The Harp

October 5, 2011
By victoriacatgirl PLATINUM, Palm Desert, California
victoriacatgirl PLATINUM, Palm Desert, California
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There was once a man who owned an enchanted harp. The harp could make the most tone deaf person sound wonderful, but only while the person was holding the harp. If the man wasn’t holding the harp then he was a cranky old grouch whom everyone hated. But while he held the harp he was nice and played wonderful music and everybody loved him. Eventually the man died, (like all men do eventually,) and the harp was lost in the woods. Legend has it that the old grouch watches over the house and scares whoever comes near it. Of course the harp has never been found.
But of course there is always somebody who is too curious for his own good. In this story, the boy’s name is Matthew. As soon as he heard the legend Matthew searched the woods for the magical harp. (He only wanted it so he could join band class with his best friend. Unfortunately he had no musical ability). He came through many dangers such as crossing creeks and being hit in the face with tree branches.
Soon he reached a dead end. Matthew was about to give up. He was so tired too. He had walked a whole mile. To Matthew that is like fifty miles. He leaned against a giant boulder and it opened up. Matthew entered the secret passage. That’s when he saw the harp. Then he heard a very loud and old voice. It told him to go away and never come back. Matthew stayed. He crossed the stream and took the harp.

Later that week he tried out for band with the harp. He didn’t get in. It turns out the harp was a fake! So Matthew went into the woods to return the harp. After he set the harp down he heard the booming voice again. It yelled I told you so! I told you so! Matthew asked him who he was. The voice told him he was the ghost of Christmas past, present, and future.

“Really?” asked Matthew.

“No you idiot! I’m Jacob, the original owner of the harp. It didn’t work because I broke it and I used superglue to put it back together. Unfortunately it loses it’s power when glue touches it,” said Jacob.

“So I’ll never be talented?” asked Matthew.
“No. Now stop crying about it and get on with your life. Your lucky you have a life. I’m living while I’m dead. And even worse I have to watch over a broken harp. Now get out of here!”Jacob ranted.

“Yes sir. Bye Sir,” said Matthew.

And then he left and was never seen from again. Just kidding . He moved across the street and spent the rest of his life trying to become a rock star. I guess some people never learn.

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