how it all began

October 11, 2011
By thfitz2416 GOLD, Pullman, Michigan
thfitz2416 GOLD, Pullman, Michigan
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The night was darker than usual. The eclipse was on its way. I remember only one night like this. That night changed my life completely and forever. That was the night my adoptive father changed me into what I was and then he died when a bullet fired through him later that night. I had kids of my own. They weren't like me, not yet. Not until they reached their eighteenth birthday. They were adopted as i was. Not even adopted but rather stolen from the hospital in which they were born. My kind can't have kids so when the nurses all evacuated the room in which the babies were held we took action. We can't even go outside any more. Well, we are outside, but we can't show our faces among the world. We are wanted, and we have been for over two hundred years.

The only place we are safe is in the small village in the woods here in Salem, Massachusetts. But even here we are in danger. The people of Massachusetts know we are here, or at least they are figuring it out. As i sit there against the rock, hiding from my pursuers my mind drifted back to the first time we were discovered here in Salem, our home that we lived in longer than we can remember and we can remember quite far back.


"David, come out here now, you've been in there long enough," Taylor, my wife, hissed into the bathroom. I didn't really need anything that was in the bathroom, none of us ever used the bathroom after we were changed, but why have a room that wasn't in use. I changed the bathroom around so that I could have a private study for my work, no one besides me ever came into this room so it was completely safe to do things in this room.

"Coming my dear," I called back. Standing up, I ran my hand through my short black hair as I looked into the mirror that I placed next to the door. My hazel eyes had a whitish tint to them. It was almost time for me and my family to go hunting, far from this town. We didn't want anybody in Massachusetts to know of our existence. They would hunt us down and kill us if they knew of us. They were already killing people they thought were witches. Just think what they would do if they found vampires and werewolves existed in their town to.

Sighing I walked out of my study. Taylor was standing at the door. Her strawberry blonde hair waved down her back. Her teal eyes gleamed. Now I remember what the date is. Our first son has finally reached the age of sixteen. He would be changed at midnight tonight. Will was almost the same height of me. He had dark brown hair and violet eyes. Tonight we would take him on a hunt two thousand miles from here in a place called Pullman Michigan. It was a small town where everyone knew everyone and things spread quickly. The advantage we had by going there is the fact it has many wooded areas. We went to Pullman Michigan once out of every eight times we went hunting. It was our favorite place to go. This one time we went, when I was only three years into my life as a vampire (in other words a fledgling) we ran into a party of more than twenty teenagers. They were surrounding a campfire, music was blaring and many of them were drunk. We picked them off one by one. You should have seen the looks on their faces. It was one of the more funnier hunts we've been on. All the other hunts I've been on were more serious and dangerous. But danger was fun. So I guess just about all the hunting trips we've been on were pretty fun.

Suddenly the horn rang a warning of intruders. Everyone in the campsite looked around in horror. The humans found us.

From our hiding places we watched as people ran through the woods. It turned out to be a group of measly teenagers just passing through, they all seemed to be in a hurry carrying duffel bags. When they were gone we all left our hiding places and carried on what we were doing. When I met back up with Taylor I noticed something changed in the look in her eyes.

"What is it?" I asked as her eyes grew wider and wider.

"I- I think I'm pregnant David," she whispered. Oh s***! If the vamps found out about this they would know she wasn't changed.

"Are you sure Tay?"

"I'm almost positive,"

"How can this be possible? We can't tell anyone, if they found out they would know you weren't one of us,"

"I know, so I'm leaving, I can't put you in danger, I'm sorry David," tears streamed from her eyes.

"No Taylor, I'm coming with you, we can start anew somewhere, William can run this place, he will be the only one that knows of you, besides the other two," Tears welled in my eyes also. My unborn son (or daughter) will not be endangered by these freaks, I will officially leave, and start anew with the love of my life.

"David, are you sure?"

"Yes, but we have to change our identity, that means our names too. Tonight when we go to Pullman, we will act like we are going hunting, but we won't come back, understand?"

"Yes." Taylor's voice wavered but it sounded sure enough. Suddenly, someone came out from behind a tree. It was the leader of one of the werewolf packs from nearby. He held his hand up in the signal of peace, he was not here to start anything.

"Sir David, I come in peace, we have matters to discuss, may I walk with you to a safer place to talk, maybe your office?" The werewolf asked.

