The House on Maple Street

October 5, 2011
By victoriacatgirl PLATINUM, Palm Desert, California
victoriacatgirl PLATINUM, Palm Desert, California
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Zesiro and her twin brother Atsu were sorcerers. They lived on Maple Street. On the outside the house looked normal but on the inside it was full of magical junk. Zesiro and Atsu hated living on Earth. They were originally from Odditsua, a faraway planet. One day Zesiro told her brother that she wanted to move back. The only problem was that they had no way of getting back to Odditsua. So they decided to make the house a rocket. But not before they said goodbye to the humans. They didn’t want to be forgotten. Zesiro and Atsu then started looking through different books to find a spell to make the house into a rocket. After finding a book titled: Rockets Made Easy, they set to work.

The next day they finished building the house rocket. Atsu then called everybody they knew. They were going to throw a goodbye party. When everyone arrived Zesiro told everyone to get out of her house. Atsu climbed onto the roof and yelled out these words: This is the day that you will always remember that Zesiro and Atsu returned to their home planet called Odditsua! Of course everybody thought it was a joke and started laughing.

Then Zesiro said a magical spell and the bottom of the house lit on fire. People screamed. Babies cried. And people fainted. The house suddenly lifted off in the air. Zesiro leaned out the window and waved. And then There was a huge flash and they were gone. Then in the air there was a huge boom and these words: Goodbye Earthlings! Love Zesiro and Atsu!

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