In Darkness It Withers

October 15, 2011
By CupycakeWriter SILVER, Albany, Other
CupycakeWriter SILVER, Albany, Other
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“Want to tell me what you are now lovely or do I have to shoot it out of you” the dark and cruel voice came from a man pointing an 8mm handgun I could feel my fangs piercing through my cums from my gums he should know better but all I want to know is how does he know I’m not human how who told him about us and why does he think he can challenge me I’m old four hundred and fifty-six years old to be exact but then there was a scream my thoughts blanked it was my scream I was hit everything disappeared before my eyes it wasn’t the man holding the gun he wouldn’t get close enough he didn’t have anyone with him either who hit me what was going on I heard a faint gunshot as I slowly slipped into unconsciousness for awhile after that I slipped in and out of blackness I could hear talking when I was slightly less out of it. They were defiantly men and they were not human so if they’re vampire why did they wack me? I asked myself over and over again when I finally came to a man was leaning over me he was handsome with brown hair falling past his ears and brown eyes they probably would have been a warmer brown if he wasn’t a vampire he had almost tanned looking skin he was smiling almost looking like he was happy I was alright it made me think that the hole whacking me across the back of my head was an accident when he finally spoke his voice wasn’t cold like most other vampires I had ever talked to it almost seemed like an angel in a monsters body “Lexxi are you alright?” he asked his smile fainting a little “um yeah but who are you?” I asked puzzled at how who knew my name “I’m Arno don’t you remember me?” he asked “from where? I don’t think we have met but if we have it was before five years ago I can’t remember anything else from before then” I said “oh I hoped that wasn’t true what was the last thing you remember?” he asked thoughtfully it wasn’t hard to read what he was trying to do he was trying to help me remember something “I remember chasing some scum bag werewolf who stole something from my family but I can’t even remember what my human last name was” I said suddenly becoming frustrated “your last name was Crest Lexica Crest born 1554 November 29th”he said which kind of freaked me out how he knew exactly when I was born when I didn’t even know that “do you know what is going on and why I got hit across the head too?” I moaned “that wasn’t actually supposed to happen one of my men hit you by accident and he is very sorry about that” he said smiling “okay now that I know that can you give me some simple and easy answers to some more questions like where am I? And what’s going on? And are you on my side or do I have to rip each of your throats out?” I asked and as I said the last part a saw a part of him die I could see it in his eyes “you’ve changed” he said sighing “but I will give you answers for the first question your at our home which you haven’t been in five years and the second question I have been looking for you for five years but for the first two years it was like you disappeared of the map completely then things started showing up that you had been around Kansas that’s also when we realized what was really going on but I can’t tell you I’m under strict orders not to tell you to much till you have regained some more memories pacifically us” he said “what? You can’t tell me anymore? Are you kidding me?” I was almost shouting at him when the weirdness settled in and I was in a small motel room there was blood on the floor and I could see a body bleeding but they we’re only just breathing it was a boy only seventeen by looks his neck had to puncture marks that was where most of the blood had come from and it also looked like the boy wasn’t intended dinner he had obviously gotten into something he shouldn’t have because in a matter of minutes he would be dead unless he got medical attention fast I watch from a far although something cracked inside of me and I wanted so bad to help but I couldn’t I wasn’t even in the same room as this boy let alone the same town at least that’s what I thought then everything blurred and I was back in the room with Arno it looked more in focus then when I first woke up “hey talk to me Lexxi!” Arnos voice shattered through the silence “what are you yelling at me for? Geez” I said “you where just staring at the wall you looked like a freaking zombie” he tried not to yell at me “look sorry I think I just had some kind of random premonition vision thingy anyway what are you going to do tell me the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth” I said with a grin on my face and my left hand raised in the air “uh sure I can tell you most of the truth but not all I’m sorry” Arno said a little unhappy about not being able to tell me everything “oh okay then I’ll just stack you” I said “with what there isn’t anything sharp and wooden in this room Lexxi” he said getting up from where he sat on the edge of the bed I sat on “I’ll see you soon and hopefully when I do I can tell you more and...And try and remember” he said a faint glimpse of sadness appeared in his eyes gone as fast as it had come “goodbye Arno and I’ll try” I said still mad they all left the last slamming the metal door that’s when she truly started taking in her surroundings . she was in a room something you would see in a old mansion she realized she was sitting on a large double bed with satin and fake lion fur sheets it was soft under my bear arms the rooms walls where a deep red the carpet was a slightly lighter red with a fake zebra rug laying in the centre of the room there were portraits on the wall but one took me by surprise one was a painting of someone familiar it was me a painting of me my long pale blonde hair and the way the artist captured my eyes they look almost perfect the way the turquoise of my eyes brought out my features more than they ever have the look in my eyes was so happy and radiant I didn’t even recognize myself she this girl she looked like me but she couldn’t be me I haven’t ever smiled like that before. I was so captured in my own appearance in this picture I hadn’t even noticed the other in the portrait it was a young man a smile that was just as bright as the sun he was familiar and I felt warm just look at his dark brown wavy hair that fell just a centre metre below his ears his eyes just as deep brown as his hair a slight pale tint to his lightly tanned skin but I was snapped out of my trance when I noticed who the young man was in the portrait Arno. “What how?” I whispered quietly to myself “I have never met this man before this—“I was cut off when the iron door opened and Arno walked “Lexxi how are you?” he asked with a small half smile “didn’t you just ask me that question not ten minutes?” I asked confused “uh no that was an hour ago” he said realizing her confusion “I must have fell to sleep...HEY! Tell me what the heck this is?” I pointed furiously at the painting sitting in front of me “it’s a portrait” he said trying not to smile “yeah yeah I realized that but how is that me and you I don’t even know you and I practically no nothing about you we have never met so please explain this thing” I said unhappy about his stupid answer “look I’m not telling you anything you have to figure it out on your own” he said now serious “sure that’s easy seeing as how I’m not locked in a room and all” I said sarcastically “well have you been looking around long? There are clues all over this place like that painting you were going on about” he said rolling his eyes with a slight amused look on his face “okay well can you point anymore out or are under strict orders about that too?” I said sounding way to b***** for my own good “no I am not and find the key and open the dressers draw” he said “and where is this key?” I said crossing my arms over my chest “find it yourself because you are the one who hid it” he said turning around walking towards the big iron door he walked so gracefully but I guess that comes with being a immortal I thought as I watch him close the big silver iron door this time it wasn’t slammed and I heard a faint beep perfect all I need I thought the door had a code she sighed and pushed that aside for now “I’ve got to find that key” I said thinking maybe I hid the doors code in the draw. I looked around the room maybe it’s under the pillow God knows that’s where I usually hide things well my gun at least I thought “ha why didn’t he just pick the lock I might just do that actually” I said aloud as I walked over to the dresser to see a paper clip and a few other handy tools as I started picking the lock I felt a sharp searing pain going up through my fingers up to my forearm and through my hold body I screamed in agony then it stopped the dresser draw had been spelled the last thing I expected I didn’t know any witches and but then again I don’t remember Arno either and we have a painting of us standing together side by side with his arm around my waisted. As I started remembering I started seeing the boy from before when I first woke up he was alive walking around with a smile on his face wearing exactly what he was wearing when I saw him drowning in his own blood but well less bloody and then I suddenly felt sick about what I had been thinking I wanted so desperately to save this boy from this cruel and twisted fait it didn’t seem right it felt like if the boy did die then something was doomed wether it was us or the other supernaturals but his eyes where have I seen them they looked so pleasant like my like my father but how could I remember him when I don’t even remember my own birthday why are my memories and ancient feelings being awaked why now why this place who is this boy who is this man who keeps me here why am I so desperate to find that key and who am I?

