October 9, 2011
By KitMittens BRONZE, Loganville, Georgia
KitMittens BRONZE, Loganville, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"We are the unholy.We are the bastard sons of your media culture. Our minds, eyes and bodies were born of your exclusion, an illusion you hide behind. You don’t love a God, you love your comfort. To you we are filth, we are dirty, so be it. We are dirty and unclean, a congregation of the unseen. Together, we will set this world on fire.
This is the New Religion.

-Andrew Dennis Biersack

Jayy's unshaven face scratched Nogrady's smooth cheek as he whispered in her ear, "The task is simple. Use the necklace and retrieve the heart and soul of a willing man.. Then, I'll free you." Nogrady's eyes fluttered. She was no longer in her apartment, she was out in the night. She stood before what a tree that carried twinkling flowers. 
She stuttered as she tried to make out, "Where-where am I?" 
"You're in my world now", Jayy replied with a hiss. "The man you thought you fell in love with, he stole your heart, your soul, your life. Now, you belong to me, and I command you to do the same."
Without slight hesitation, she replied, "Yes, my master" and the clay necklace rose from her chest is a light-show and floated right back.
Nogrady awoke in a sweaty heap. 
"What a dream, Xya" she whispered to her Calico, "With this magical necklace I was supposed to steal a man's heart and soul! How ridiculous!" Xya jumped in  her lap and started to play with her necklace. "Wait, this looks exactly like the necklace I was supposed to use, how weird..."
Xya sat up and looked straight into Nogrady's eyes, "It is the necklace"   
Stunned, Nogrady simply replied, "I had way to much to eat before bed. Mom's cookies always did that to-"
She felt a hand on her shoulder. Jayy's mouth came to her ear and said with anger in his voice, " You're a soulless creature. The love of your, Trace, asked you,'Would you give me your heart and soul' did he not?" 
"Yeah, but he only meant-"
"Did he or did he not!"
"He did."
"And, he meant it. He took your heart and soul and sold it to me for his life. Now, you will do the same or spend eternity in my lair."
Nogrady turned around to face her, for sure, kidnapper but he was gone. She decided that, since she was still alive, she could do the quest, then just forget all about Jayy and his stupid magical necklace. She walked to her closet and found the most revealing outfit known to man. "This will be so easy if I look hot." Pleased with her cleverness, she quickly got dressed, fed Xya (not knowing if she was feeding her cat or the demon that possessed it) and drove down to SubZero, a club in down town Strockten. As she sat at a table, a man approached her. She looked him straight in the eyes and asked, "Would you give me your heart and soul?"
Before even sitting, he quickly walked away. It went exactly like that for a week.
 One day, she had enough. 
She walked down to the park in her little town of Adrect and began to weep. Someone sat next to her and asked with pure sympathy in his voice, "Hello, is everything okay? Why are you crying."
"I made a deal with a guy, a really bad guy, and I don't think I can complete me part"
"What was your part?"
"It's going to sound ridiculous, but I have to-" Nogrady turned around to see who she actually conversing with. She froze. "I didn't introduce myself. I'm Nogrady" 
"Well, hello Nogrady. I'm Dahvie."
They shook hands and neither wanted to let go. 
"So, Dahvie" Nogrady said coolly, "Do you happen to have a cell phone, ya' know, so I could call you later"
"Ha ha, I do. Let's exchange numbers"
After typing their number into each other's phones, they went by Starbucks and talked for hours. 
"Gosh, it's getting late" Nogrady said looking at her phone.
"How about I walk you home?" 
"I'd like that"
They smiled and walked hand-in-hand to Nogrady's apartment. "I guess I'll see you later. Bye, Dahvie"
Dahvie leaned in and kissed Nogrady.
Five seconds later he realized what he did.
"Nogrady, I am so so sorry. It was, just the mom-"
She pressed her lips against Dahvie's.
"Call me tomorrow" she whispered, still pressed against Dahvie's torso. With a smile, she walked up the stairs to her apartment. Once inside, she laid on her futon, butterflies were flying in her stomach.  Xya pounced on Nogrady's chest, purring loudly. "I think I found my way out of this curse" Nogrady drowsily said. "I just hope I don't actually fall for him..."