"Yes we may Sir Travis, come right on this way, Taylor you may come along too." I gestured towards our underground home entrance. We walked in silence, I held Taylor's hand tightly as we walked forward.

"What is the meaning of your visit?" I questioned Sir Travis as he sat in the chair that was meant for purposes like this.

"It is about your unborn son, we have waited for this moment for a long time as you could have guessed, he is not like you," Sir Travis started.

"What do you mean, and how did you know?"

"Our psychic told us of a boy that would be born in three months inside of your clan that wouldn't be like you or me, he would be the start of a new generation, he would destroy everything we have worked for the past few centuries. He needs to be destroyed, before it is to late,"

"This is ridiculous Sir Travis our son will be far from destructive, and he will be exactly like Taylor and I, so enough nonsense, if this is all you have come to say then begone with you,"

"One more thing, you and Taylor are nothing alike, the reason he will be different is because Taylor is not human either, she was from my clan, first she was supposed to be a spy, but after the first two weeks of her being here she stopped feeding us information, she has become your little pet, your lap dog. If she wasn't pregnant with a monster then I would force her to come back and take her proper place in our pack as my mate, but circumstances being, you have ruined her and now she is worthless. If you don't kill the boy then you will all die," with those as his last words he stood up and left. All I knew is that he'd better not come back while I was still around or he would surely die.

"Is this true Taylor?" I didn't want it to be, but I knew it was.

"Yes, I am sorry. It was a century ago when I was just made, I had to prove myself worthy of being a lycanthrope, I wish I could have told you David," she looked close to tears.

"Oh well, it was a while ago anyways. Are you ready to leave, we can't put our people in danger. If Sir Travis was right then we need to go somewhere we won't be found. How does Michigan sound?"

"It sounds good enough, it's definitely far enough away from everyone,"Taylor sighed.

"Go call William to me my dear," I sighed.

"Alright Sir David,"

"You don't have to call me that, beautiful,"

Slowly she stood up while nodding, wiped her eyes and left to find our adopted son.


"But father, I do not understand, I thought we no longer could have that happen?"
William was standing in front of me his eyes wide with confusion.

"Your mother is special, I have no idea why this has happened, but you must promise to not breath a word for your brothers safety little fledgling," I told him. It wasn't a complete lie.

"I understand now father, I won't say anything. Will you at least stay long enough for me to graduate from a fledgling into a Vampire?"

"Yes dear son of mine, you will make a fine leader of this clan. We might meet again someday, and when we do, you must remember whom I am,"

"I will never forget father,"

"Good, now go get ready for the ceremony, I'll be here until we leave for the hunt,"

"Yes Sir David," with that my first son left me and went to get his graduation clothing on. Burying my head in my hands I tried to keep from breaking down. I guess I was successful because no tears came even though my shoulders shook. I was leaving the only place I had ever called home just to keep my unborn child alive. I wasn't even sure he would be like me, or that he would live. Usually mixes between our breeds weren't sterile and didn't live long, so why am I tossing away the only life I had ever known? Then I started thinking about new identities Taylor and I could go by. Finally I decided we would be known as Damien, Tay and Damien Jr. our last names would be West. We would live in Pullman Michigan and my son would go to the public school system closest to where we would live. When he was old enough we would come back and live under different names, that I did not know yet. It would be easy enough to change our appearances, if anyone from now was to see Taylor and I they wouldn't know who we were, only William would know. The process of changing our appearances would take years to learn how to do, so I decided we would change our appearances only when we chose to come back.

While I was in Pullman, I would start a group of rebels, I would change people into Vampire fledglings and Taylor would change people into werewolves and we would start a group called Watchers, we would also cast a spell upon some children across the world that will choose if they want to be Watchers, when they reach the age of fifteen or sixteen we will go to the chosen children and bring them with us. The powers we will bestow upon them will make them special, they're powers won't mature until they choose to come with us or they come by force. Some will be shipped to Salem to wait for my return, but others will be placed near the other children I choose to join our ranks and wait for the children to mature and then they will be shipped to Salem until further notice. This was my plan for the future. My son would have great power and we will dominate what was once a land filled with our kind, we will take it back and conquer the human species.


"I think it is a spectacular idea. Our son will be so powerful. Maybe when we take over the world he can be leader some day," Taylor beamed, "and I love the name Damien, it fits him,"

"That's what I thought," was all I could manage to say. She grinned as she held her stomach and whispered our babies name to herself.

The author's comments:
this is the story (or part of) how the Watchers started.

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