The Year of New Beginnings 2012

October 10, 2011
By djy95 GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
djy95 GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
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(December 25, 2011)

By this time a lot of laws have been added and some of the amendments have been changed. For the last couple of months (From September 24 to the current day) the government has fallen victim to blackmail by a mystery guy on a satellite with a distorted voice. With all the changes happening, the millions of children in the United States of all ages have began to realize that the new laws and changed amendments do affect them and are not fair.

Today marks the day that the millions of children in the United States of all ages finally realized that all the new changes affect them. The way that the millions of children found out that the changes affect them was when they opened up their present this morning and seen that the only present they received was a ticket to a place called The Child Storage Facility. Later that day all of the millions of children in the United States were all forced to go to The Child Storage Facility.

The children of all ages then began to become enraged and they all started to fight back, but the one most important detail was that the mystery guy blackmailing the government was a whole bunch of steps ahead. He had plans for every possible out come and he even had tons of back up plans for the original plans just in case if anything goes wrong. He somehow knew the events of what to come, but he never would have expected that some of those events would change and his whole master plan would have to be altered.

So as soon as the millions of children began to rebel against their parents, the mystery guy sent out a command to arrest all the children that are taking place in the riot and to b take them to the area’s The Child Storage Facility. Two hours went by and the cops all around the United States had caught about five hundred children ages six-eight. All the other aged children that are above the ages of six-eight were putting up more of a fight. By now another couple of hours went by and yet the cops all around the United States have caught a child above the age of eight.

This war between the children of the United States and the Cops all around the United States went on for about three months (March 25, 2012 is now) and then the mystery guy sent out a new message to all of the cops all around the United States saying to take the arrested children to The children Storage Facility dead or alive, which meant to do anything needed to get all the children of the United States rounded up. Right after the all the cops of the United States received the message it marked the beginning of the end. The whole time that the war had been happening there have been newscasters everywhere trying to keep the rest of the public informed of what had all happened.

The rest of the public which is all the parents of the children have been watching all the chaos unfold and were not proud of what they helped bring upon the United States. Right some of the parents are still just watching all of the chaos unfold and the rest of the parents are coming up with plans to rewrite the wrong doings.

A Newscaster: Hold on, I’ve just received an urgent message that a lot of the adults that supported these changes are now helping their children fight the corrupted government.

Eventually all of the parents were fighting along with their children against the corrupted government. After a long time of war and a ton of deaths the government got put back on track. A couple of days later after the war was over, the government and all the people of the United States found out who had been blackmailing them. It all turned out to be one of the government representatives that really didn’t like any aged child. Ever since then the government and the people of the United Stated were more united than ever.

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