Nogrady dreamt of the craziest things. She dreamt of an abyss filled with twinkling lights, flashing iridescent blue and purple as she drifted threw it's walls.  She dreamt of Dahvie. As she ran towards him, Jayy appeared in her path. "Remember our deal!" he crackled.
Then, he and Dahvie evaporated into thin air. 
When she awoke, she checked the time. 1:35pm.
She lumbered to her door to get the mail when she noticed a note:
"Meet me at the park at seven.. I have a surprise for you.
P.S. Bring a swim suit"
"Oh my god. This may actually work, Xya."
The hours went by in a flash. The next thing she new it was 6:45 and she was sitting on a bench awaiting her surprise. Three minutes later, Dahvie was getting out of a red Ford Mustang. 
"Oh my Jesus, Dahvie. I did not know you were a sports car guy."
She walked up to him and hugged him and kissed him.
"Well, I sorta wanted to impress you.. Did it work?"
"You swooned me!"
"Good, shall we depart on our adventure?"
The entire 30 minute drive, Dahvie and Nogrady were talking and laughing and just having fun"
"Okay," Dahvie said "We're almost at your surprise, so you have to cover your eyes."
"What? Dahvie, common'"
"Do it!"
The car stopped and Dahvie led a blind Nogrady to his secret destination.
"Okay, Nogrady. We.
Are. Here. "
Nogrady ripped off her blind fold and gasped. There was a crystal clear pond with lights at the bottom. There was a stone waterfall trickling glowing water. "Oh my god.." she finally made out. "It's beautiful! Breathtaking really, where are we?"
With a smirk, Dahvie replied, "A pond me and my brother found. We completely pimped this place out."
"Ha ha, I can see! Well, are we going to party or what?"
Dahvie jumped in the water and Nogrady soon followed. They stayed for hours; talking, swimming, kissing. To them, it was magical. For those hours until the sun rose, Nogrady forgot about her curse. She just felt a million butterflies unleashed themselves in her stomach every time Dahvie glanced at her.
When the sun rose, they laid on a blanket and fell asleep. 
Nogrady suddenly rose against her will. 
"Child. Awake." Jayy stood with an angry eye. "Your time is up, Nogrady. I want his soul."
Nogrady was terrified by the anger in his appearance. Stuttering, she said "No-no. I can't. I- I think I love him. Please, he would never forgive me if I put him threw this. If you give me a little more time-"
"No. Tonight is the night. My powers are running low. If not Dahvie, then him."
A RV drove up on the other side of the pond. Nogrady rose and walked to the door. When she knocked, a man opened. 
"What do you want?" he ordered.
Nogrady simply pushed off her towel revealing her chest and walked in.
"Nogrady?" Dahvie drowsily said. He saw the RV and guessed he could ask the person inside if they had seen his girlfriend.  
Inside, Nogrady's necklace rose in a light show. The man tumbled back and fell to the ground. 
"Would you give me your heart and your soul?" she asked. 
The man stood up, "Baby", he said with a smirk, "Take whatever you like" The man's eyes turned white and Nogrady's necklace flew off her chest. It hovered in the air as a ball of iridescent colors made its  way out of his torso. 
"That's it", Jayy hissed, "A little longer and you're free" Just then, the door opened. Dahvie stood there, watching with hurt in his eyes. The man pulled out a gun and shot the window were Dahvie stood. "What are you doing here!?" the man yelled as Dahvie stumbled out the door onto the sandy ground.
"Look, man. I was looking for my girlfriend! I have something for her-" Dahvie reached in his back pocket and the man fired the gun at Dahvie's chest. 
"No! Nogrady yelled as she ran towards Dahvie. "He's still breathing! Jayy, what do I do!?"
"The only thing you can do."
With the clay necklace in hand, she lifted Dahvie's being from his chest. Jayy pushed it threw himself and vanished with Dahvie. 
All that was left was a leather bound box with a diamond ring inside. She dropped the necklace and slid the ring in her finger and laid there until sunrise.
Jayy's unshaven face scratched Dahvie's cheek as he whispered in her ear, "The task is simple.." 

The author's comments:
I was inspired by the song "Bewitched" by Blood On The Dance Floor

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