Three Days Later

“I still don’t see why I have to be locked up in this room not like I can go anywhere if what you tell me is true” I said to Arno “I know but I want to keep you safe I love you whether you believe me or not I want to tell you so much more but I can’t you have to remember it on your own” his face stayed straight but his eyes gave so much away at least when I looked into them like I understand what he is trying to do just like the way I felt three days ago before I woke up on the floor at least I know who the boy is now all I need now is access to a computer with the internet maybe if I just asked he did install a phone I thought. I walked over to the phone sitting on the dresser there was a sticky note stuck to the top of the phone I picked it up and read it, it was a list that read

1 Arno

2 Jean (she is our maid very nice lady you’ll like her)

3 Rick (he can help you with anything you need like a computer or something)

4 Riley (I don’t have to tell you who that is she’s your best friend and yeah she does know about this and she
really wants to talk to you so I suggest you call her oh and we can both get you whatever you need from outside of this mansion)

Call me at 7 alright . Sincerely Arno

I put the sticky note down and grabbed the phone and pressed 4 the phone started ringing, a short minute later someone answered a woman’s voice I recognized came through Riley “hello” she said “hey its Lex” I replied “Lexxi! You’re alright hey?” Riley said the joy in her voice made me smile hard to think that was possible seeing the situation I was in “yeah I guess so you know where I am? If so can we see each other seeing as I’m on lock down?”I said wincing at the last bit “yes I do know and the lock down horrible I’ll see you in an hour okay text you when I get there alright” she said “yup” I laughed “well then see you later and it’s good to hear you laughing” she said I could tell she had that usual fang filled smile across her face “yeah see you then” we both hung up, I walked towards the bed and sat down for about five minutes before pulling the zebra print blanket up to my neck and laid my head down on the soft ,warm and comforting pillow slowly closing my eyes drifting into a warm spring breeze with the feel of soft gentle rain droplets falling on my face the feeling of hands around my waist and a smiling Riley her hair messily falling down her sides almost to her hip with her warm brown skin matching the rich aqua blue dress she wore she had on a darker blue corset she was yelling something “Lexica, oh my sweet Lexica please let down your long hair” she shouted to the sky “Rilayen I don’t think that’s how it goes for one half of that is Romeo and Juliet and the other is Rapunzel” Arno said his voice singing in my ear he was the one with one of his hands around my waist and the other holding my hand was this a memory? I asked myself already knowing the answer yes this was a memory and I was happy I could hear myself laughing feel the smile playing at my lips every time I spoke. I woke up “why can’t I remember!” I yelled wishing that all my memories would come back and wanting to know what happened to me, checking the time I saw I had almost be out for fifty-five minutes Riley was going to be there in five minutes I noticed I still had on the grey baggy sweat pants and black tank I slept in running over to the wardrobe I listened in and I heard voices but couldn’t quite get any words due to the fact the room was sound proof they were getting closer to my room so I quickly dug into my wardrobe pulling out a pair of black skinny jeans a tiger print tee and a black leather jacket as I put them on the door opened almost falling over I ran to the bed and sat down hearing the faint beeping sounds the code panel made then the louder one signalling the access code was right

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