Theft High

October 11, 2011
By lostkitten37b BRONZE, Ogden, Utah
lostkitten37b BRONZE, Ogden, Utah
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Rhianna came in as silently as humanly possible. She’d watched her target earlier. The family had held a party exactly three hours ago, feeling safe with their “state of the art” security ssetm. Rhia smiled, letting her mirth show. She had tricked this little bit of “security” with Silly Putty and a bit of duct tape in the right places. Very “secure.” Since she was inside, she took a look around. She gave an appreciative smile at the priceless antiques, elaborate tapestries, and expensive silk, brocade, and velvet in all the rooms. She ended with the study. She walked in and caught her breath silently. This was a room that she could live with. Filled to the brim with books; mostly fiction, she noted; it was filled with leather and mahogany. Dark but not depressing, it had forest green carpeting that you could sink into and deep red brocade curtains that covered sectioned windows looking out onto the perfectly groomed gardens in full spring bloom.
She looked at her watch and sighed. She had two hours to find the information on the "corrupt" government officials and dismantle the work of three days. She sighed again and turned to her right. There on the wall was the painting she was looking for. It was an imitation of the Mona Lisa, done by an aunt with too much time on her hands. And enough money to jet to Paris whenever she felt like it. She moved the painting aside and studied the safe. It was an easy combination lock and she had it cracked wide open in fifteen seconds. The code was on the back of the painting.
She took her time admiring the sparkling gems and gold. She grabbed a handful of jewelry for herself and grabbed the documents. After all, she needed her pay from these stupid crooks. She could wear them to Sherry’s birthday party. She pulled some cheap look-a-likes out of her bag and put them in the safe. Rhia acknowledged that she was a greedy little thief. But these people were greedier so it didn’t matter so much.
She went through the house, removing silly putty and duct tape. She walked out the door and went home. She had to get at least a little sleep. She had school in the morning.
Rhia sighed as she sat in her desk for fourth period. School was still boring. She watched as all the girls gossipped. Occasionally they would giggle. That high, almost screechy laughter actually made her wince, like fingernails on a chalk board. She tuned in to the gossip for a moment, curious.
"I saw that new student in the office. He's so hot! And those dreamy eyes..." Rhia ignored them, disgusted. Was everyone in this stupid school so shallow? They all seemed like it at least. she turned her attention to the whiteboard in front of her. No matter what she did, history class still sucked. She got ready, waiting for the stupid class to start already. Rhia really, really, didn't like school.

The author's comments:
Really, I'm not sure whether this should be in fantasy, or realistic. I was planning to add some kind of magic, but I'm not sure. If you see any mistakes, would you comment? I tend to miss them.

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