her hand.

I was jerked back by the rope the man held attached to the one around my wrists. Pain erupted in my wrists and shoulders.

"Aqua!" Ammie shouted then appeared at my side.

"Sorry!" Aqua shouted back.

Ammie cut the rope and freed my bleeding wrists.

The sudden revealing of my wounds to the air and rain made them sting and burn. A scream ripped from my lungs. Instantly Aqua was at my side, apparently having already killed the man.

"Rebecca," she said grabbing me firmly by the shoulders.

I screamed again in pain.

She released my shoulders.

Ammie wrapped her hands around my wrists, and Aqua gently placed her hands on my shoulders. I winced at the pain of their touch. An icy chill crept into my shoulders and a blistering heat rose in my wrists, numbing the pain. After a few minutes they both released. I hesitantly rolled my shoulders back and lifted my arms slightly, then above my head. I rolled my wrists, where they were before bleeding terribly, were now only slightly red.

"Thank you, Aqua," I said hugging her.

"You bet," she smiled.

"Thank you, Ammie," I said hugging my sister.

"Anytime, little sis," she said rumpling my hair.

"I wish I could have seen you under better conditions," I said apologetically.

"If you weren't so careless, maybe things would be different," she said almost coldly.

I felt the air rush out of my lungs.

"Ammie!" Aqua exclaimed horrified.

"No it's true," I said my eyes filling with tears.

Ammie touched Aqua's arm. "Bye guys," she said, the disappeared.

A tear rolled down my face and right into the cut she forgot to heal.

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Free.Me.Maybe.This teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Jul. 12, 2012 at 2:20 pm

Great job!!! You left me hanging on for more! Just correct all the silly mistakes, and right more!!! :D :D


~Free :)(: 

evergreen232 said...
Feb. 12, 2012 at 3:50 pm
WOW. beautttiful. 'nuff said :)(:
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